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Cassini Mission Dives Deep Into Inner Workings Of Saturn's Rings

In a new study, scientists analyzed data from Cassini's close encounters with Saturn's rings. They found textures and patterns, as well as understood the composition of the planet's famous feature.

Space June 14, 2019

Ringed Planet In HD: New Images From NASA Cassini Space Showcase Saturn Rings In Incredible Detail

NASA's Cassini probe has sent dazzling up-close images of the planet's icy rings with new details. The images have neatly captured the ring's exterior with prominence to features such as straw and propellers, which were less conspicuous in other images.

Space February 1, 2017

Planet In The Making? Rings Around Young Distant Star Hint At Planetary Formation In Progress

Rice University astronomers have suggested the formation of a planet in a distant star, HD 163296, after spotting dust and gas around its dark rings. Two rings around the star have no dust left while the inner ring has more carbon monoxide than the other two.

Space December 14, 2016

Geysers On Enceladus Hint Saturn's Moons, Rings Are Cosmic Toddlers

New findings speculated that Saturn's moons and rings may have formed only about 100 million years ago - or younger than when dinosaurs first roamed Earth. They pointed to the ice geysers of Enceladus and their activity to trace the birth of the spectacular rings the giant planet is known for.

Space March 27, 2016

Rings Of Saturn (And Moons) May Be Younger Than The Dinosaurs

The rings of Saturn are the most distinctive feature of the planet, but a new study shows they may be significantly younger than expected. How did astronomers determine when these satellites formed?

Space March 25, 2016

Another Ringed Planet? Chiron May Possess Saturn-Like Rings

Chiron is a centaur body near the outskirts of our family of planets. Now, astronomers believe that object may possess a system of rings.

Space March 16, 2015

Young Exoplanet J1407b's Ring System Is Bigger Than Saturn's. Way Bigger

A giant planet called J1407b has massive rings that can easily outsize those of Saturn's. Measuring 120 million kilometers in diameter, the ring system is more than 200 times larger than Saturn's rings.

Space January 27, 2015

Moonlets found taking birth and dying in Saturn F ring

Saturn is surrounded by a thin, bright ring that may be the site of the constant creation and destruction of mountain-sized moonlets, according to a new study.

Space September 10, 2014

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