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Albino Lizard Is World's First Gene-Edited Reptile

A group of scientists has created the first gene-edited reptiles in four albino lizards. Before now, reptiles have been rather ignored when it comes to developmental genetics.

Animals April 11, 2019

Discovered 'Antarctic King' Fossil Is Iguana-Sized Dinosaur Relative

The fossilized remains of an iguana-sized reptile was found to be a cousin of dinosaurs. It lived in Antarctica when it wasn't yet a frozen wasteland.

Animals January 31, 2019

245 Million-Year-Old Sea Reptile Is World’s Oldest Case Of Tuberculosis

Researchers found the remains of a marine reptile from the Triassic period showing evidence of tuberculosis. At 250 million years old, the sea animal is the world’s earliest known case of this disease.

Ancient June 7, 2018

Fossil Of 'Mother Of All Lizards' Reveals Reptile Group Squamate Survived Permian-Triassic Mass Extinction

The 240-year-old reptile Megachirella wachtleri is the mother of lizards. The reptile, which lived when the dinosaurs just emerged, was the direct ancestor of about 10,000 species alive today.

Animals May 30, 2018

Fossilized Skull Of Half Mammal, Half Reptile May Rewrite History

Scientists found a fossilized skull of a reptile-like mammal underneath the foot of a dinosaur fossil in Utah. The discovery may rewrite ancient history, due to its implications on theories surrounding the supercontinent Pangaea.

Ancient May 30, 2018

Green-Haired Turtle That Breathes Through Its Genitals Now An Endangered Species Due To Pet Trade

The Mary river turtle became an extremely popular pet before it was formally described in 1994. It was already endangered when it was recognized as a species. What made the reptile particularly vulnerable to population decline?

Animals April 13, 2018

Fossilized Embryos Found Within Early Jurassic Ichthyosaur Specimen

Between six and eight fossilized embryos were found within a prehistoric ichthyosaur that lived about 180 million years ago. The specimen of this prehistoric reptile is currently on display at Yorkshire's Jurassic World.

Animals April 5, 2018

Four-Eyed Ancient Reptile Sheds Light On Lizards' Third Eye

The now-extinct lizard Saniwa ensidens featured not just two but four eyes when it lived about 49 million years ago. What does this reveal about lizards' third eye?

Animals April 3, 2018

Ancient Reptile Could Detach Tail To Escape Predators

The ancient reptile captorhinus, which lived in Pangea about 289 million years ago, was capable of detaching its tail to evade predators. Was it capable of regenerating its tail just like modern lizards?

Animals March 8, 2018

Pet Turtles Blamed For Salmonella Outbreak in 13 States

The CDC and FDA warned the public not to buy turtles as pets or give them as gifts. A multistate salmonella outbreak is now being attributed to handling of the hard-shelled reptile.

Public Health August 30, 2017

Cuban Boas Hunt In Packs!

A new study reports of coordinated hunting behavior among Cuban boas. This recorded observation shows a possibly more social behavior among reptiles than previously thought.

Animals May 26, 2017

Fossil Of Pregnant Dinocephalosaurus Offers Evidence Of Live Birth In Dinosaur Relative

The fossil of a pregnant Dinocephalosaurus, a member of a now extinct reptilian group, showed the creature gave birth to live youngs and did not lay eggs. What does this tell about viviparity and adaptation to aquatic life?

Animals February 15, 2017

Giant Toothless Flying Reptile Dominated Ancient Romania: Study

Giant flying reptiles may have been dominant predators in an island in ancient Romania, a new study reveals. Scientists shed light on a creature called Hatzegopteryx, and studied its remains.

Animals February 11, 2017

Extinct Reptile Triopticus Primus Shows Dinosaurs Copied Body, Skull And Shapes Of Distant Relatives

An extinct reptile found in Texas showed that the skull and body shapes of dinosaurs are not completely original. The Triopticus primus provides example of the phenomenon called evolutionary convergence.

