Search Company Claims To Have Found Lost City Of Atlantis

Another team had yet again claimed that they finally found where the lost city of Atlantis once stood. The search company behind this latest expedition said the fictional city was near the coast of in Spain.

Ancient November 29, 2018

Lost City Hidden Underneath Antarctica: Is It Atlantis?

Photos taken by NASA's Operation IceBridge mission reportedly show an ancient human settlement beneath the Antarctic ice. Could this be the lost city of Atlantis?

Earth/Environment December 13, 2016

Divers Retrieve 'Atlantis' Metal Orichalcum from Ancient Shipwreck

Divers exploring an ancient shipwreck discovered 39 ingots believed to be made of the legendary metal orichalcum that Plato said was forged and used in the city of Atlantis.

Animals January 10, 2015

PLATO satellite will find earth-like planets but you'll have to wait for 10 years

PLATO, a new space observatory will use 34 telescopes to hunt for Earth-like planets far from our home world. What else will the telescope network see on distant stars?

Space February 23, 2014

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