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Prince Harry Gets Into Awkward Moment During Run-In With AnEx-Fling

Prince Harry was spotted red-faced and uneasy during a run-in with one of the ladies he once pursued in an event in Amsterdam. However, his wife Meghan Markle did not notice her husband feeling awkward.

Celebrities October 4, 2018

Meghan Markle's Half Sister Takes Shots At Prince Harry Once Again In Tweet

The Duchess of Sussex’s sister, Samantha Markle once again lashed out on her sister and the royal family on a tweet. Notably, their father, Thomas, previously spoke negatively about his daughter and the high-profile family.

Celebrities September 18, 2018

Royal Couple Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Embarking On Tour Of Australia

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex and getting ready to embark on a trip from Oct. 16 to 31. The royal couple will be visiting Sydney, Melbourne, Dubbo, and Fraser Island in Australia, as well as Fiji, New Zealand, and Tonga.

Celebrities September 11, 2018

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Wedding: That Silver Blue Jaguar E-Type Is Stunning

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stunned onlookers with their vehicle of choice for the evening reception. The royal couple drove a silver blue Jaguar E-Type that is significantly different from the regular model.

Car Tech May 21, 2018

Prince Harry Makes HIV/AIDS Awareness Priority, Hopes To 'Smash The Stigma'

Prince Harry follows his late mother's footsteps in raising awareness about HIV/AIDS. During his recent visit to the King's College Hospital's HIV service, he urged people who might have the virus to get tested.

Public Health July 8, 2016

Princes William And Harry Visit 'Star Wars: Episode VIII' Set

The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry visited Pinewood Studios to recognize the creativity of the people behind 'Star Wars.' They also got to meet some folks from The Rebellion.

Geek April 20, 2016

Harper Beckham Unimpressed At Meeting Prince Harry

Prince Harry has now officially met a girl he can’t charm: Harper Beckham. The two met at a charity soccer event organized by David Beckham.

Internet Culture November 17, 2015

When Harry Met Harry – Prince Harry Met Harry Styles Of One Direction, Asks About His Hair

Move over, Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan, when Harry met Harry is the most curious encounter we've seen yet. Read on for discussions on possible hair cuts, royal crushes and shopping trolleys - only at the Royal Variety Performance

Movies/TV Shows November 16, 2015

Hermione And Harry: Is Emma Watson Dating Prince Harry?

Rumor has it that actress Emma Watson and Prince Harry are secretly dating. The pairing is just too good to be true!

Movies/TV Shows February 21, 2015

Kate Middleton Joining Twitter Is The Best Royal News You'll Hear Today

Another day, another famous person joins Twitter. However, it'll be hard to find a Twitter account that will give you a more royally good time than this.

Internet Culture January 14, 2015

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