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Australia Misspells ‘Responsibility’ On New $50 Bill

People in Australia have noticed a misprint in the newly released $50 bills. The banknotes misspelled the word "responsibility" in the micro-text for Edith Cowan's historic speech as the first female member of the country's Parliament.

Life & Style May 10, 2019

Researchers Mix Graphene And ‘Silly Putty’ To Create Sensors Sensitive Enough To Detect Spider Footsteps

Silly Putty may be a kid’s toy, but upgrade it with some graphene and it turns into a highly sensitive material that can be used to build sensors for various applications.

Material Science December 9, 2016

This 3D-Printed Material Shrinks When Heated

Most solid materials expand when heated. Using a 3D printing process known as projection microstereolithography, researchers made a metamaterial that shrinks when exposed to heat.

Material Science October 26, 2016

Scientists Convert Climate Killer Carbon Dioxide Into Fuels, Polymers

As a greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide is a climate killer, but in the right light, it may be useful. Scientists in Germany discovered an efficient catalyst that could convert carbon dioxide into materials needed by the chemical industry.

Material Science July 5, 2016

Self-Healing Polymer Could Help Create Artificial Muscle For Robotics, Prosthetics

The world of prosthetics or robotics could most probably benefit from this newly discovered polymer material that can stretch up to 100 times its own length. It also comes with the phenomenal capability of self-healing.

April 21, 2016

New Shape-Shifting Polymer Holds 1,000 Times Its Own Mass - Watch Out Plastic Man!

A new polymer has been developed that can cause devices to bend at body temperatures. More remarkably, the material can also lift 1,000 times its own weight.

February 11, 2016

Polymer Coating Turns Contact Lenses Into Tiny Computer Screens

There's already proof-of-concept research on a polymer film coating that can turn contact lenses into computer screens. The ultra-thin film coating technology is hoped to offer medical benefits, such as featuring sensors for monitoring health biomarkers.

Life February 6, 2016

Color Changing Warning System May Prevent Costly Material Damage And Repair

The new polymer damage indication system changes color once there are cracks, scratches or fractures. The warning system can warn of small-scale damages before these can cause problematic and costly damages.

January 18, 2016

Self-Adaptive Material That Heals Itself While Staying Tough May Be Useful For Tissue Engineering

Self-adaptive composite or SAC combines self-healing and reversible self-stiffening properties. It is touted to be useful in tissue engineering as well as in creating lightweight, defect-proof structural components.

Animals January 13, 2016

Chemists Develop Biodegradable And Completely Recyclable Plastic

American researchers developed a type of polymer that can be transformed to its initial molecular state when heated for an hour. The new plastic is reusable, fully recyclable, biodegradable and petroleum-free.

Earth/Environment December 13, 2015

Cyborg Rose: Researchers Implant Electronic Circuits Inside Plants

In a groundbreaking research, Swedish scientists merged a living plant's vascular system with an electronic circuit for the first time. This could pave the way for organic electronics made from a living plant's conducting tissues and supporting fibers.

November 21, 2015

Citrus Fruit Could Be Answer To Water Pollution: Orange Peel Can Suck Up Mercury In The Ocean

A new, affordable material was found to be capable of helping against mercury pollution and taking mercury out of water and soil. It was obtained from two industrial waste materials: sulphur and limonene, which is found primarily in orange peels.

Animals October 23, 2015

Eureka moment: IBM's error at lab leads to discovery of new polymer materials

A new family of synthetic polymers was discovered to be recyclable and cheaper, a better substitute to their cousin thermoset, which is known to withstand high temperatures, to "self-heal" and to exhibit similar strength with bones.

May 17, 2014

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