Animals September 23, 2016

Fossil Remains Of New Species Of Jurassic Flying Reptile Pterosaur Found In Patagonia

Fossil remains of the Allkaruen koi, which include an intact braincase, were found in Argentina's Patagonia region. The new species of flying reptile lived during the early Jurassic period.

Animals August 31, 2016

Signs Of Wessie? Maine Authorities Find Giant Snakeskin Near River

A resident discovered a large snakeskin near Presumpscot River. Authorities believe the sheddings likely belong to the Wessie snake that measures 10 feet long.

Animals August 21, 2016

Gene Behind Long Body Of Snake May Help Patients With Spinal Injuries

Researchers have discovered a gene responsible for the long body of snakes. The Oct4 gene may eventually lead to treatment for spinal cord injury.

Animals August 9, 2016

Where Did Hair, Feathers And Scales Come From?

Evolutionary biologists have long wondered whether mammalian hair, avian feathers and reptilian scales have some sort of evolutionary link. A new study in Switzerland may shed light on the matter.

Animals June 25, 2016

Fossil Of New Ichthyosaur Species Hints At Evolution Of Marine Reptiles After Mass Extinction

The discovery of a more ancient ichthyosaur, Sclerocormus parviceps, showed how marine reptiles evolved after a mass extinction. The fossil cast doubt on an earlier theory that evolution during the period occurred for millions of years.

Ancient May 24, 2016

Prehistoric Marine Reptile Acted Like Hammerhead Lawnmower

A marine reptile that lived 242 million years ago looked fearsome, with rows of teeth resembling chisels and needles. But these creatures were only a threat to plants.

Animals May 6, 2016

250 Fossilized Teeth Unearthed In Japan Point To New Species Of Mammal-Like Reptiles

What can teeth tell you? The hundreds of teeth found in Japan resulted in the discovery of a new species that may have lived longer than previously assumed.

Animals April 27, 2016

Discovery Of 250-Million-Year Old Reptile Could Answer Mysteries Of Dinosaur Evolution

A reptile skull from 250 million years before the present day could answer questions about the rise of dinosaurs. What makes Teyujagua paradoxa so special?

Animals March 12, 2016

Everglades Birds Use Alligators For Protection With Their Chicks As The Prize

Alligators and birds have a mutually beneficial relationship. Alligators protect the birds from nest bandits while the predators are rewarded with eggs and chicks that fall out of the nests.

Animals March 3, 2016

Python Gives Birth To Two-Headed Snake In Australia

An Australian reptile breeder got the surprise of his life when he hatched a baby snake with two heads on Sunday. The two-headed baby python is called a Siamese snake.

February 16, 2016

Researchers Find Lizard Increases Its Body Temperature During Mating Season

Biologists found that a certain species of lizard has the ability to raise its own body temperature during its mating reason to successfully reproduce and incubate their eggs.

Animals January 25, 2016

Evolution Of Dinosaurs Much Faster Than Previously Believed

Radioactive isotope measurements revealed that the dinosauromorphs lived between five to 10 million years earlier than previously thought. The findings shortened the timeline when these reptile predecessors evolved into dinosaurs.

Animals December 9, 2015

Researchers Discover 278 Million Year Old Fanged Eel, Other Ancient Aquatic Carnivores In Brazil

Experts recently unearthed several fossils of ancient aquatic carnivores and a reptile that lived in the supercontinent Pangaea several million years ago. The discovery could help scientists understand more about these animals’ way of life, researchers said.

Animals November 7, 2015

Pet Store Owner Rescued From Being Crushed By 20-Foot Python

Police rescued a pet shop owner from the hands, or in this case, grip, of one of his own snakes. This 20-foot and 126-pound python almost strangled his owner to death, had it not been for the officers who responded to the 911 call.

Internet Culture October 7, 2015

Scientists Discover First Biofluorescent Reptile: Glow-In-The-Dark Turtle Found In Solomon Islands

Marine biologist David Gruber chances upon a glowing sea turtle - the first discovery of biofluorescence in a reptile - during a night dive in the Solomon Islands. The hawksbill sea turtle, however, is critically endangered.

