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Microplastics Common From Ocean Surface To Ocean Floor, Entering Marine Food Webs

How deeply does our plastic problem really affect the planet? Even the creatures at the deepest parts of the ocean have microplastics in their system.

Earth/Environment June 7, 2019

Nations Taking A Stand Against Imported Plastic Waste

Why are many countries now taking a stand on the imported plastic waste swamping their territories? It all started within China's ban on waste imports.

Earth/Environment June 1, 2019

Bees In Argentina Are Building Nests Using Plastic Waste

This is the first time researchers found a bee nest made entirely of plastic materials. The wild bees usually build their nest using leaves, mud, tree resin, stones, and petals.

Earth/Environment May 31, 2019

24-Inch Plastic Hose Found Inside Dead Dolphin

A dolphin that washed ashore in Florida was found to have a 24-inch plastic hose in its stomach. It is the second dolphin with plastic in the stomach found stranded in the area in the past month.

Animals May 26, 2019

187 Countries Agree To Restrict Sending Plastic Waste To Developing Nations

Nearly 200 countries have agreed to place restrictions on the sending of plastic waste to developing countries. Now, countries have to get approval from governments before sending their plastic waste.

Earth/Environment May 11, 2019

Scientists Develop 100 Percent Recyclable Plastics That May Reduce Pollution In The Ocean

Unlike other plastics, PDK is fully recyclable. Researchers said that it can be repeatedly reassembled into another material with different color and texture sans losing its quality and performance.

Material Science May 8, 2019

Ocean Plastic Pollution Costs The World $2.5 Trillion A Year

A new study highlights how much marine plastic waste is impacting the world in tangible and intangible ways. It found that as much as $2.5 trillion is lost every year due to complications of such garbage entering the Earth's oceans.

Earth/Environment April 28, 2019

Microplastics Found In All 50 Marine Mammals Involved In Study

All of the marine mammals involved in a study were found to have microplastics in them. Most of the particles were synthetic fibers that can come from a variety of sources.

Animals February 1, 2019

Tiny Octopus Found Among Pile Of Marine Plastic Trash Off Hawaii

A tiny baby octopus was found among the plastic marine debris collected by scientists while conducting coral reef monitoring. Experts believe it might be a day octopus or a night octopus, and both of those can grow to pretty large sizes.

Animals October 28, 2018

Seattle Says Buh-Bye To Plastic Straws And Utensils: Ban Starts July 1

Seattle introduced a new law that bans restaurants from using plastics straws and eating utensils, becoming the first major U.S. city to do so. The ban comes into effect on July 1.

Earth/Environment June 21, 2018

Whale Found In Thailand Canal Swallowed 17 Pounds Of Plastic

A pilot whale that was found struggling for his life in Thailand died on June 1. Marine biologists said that the 17 pounds of plastic bags on the whale’s stomach prevented it from digesting food.

Animals June 4, 2018

Fluorescent Dye May Help Detect 99 Percent Of Invisible Ocean Plastic Waste

A recent research has found a new way to detect very small pieces of plastic waste that float invisibly near the surface of the ocean using fluorescent dye. The method could be used one day to identify 99 percent of lost tiny pollutants in the sea.

Earth/Environment November 27, 2017

Caterpillar Bred For Fishing Bait Can Eat And Breakdown Plastic Bags: Here Are Other Organisms That Can Biodegrade Plastic

The wax worm has the special ability to eat polyethylene offering a potential solution for plastic pollution. Here are other organisms with the odd ability to break down plastic.

Animals April 26, 2017

Billions Of Plastic Pieces Floating In Arctic Ocean: What Happens To Garbage Humans Junk Into The Sea?

Plastic pollution has slowly crept into the once-pristine Arctic Ocean. Why is this happening, how much plastic pollution really ends up in our oceans, and will it stay there forever?

Earth/Environment April 21, 2017

Arctic Ocean Is A Dead End For Floating Plastics: How It Happened

Plastic pollution carried by a major ocean current has found its way into the Arctic ocean, threatening the region’s pristine ecosystem, a new study revealed. Researchers say the consequences can be “disastrous.”

Earth/Environment April 19, 2017

France Bans Plastic Dishes, Cups And Utensils

A law that will be fully implemented in 2020 makes France the first country in the world to ban the use of plastic dishware. Disposable dishes, cups and utensils can still be used as long as they are made from biologically sourced materials and are compostable.

