Plastic waste is being recycled and developed into a new sustainable fabric by researchers in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Plastic Bags
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Recycling has been a massive thing in the entire world ever since the early news of Climate Change and destruction was reported, but human efforts were not enough to eradicate it. 

Now, the world is seeing a variety of actions towards sustainability, and one prominent company comes to mind, and it is Tesla. Why? Because the clean energy company is all about the environment, from its electric vehicles and charging stations, to its Solar Roof and Powerwall technology, up until its cryptocurrency transactions which denounce Bitcoin's coal-mining energy resources. 

MIT Researchers' Found a Way Around Plastic

In an article published in Nature Sustainability last March 15, it seems that scientists, engineers, and researchers have found a way to solve the plastic crisis, without the need to burn or bury them. 

The study entitled "Sustainable polyethylene fabrics with engineered moisture transport for passive cooling" with its research lead Matteo Alberghini found a way through engineering.

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For the researchers, it was an achievement to turn plastic into something else, and this "thing" is a type of fabric that can be used for different applications, especially as it resembles or mimics cotton. This type of fabric would almost feel like cotton or other usual soft and breathable fabric found on clothes, which is made possible by the team.

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According to the World Wide Fund for Nature, the plastic waste that people leave behind ends up in landfills, and lightweight ones get transported by strong winds and fall off the ocean, hence its pollution. This happens to those that are not eligible for recycling or are not used for other purposes. 

Sustainable Fabric from Plastic

The MIT researchers have devised a way to create "polyethylene," a breathable form of fabric from the said recycling of plastic bags and waste. The material is known to "let heat in" instead of trapping it, hence its breathability. 

Furthermore, polyethylene can also keep moisture within the fabric, which is something observed in most plastic materials. This material is extracted by the engineers to create the new fabric, which aims to be the future of sustainability.

Plastic Waste as the New Fashion Trend?

Plastic Fashion
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Plastic waste recycling fashion was a massive hit in the fashion industries in the 2010 eras, or when Lady Gaga popularized the trend. However, people do not have to wear extremely loud and high fashion statement fits to show that they are one for recycling and with nature with their get up. 

Soon, this technology or engineering may be adopted by different brands across the fashion industry to help lessen waste and create a sustainable future that is less polluted by discarded plastic. 

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