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Hundreds Of Pterosaur Eggs Found In China: What Do These Reveal About Prehistoric Flying Reptiles?

At least 215 eggs belonging to the pterosaur species called Hamipterus tianshanensis were found in China. Analyses of the eggs revealed about the development of the prehistoric flying reptiles.

Animals December 1, 2017

Giant Pterosaurs Dominated Ancient Transylvania, Suggests New Research

Pterosaurs ranged in size but researchers have found that those that flew over ancient Transylvania were particularly gigantic with 32-feet wingspans. Their massive size made it highly likely that they were the region’s dominant predator.

Ancient February 11, 2017

Giant Toothless Flying Reptile Dominated Ancient Romania: Study

Giant flying reptiles may have been dominant predators in an island in ancient Romania, a new study reveals. Scientists shed light on a creature called Hatzegopteryx, and studied its remains.

Animals February 11, 2017

LOOK: Specimen Shows Pterosaur Was King Of The Food Chain But It Relied On Filter Feeding

A more than 160-million-year-old specimen of the ancient flying reptile pterosaur was discovered in China. Researchers believe it is the earliest known pterosaur with filter-feeding habits similar to those of modern-day flamingos.

Animals February 6, 2017

This Flying Reptile From Late Cretaceous Was The Size Of A Cat

Some 70 million years ago, the earth had flying reptiles of mighty wingspans. According to a new research, the Cretaceous era also had flying pterosaurs that were as small as house cats with smaller wings.

Animals September 4, 2016

Fossil Remains Of New Species Of Jurassic Flying Reptile Pterosaur Found In Patagonia

Fossil remains of the Allkaruen koi, which include an intact braincase, were found in Argentina's Patagonia region. The new species of flying reptile lived during the early Jurassic period.

Animals August 31, 2016

Ikrandraco avatar fossil discovered in China: This flying reptile had pelican-like throat pouch

Flying reptiles would have looked like creatures from the film "Avatar" as they flew over China 120 million years ago, paleontologists say. Movie also inspired scientific name of the new creature: Ikrandraco avatar.

Animals September 15, 2014

Ikrandraco avatar. Yes, scientists name ancient flying reptile after creatures in 'Avatar' movie

Scientists have named a newly discovered ancient flying reptile after creatures from the movie "Avatar." Ikrandraco avatar, which likely lived 120 million years ago, had the same features as the creature from the movie.

Animals September 14, 2014

Ikrandraco avatar: Discovery of flying reptile fossils in China would make James Cameron proud

A pterosaur named Ikrandraco avatar has been discovered in China that resembling the Ikran from Avatar.

Animals September 13, 2014

Toothless pterosaurs with 39-ft. wingspan, king of the skies 60 million years ago

Toothless winged reptiles known as pterosaurs dominated the ancient skies 60 million years ago. Some of these creatures were so big they had to run before taking off.

Animals August 21, 2014

Was Toothless the dragon real? Toothless pterosaur named after dragons dominated skies

Study sheds new light on giant, toothless pterosaurs that dominated Earth's skies until 60 million years ago. Species is named Azhdarchidae, from the Persian word for dragon.

Animals August 19, 2014

Toothless pterosaurs were once a worldwide presence

A new study suggests that the shift from toothy pterosaurs to toothless ones may have signaled an important change in the ecosystem of the Earth more than 60 million years ago.

Internet Culture August 19, 2014

Scientists unearth new species of flying dinosaurs in Brazil

First time in Brazil’s history that bones of flying reptiles or pterosaurs were found in the southern part of the country. Here’s what the scientists have concluded.

Earth/Environment August 16, 2014

Caiuajara dobruskii: 'Butterfly-headed' pterosaur unearthed in dinosaur bone yard in Brazil

Flying dinosaurs have been recognized in a mass grave in southern Brazil for the first time in history.

Animals August 15, 2014

Newly unearthed flying reptiles are best evidence of pterosaur colonization

Skeletons of pterosaurs with bizarre head crest looking like butterfly wings unearthed in Brazil. Flying reptiles may have lived in flocks like flamingoes, scientists say.

Animals August 14, 2014

Discovery of preserved eggs of flying reptile Pterosaur in China excites boffins

The pterosaur species of ancient reptilian birds are creatures that lived in a colony, according to the findings of 5 eggs and 40 adult bones in China.

Animals June 14, 2014

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