Public Health September 18, 2016

Chemists Find Way To Tackle Plastic Pollution: Turn Plastic Waste Into Liquid Fuel

Using an organometallic catalyst, scientists sped up the breakdown of polyethylene into liquid product that can be used as fuel. Once the process is scaled up, it can potentially make a dent in global plastic pollution.

Earth/Environment June 20, 2016

Biodegradable Plastics Break Down Extremely Slow In Marine Environments: UN Report

Biodegradable plastics are not simple solutions to the growing plastic waste crisis. A United Nations report shows that they break down extremely slowly in marine environments.

Earth/Environment May 25, 2016

Algae Water Bottles Offer Greener Alternative To Plastic

A design student created a 100 percent natural, all-edible water bottle made of algae. The design can pave way for new products that will help solve the growing plastic crisis.

Earth/Environment March 27, 2016

Researchers Develop Renewable Plastic From Carbon Dioxide And Plants

Plastics are helpful and convenient but not exactly great for the environment. To make the material more environment-friendly, researchers developed a renewable version made from carbon dioxide and plant waste material.

Earth/Environment March 12, 2016

Plastic-Eating Bacteria Discovered At Recycling Center Could Renew Waste

Plastic waste can be a serious problem for landfills, particularly PET's, a common material in food storage and clothing. However, a newly-discovered bacteria eats the plastic, converting the garbage into simple chemicals.

Earth/Environment March 10, 2016

Whole Foods Pulls Out Pre-Peeled Oranges In Plastic Tubs After Social Media Backlash

Whole Foods Market received social media backlash as a photo of its pre-peeled oranges in plastic tubs went viral on Twitter. The company is known to promote green ways to care for the environment.

Business March 5, 2016

Cleaning Up Plastic Waste Threatening Marine Life More Effective Near Coasts Than In Open Ocean

Researchers found dispersing plastic collectors near the coasts is more effective than targeting the cleanup of the Great Pacific garbage patch in the North Pacific open sea. Clearing the plastic waste near the coasts will prevent them from doing any harm compared to the ones already in the ocean garbage patch.

Earth/Environment January 19, 2016

Adidas Takes Recycling To The Next Level With Its New 3D-Printed Ocean Plastic Waste Shoe

Continuing its campaign to raise awareness on ocean waste control, Adidas just introduced a new prototype. In partnership with Parley for Oceans, the sportswear company developed a shoe manufactured entirely out of recycled ocean plastic.

Society December 10, 2015

These Roads Are Built From Recycled Plastic And Can Be Made In A Factory

A Dutch company is working with the city of Rotterdam to develop plastic roads made entirely from recycled plastic collected from the oceans. The initiative, while in its early stages, could make a huge dent in pollution generated from creating asphalt roads.

FUTURE TECH July 13, 2015

Adidas Has Created A Shoe Made Entirely From Ocean Trash

Adidas, in partnership with a nonprofit called Parley for the Oceans, has created a shoe that is made entirely from ocean trash and creates zero waste. The company plans to release a line of shoes made like this later this year.

Earth/Environment June 30, 2015

Study Shows New Soaring Levels Of Plastic In Our Oceans

Eight millions tons of plastic waste going into world's oceans each year, study estimates. Asian countries identified as the world offenders.

Earth/Environment February 13, 2015

Exactly How Much Plastic Is in the World's Oceans?

Plastic pollution has been seen all around the world, and now scientists have estimated how much there is out there. What did they find?

Earth/Environment December 10, 2014

Plastics disappearing in oceans - where is it all going?

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch and other whirlpools of plastics are missing 99 percent of the material that should be there. What is the mystery of the missing garbage?

Earth/Environment July 5, 2014

Plastic debris covers 88 percent of world's oceans: Much lower than expected, say scientists

A study conducted at the University of Cadiz collected and analyzed data from sites of floating plastic debris in the world's oceans and found less than expected. The reason is unknown, but explanations have scientists worrying about contamination in the food chain and pollution of the ocean floor.

Animals July 2, 2014

Global Ocean Commission wants an end to overfishing and pollution to protect world's fragile oceans

The world's oceans are in danger from pollution and overfishing, an international group reports in a new study.

Earth/Environment June 27, 2014

Plastic waste translates to $13 billion financial damages annually: UN

The UN estimates that at least $13 billion is lost every year to the destruction of marine environments due to the use of plastic, and the overall environmental cost of plastic waste could be far higher than that.

Earth/Environment June 25, 2014

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