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Britain-Sized Cluster Of Termite Mounds Found In Brazil

Researchers discovered 4,000-year-old termite mounds in a recently-cleared portion of a caatinga forest in Brazil. The termite mounds cover a vast area that it can be seen from space.

Animals November 21, 2018

Earthquake Destroys Pyramid, Then Unveils Ancient Temple For Aztec Rain God

A deadly earthquake in September destroyed a pyramid in the Mexican state of Morelos. The unfortunate event nevertheless revealed another wonder that was hidden from the rest of the world after about the 1200AD.

Ancient July 13, 2018

2 Ancient Houses Unearthed Next To Pyramids Of Giza

Researchers found two ancient residences dating back to the reign of Pharaoh Menkaure. The structures served as houses for two officials overseeing food production for an ancient Egyptian paramilitary.

Ancient July 5, 2018

'Assassin's Creed Origins' Predicted Newly-Discovered Hidden Chamber In Egypt’s Great Pyramid Of Giza

The newly discovered chamber deep in Egypt's Great Pyramid of Giza appears to have long been built into 'Assassin's Creed: Origins'. How did the game developers predict the existence of this hidden void?

Ancient November 5, 2017

Scientists Discover Mysterious Big Void In Great Pyramid Of Giza: Here's How They Did It

Archaeologists have found a hidden chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. The discovery of the void was made with the help of cosmic ray imaging.

Ancient November 3, 2017

Huge Concrete Pyramids Sunk In Gulf Of Mexico For Artificial Reef

Fifty concrete pyramids have been sunk as part of an initiative to build an artificial reef in Texas. The reef off the South Texas coast will lend insight on how to increase fish habitat.

Earth/Environment July 3, 2017

Elementary Particles Produced When Cosmic Rays Collide Enable Researchers To See Deep Underground In Technological Breakthrough

Elementary particles produced by the collision of cosmic rays with atmospheric molecules are used by scientists in underground studies. In making such studies effective, an innovation has been made by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory with a smaller muon detector that can track density variations of an object.

Earth/Environment December 20, 2016

Intriguing Anomalies Discovered In Giza’s Great Pyramid

Scientists have announced some intriguing new discoveries while peering deep inside the great pyramids of Giza. The void found inside the construction is most likely not a hidden chamber.

Ancient October 19, 2016

Great Pyramid Of Giza Not A Perfect Square: Engineers Find Construction Error In Ancient Monument

Despite its impressive level of accuracy, Egypt's Great Pyramid of Giza was not perfectly built. New measurements show the ancient monument's base is lopsided.

Ancient June 22, 2016

Archaeologists Test New Scanner That May Unlock Ancient Secrets Of Egypt's Great Pyramid

The quest for Egypt's ancient secrets continues. A team of French scientists is testing a new telescope that can scan the pyramids' hidden chambers as well as other undiscovered structures inside.

Ancient June 4, 2016

Cosmic Rays, Space Particles Unravel Ancient Secrets Of Egypt's Pyramids

Cosmic rays were able to unravel the secrets of ancient Egyptian pyramids. The project paves the way for finally unlocking what is inside the pyramids.

Ancient May 9, 2016

Cosmic Particles Can Give Us Insight As To How The Egyptians Built The Pyramids

A team of scientists is investigating particles it collected from a 4,600-year-old pyramid to figure out if the cosmic matter had anything — or everything — to do with some of the greatest wonders of antiquity.

Space January 18, 2016

Cosmic Particles May Unlock Mystery On How Pyramids In Egypt Were Built

Muon technology, one that involves cosmic particle accumulations, will help an international team of scientists solve the 4,500-year-old mystery of how the pyramids of Egypt were built. The team's findings will confirm or change current hypotheses on how these ancient wonders came to be.

Animals January 18, 2016

Thermal Anomalies At Great Pyramid Of Giza May Lead To A Secret Tomb

The Great Pyramid of Giza may have one more hidden secret yet to be discovered. Based on thermal scans of the stones of the pyramid, a specific block of stones around the eastern ground floor side of the pyramid shows a noticeable difference in temperature that have piqued the curiosity of researchers.

Animals November 12, 2015

Thermal Scanning Detects 'Impressive' Anomalies In Great Pyramid Of Egypt

The Scan Pyramids project used high-tech scanning technologies to look inside the pyramids of Egypt. Researchers detected impressive anomaly at Giza's Great Pyramid although what this is still has to be investigated.

Animals November 10, 2015

Archaeologists Will Use Cosmic Rays To Scan The Pyramids In Hopes Of Uncovering Secrets Of Ancient Egypt

A team of researchers will use cosmic ray muons, infrared thermography and scanners attached to drones to survey and digitally reconstruct four ancient pyramids in Egypt to uncover their mysteries.

October 30, 2015

Mysterious Pyramid Three Miles High Found On Dwarf Planet Ceres

The Dawn spacecraft has discovered a steep-sided mountain on the dwarf planet Ceres. Could this be a sign of extraterrestrial life or geology?

Space June 23, 2015

Google Maps Street View grants virtual visit to Egypt’s Great Pyramids

Google Street View allows users to explore Egypt’s pyramids from the comfort of their homes. Users can virtually walk around six sites that were photographed last year.

Internet Culture September 11, 2014

Company hired to restore Egypt's oldest pyramid may actually be destroying it

A company hired by the Egyptian government to restore one of the Egyptian pyramids may be responsible for causing significant damage to the more than 4,600 year old structure.

Internet Culture September 3, 2014

How were the pyramids built? Physicist may have figured it out

A trio of scientists have calculated a way for the Egyptians to have moved the huge blocks that the pyramids were built with.

Internet Culture August 29, 2014

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