Amazon Fake Review 'Spotter' App Removed from iOS App Store as the eCommerce Giant Convinces Apple
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) Amazon Fake Review 'Spotter' App Removed from iOS App Store as the eCommerce Giant Convinces Apple

Amazon fake review "spotter" called Fakespot is an app that is capable of analyzing Amazon reviews, in order to know which ones are fake, is now no longer available for the iOS app store. Amazon has just convinced Apple to remove the app from the App Store!

Amazon Gets 'Fakespot' Removed from Apple App Store

According to CNBC, Amazon has successfully been able to get Apple to remove "Fakespot" raising concerns that the app could provide "misleading information" and even create potential security vulnerabilities. The ecommerce giant confirmed to Engadget that it had reported Fakespot up for investigation.

The largest concern, according to Amazon, was that the redesigned app called Fakespot launched back in June "wraps" and even injects code directly into its website. In theory, "wrapping" would make this possible, for the app to be able to collect more data and even put customers' sensitive information, which includes credit card numbers, directly at risk.

Amazon Regarding User Experience

Amazon released a statement saying the company works hard in order to build a good shopping experience that delights their customers. It was also noted that they are providing a selling experience that helps empower both brands and sellers in order to grow their business. Amazon has just made a huge purchase of MGM for a whopping $9 billion buyout

The app in question provides their customers with misleading information regarding the sellers as well as their products, harms their sellers' business, and even creates potential security risks. It was noted that they appreciate Apple's review of the particular app against it's very own App Store guidelines.

Fakespot Responds to Allegations

Fakespot founder and CEO Saoud Khalifah had admitted to CNBC that his own company collects user data. He then stated that it does not sell any information to third parties. Further, he also denies Amazon's strong claims that the app does present security risks.

He told the publication that there is no need to steal any users' information and that they would never do that. It was noted that they have shown zero proof and that Apple has acted on this with zero proof.

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Apple No Comment

Apple, apparently, did not give it a chance in order to rectify any particular issue the tech giant might be experiencing. While Apple has yet to issue another statement that would clarify just why exactly was Fakespot pulled down, Amazon stated to Engadget that there are two App Store guidelines in particular.

One guideline states that an app that displays content coming from another third-party service will have to be able to secure permission from that service as well. The other prohibits the application from being able to display false information. 

As of the moment, Amazon has been successful in removing "Fakespot" from the Apple app store. Apple has yet to provide a statement regarding their move to remove the app but as of the moment, Fakespot is no longer available on the iOS app store. Amazon has been the subject of recent issues like the "pee in a bottle" issue that highlights negative employee experiences

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