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Man Severely Injured In Hunting Accident Is World's Oldest Face Transplant Recipient

A 64-year-old man is the world's oldest face transplant recipient after his successful surgery in Canada. Now four months after his surgery, the man is said to be doing well.

Medicine September 15, 2018

3D-Printed Hyperelastic Biomaterial Can Help Regenerate, Repair Broken Bones

Using hydroxyapatite and a biodegradable polymer, researchers developed a biomaterial that can repair bones and other forms of injury. The hyperelastic bone shows promise in reconstructive surgery.

Material Science September 29, 2016

US Surgeons Reconstruct Severely Damaged Esophagus Using Commercially Available Skin Tissue And Stents

U.S. surgeons conducted a reconstructive surgery on a patient, who has severely-damaged esophagus, through the use of commercially available, FDA-approved skin tissues and metal stents. Years after the procedure and recovery, the patient is now eating normally and maintaining a steady weight.

Life April 11, 2016

African Boy Mauled By Chimps To Undergo Reconstructive Surgery In US

The face of an eight-year-old boy from Congo was severely damaged when chimpanzees attacked him two years ago. U.S. doctors helped bring the boy to the country for a rare facial reconstructive surgery.

Life January 7, 2016

Surgeons Perform First Scar-Free Facial Reconstruction

A breakthrough scar-free reconstructive facial surgery was performed for the first time in Canada. A man whose face was deformed and bashed five years ago has his face back with no scars at all.

Life November 12, 2015

Breakthrough Surgery Gives Dogs Their Faces Back

Using human reconstructive surgery techniques, one vet was able to give a labrador his face back after a debilitating accident.

Healthy Living/Wellness October 27, 2015

Man With Nasal Cancer Has Face Restored After 12-Hour Surgery

A rare case of nasal cancer distorted Rajendra Prasad Aggarwal's face. A successful 12-hour surgery, however, restored it to its original form.

Life October 3, 2015

9-Year Old Boy Gets New External Ear Made From His Ribs

An African boy born with microtia received reconstructive surgery worth $4,500 in India. Here's his story.

Life September 29, 2015

Moroccan Boy Born Without A Face Undergoes Life-Changing 18-Hour Surgery

Yahya El Jabaly, a three-year-old Moroccan boy, successfully underwent surgery in Australia to reconstruct his face after having been born without eyes, nose and upper jaw.

Life June 29, 2015

Football-Sized Tumor Successfully Removed from Mexican Boy after 12-Hour Surgery

Doctors have successfully removed a football-sized tumor from an 11-year-old boy after a 12-hour surgery. The boy will have to undergo further reconstructive surgery and the removal of excess skin.

Life November 19, 2014

Kentucky hospital gives free reconstructive surgery to woman disfigured by cancer treatments

Lessya Kotelevskaya's disfigured face has negatively impacted her. A reconstructive surgery she underwent at the University of Louisville on Monday, however, may positively change her life.

Life June 25, 2014

Las Vegas doctor offers free surgery to girl attacked by dog, kicked out by KFC

Victoria Wilcher's scars caused her to be kicked out from a KFC restaurant but after learning of her story, a plastic surgeon from Las Vegas offered her his services for free.

Life June 24, 2014

Doctors in UK reconstruct man's face with the help of 3D printer

With the aid of a 3D-printed skull, doctors successfully reconstructed the face of a man who fell from a 5th floor balcony.

April 2, 2014

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