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Roombas Will Be Receiving New Feature To Make Wi-Fi Maps Of Homes

Roombas already make a floor plan of your home as new update will add a different capability to the floor cleaning device. The new feature will allow Roombas to make Wi-Fi maps of homes.

Gadgets January 4, 2018

This Robot Vacuum Will Help You Get Rid Of Pet Hair For Good

The bObi Pet robotic vacuum will pick up all the pet hair laying around your house, along with sweeping and mopping your floors clean without causing your pets to panic.

Gadgets November 12, 2015

Dyson's Robot Vacuum Arrives In US In 2016

Dyson recently announced that its $1,200 high-end robotic vacuum cleaner that is now available in Japan, the 360 Eye, will start appearing in U.S. retail outlets sometime next year.

Gadgets November 6, 2015

Dyson 360 Eye is an intelligent vacuum cleaner that will make you go wow

Dyson has unveiled Dyson 360 Eye, its first robotic vacuum cleaner. It’s the company’s entry to compete with existing products from Vileda, Neato, Samsung, iRobot, and Hoover.

Gadgets September 5, 2014

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