Animals September 30, 2015

Crocodiles And Other Reptiles Also Sing To Communicate

Reptiles like crocodiles and alligators can use resonance as a means to relay their size, research has found, offering more insight into how animals communicate as a whole.

August 13, 2015

Authorities Considering Blanding's Turtle For Endangered List

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will assess if the Blanding's turtle and a number of other reptiles and amphibians should be listed under the Endangered Species Act so they can be protected from threats of extinction.

Animals July 6, 2015

Analysis Reveals Prehistoric Snakes Were Nocturnal, Stealthy ... And Had Hind Legs

The first snakes likely thrived at night and had hind legs with toes and ankles, a new analysis of more than 73 species of snakes and lizards revealed.

Animals May 20, 2015

Want To Help A Gopher Tortoise? Don't Put It In Water

The protected reptile lives on land, in deep burrows. Florida wildlife officials are striving to educate residents and tourists about the species and its real habitat as its numbers are declining.

Earth/Environment April 6, 2015

Chameleons Use Crystals To Change Color

Chameleons can change their color without resorting to skin pigments, researchers find. Instead, they alter their color by controlling the wavelengths of light their skin reflects.

March 10, 2015

Crocodiles Know How To Have Fun: These Reptiles Surf Waves, Play Ball, And Enjoy Piggyback Rides

Crocodiles may be fearsome predatory creatures, but these reptiles have something in common with humans. They also engage in three main types of play.

Animals February 11, 2015

Ancient Snake Fossils Suggest Snakes Slithered on Earth Much Earlier Than We Thought

Fossils of four snake species dating back as early as 143 to 167 years ago and were previously mistaken as lizards provide evidence that snakes existed on Earth much earlier than previously thought.

Animals January 28, 2015

Ancient Snake Fossils Date Back Snake Evolution

Snakes may date back further than researchers once believed, according to newly-recognized fossils from the ancient past.

January 27, 2015

Jurassic Era Fossil Proves Parental Care Among Ancient Aquatic Reptiles

A newly discovered fossil in China lends further credence to the theory that prehistoric reptiles were caring parents.

Animals January 21, 2015

New 'Predator Crocodile' Predecessor of Dinosaurs Unearthed in Africa

Fossil of ancient reptile with teeth like steak knives unearthed in Africa. Ancient "predator crocodile" walked the earth before the dinosaurs arrived.

January 20, 2015

Animal Control Finds 8-foot Alligator in Box with Two Dead Cats in Suburban Los Angeles Backyard

Animal control authorities found an alligator in the backyard of a home in Van Nuys in California.

Internet Culture January 15, 2015

Smallest Goanna Lizard Species in the World Discovered in Australia

Australia adds the pocket-sized Dampier Peninsula goanna to its list of reptiles after scientists discovered the lizard in the country’s western region.

Earth/Environment January 3, 2015

Discovery of amphibious ichthyosaur fossil remains may be missing piece in evolutionary puzzle

A fossil discovered by researchers in China is long sought for the missing link that could bridge the evolutionary puzzle on how the sea-based ichthyosaurs were descended from ancient reptiles that walked on land.

Animals November 8, 2014

Miraculous virgin birth? World's longest snake gives birth with no male contact

Giant snake in U.S. zoo has six offspring in virgin birth. No father required, thank you very much.

Animals October 26, 2014

These robot snakes could be the future of rescue missions

A team of researchers developed a robotic snake to replicate the locomotion of sidewinder snakes. The research could help future tech innovations in navigation and locomotion.

Geek October 9, 2014

Prehistoric land and water predators weren’t strangers: Single bone reveals surprising truth

Scientists once believed that phytosaurs and rauisuchids kept mostly to themselves, divided between the sea and the land, respectively. However, a new fossil of a phytosaur tooth embedded in a rauisuchid thigh may prove otherwise.

Animals September 29, 2014

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