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Scientists May Have Found A New 'Super-Earth' In Star System Nearest To Our Own

Proxima c was detected while scientists were reviewing data sets that revealed Proxima b in 2016. Scientists said that the super-Earth completes an orbit around its star Proxima Centauri within 1,900 days.

Space April 15, 2019

Planets Orbiting Alpha Centauri Stars Not Bombarded By X-Ray Radiation Hazardous To Life

Any planets orbiting two of the stars of Alpha Centauri are not likely bombarded by hazardous x-ray radiation. Planets located in Alpha Centauri A's habitable zone would receive a lower dose of x-rays than similar solar system planets orbiting the sun.

Space June 11, 2018

Proxima Centauri Unleashes Major Solar Flare That May Have Destroyed Chances Of Life On Nearest Exoplanet

Yes, modern technology hasn’t advanced to a point where we’re able to build space colonies. But the best candidate for our next Earth, Proxima B, may have just been fried by Proxima Centauri’s solar flare.

Space April 12, 2018

Visiting Star Threw Comets And Asteroids Off Their Orbits 70,000 Years Ago

In the prehistoric times, a red dwarf passed and knocked off some parts of the Oort Cloud and created new objects with an unusual orbit. Instead of moving in a circular motion, they follow a V-shaped path.

Space March 22, 2018

Massive Stellar Flare Hits Planet Proxima B Making Life Less Likely

Scientists have found that the solar system's nearest star Proxima Centauri hit its planet Proxima B with an enormous stellar radiation last year. It suggests that Proxima B is unhabitable because such flares have been occurring for billions of years.

Space February 27, 2018

NASA Plans To Send Mission To Proxima Centauri In 2069

Humans may visit solar system’s nearest stellar neighbor, Proxima Centauri, in 2069. Know how NASA is trying to make it possible.

Space December 21, 2017

Planets May Be Orbiting Earth's Neighboring Star Proxima Centauri

Astronomers from the Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia in Spain, using the ALMA network of telescopes, discovered a dust belt material surrounding Proxima Centauri. This proposes that exoplanet Proxima B is not the lone alien planet near the sun.

Space November 8, 2017

Stephen Hawking Issues Call To Leave Planet Earth And Head To The Stars

At an arts and science festival, Stephen Hawking has issued a dire warning for humans: it's time to leave Earth and explore other worlds. The cofounder of Breakthrough Starshot calls for interstellar travel to preserve the species.

Space June 21, 2017

Is The Climate On Exoplanet Proxima B Suitable To Sustain Life?

A new study took tentative steps toward exploring the climate of newly-discovered exoplanet Proxima B. The exoplanet is believed to boast an environment that is conducive to support life.

Space May 17, 2017

Giant Telescope Joins Breakthrough Hunt For Planets In Alpha Centauri

Breakthrough Initiatives of Russian billionaire Yuri Milner will fund an upgrade to an instrument on the ESO’s Very Large Telescope, equipping it in its search for planets at Alpha Centauri.

Space January 10, 2017

Red Dwarf Star Proxima Centauri Has Regular Starspots Cycle, More Sun-Like Than Earlier Thought

New research has challenged past assumptions that red dwarf star Proxima Centauri has no sun-like properties as it found a regular cycle of starspots. The finding has cast doubts about the habitability of the planet Proxima b hosted by it.

Space October 14, 2016

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