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Intel And AMD Just Became Frenemies: Future Intel Core Chip To Have Radeon Graphics

An unlikely friendship was just formed. Intel and AMD have announced that next year, they’re releasing a chip equipped with an Intel Core processor and Radeon graphics, meant to make thin laptops capable of running high-end games.

Computers November 7, 2017

AMD Crams 2 Polaris GPUs Into 1 Card, Calls It The New Radeon Pro Duo

AMD has released its twin-GPU card, the Radeon Pro Duo. The next-gen graphics card is aimed at creative professionals who need powerful graphics performance.

Computers April 27, 2017

AMD Announces Radeon RX 500 Series Of Next-Gen GPU

With its Ryzen 5 CPU out, AMD has announced the release of its latest graphics card: the Radeon RX 500. The cards are scheduled for a May release.

Computers April 19, 2017

AMD Crimson ReLive Radeon Update Boosts Performance, Reduces Power Consumption

AMD's Radeon cards got significantly improved thanks to the Radeon Software Crimson ReLive update. The driver introduces new features and functions that can boost performance and efficiency

Computers December 9, 2016

AMD Gearing Up For The Uprising: A Radeon Revolution For The Average Gamer

AMD’s Radeon Technologies Group aims to conquer the mid-ranger sector, and it has a solid plan. Not only is it offering bang for the buck with its upcoming Radeon RX 480, but it also carefully listens to its users.

Computers June 13, 2016

AMD Creates Radeon Technologies Group To Focus On Gaming And Virtual Reality

AMD has announced the creation of the Radeon Technologies Group led by Raja Koduri. The company is poised for a 2016 competition with Nvidia.

Computers September 10, 2015

AMD Introduces Carrizo Line Of Power-Friendly Chips -- Here's How They Cut Down On Power

AMD has introduced the Carrizo line of processors, which is aimed at saving power as well as boosting performance. There are a number of ways that AMD was able to cut down on power -- here's how.

Computers February 25, 2015

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