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The Huawei AI Cube Is An Alexa-Powered Google Home Clone That's Also A 4G Router

Chinese technology company Huawei released its first smart speaker known as the AI Cube on Friday at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin, Germany. The AI Cube will be distributed in Europe at the end of the year.

Smart Home September 3, 2018

VPNFilter Is A Lot Worse Than Previously Thought: How To Protect Yourself From The Russian Router Malware

Cisco Talos has determined that the router malware VPNFilter is more dangerous and widespread than first thought. There isn't much to do but to install the latest firmware updates and perform a factory reset on routers.

Security June 7, 2018

Wrapping Your Router With Aluminum Foil Improves Wi-Fi Signal, Study Says

The claim that wrapping aluminum foil around a router’s antenna improves its Wi-Fi signal has been debated for ages, but it turns out it might actually be legitimate. Researchers from Dartmouth have developed a customized reflector that can actually improve Wi-Fi speeds.

Internet November 9, 2017

Tech Tips: How To Protect Your Router From Hackers

Your personal data and online activities are at risk, and it could be because of an unsecure Wi-Fi router. That said, here are some tips on how to protect your router from hackers.

Security June 17, 2017

Google Wifi To Be Unveiled On Oct. 4: $129 Routers That Can Form Large Wireless Networks To Cover All Parts Of Your Home

At its upcoming Oct. 4 event, Google is said to be unveiling the Google Wifi. The wireless router, which will have a starting price of $129, can ensure that all parts of the home will have a strong Wi-Fi signal.

Google September 24, 2016

Plume Envisions Future With High-Quality Managed Wi-Fi In Every Home

A new cloud-based home Wi-Fi router system by startup Plume is promising fast and reliable internet access. But how much would homeowners be willing to spend for a connected home?

Gadgets June 16, 2016

Portal Turbocharged Router Promises To Fix Your Wi-Fi Problems

A sleek new router could deliver three times more bandwidth to your home's wireless network. It takes FastLanes around the congestion to deliver better speeds and improved range.

Computers May 12, 2016

You No Longer Have To Reset Your Router Yourself Thanks To This Wi-Fi-Fixing Smart Plug

This smart plug will automatically reset your router when your Internet starts acting up.

Life & Style May 4, 2016

The Luma Wireless Router Lets You Track Anyone Using Your Wi-Fi Network

A new wireless router called Luma is now up for preorder, enabling users to not only set up a network that reaches all the corners of their house, but also track what users are doing through that network.

Gadgets November 7, 2015

Google OnHub Gets iFixit Teardown Treatment, Gets Awful Score

The OnHub Wi-Fi router by Google might have descended from a future where the Internet of Things is running devices that do not require repairs or maintenance.

Gadgets September 18, 2015

Netgear Outs Nighthawk X4S Router With Next-Gen Wave 2 AC2600 Wi-Fi

The Netgear Nighthawk X4S Router is a proud rival to all cabled Gigabit Ethernet connections. This powerful Wi-Fi network hub for homes offers the signal strength of a cable connection without the hassle of cables.

Internet September 3, 2015

Asus’s New Router Is Upside Down Spider Of High-Powered Wireless Networking

Asus announced a souped-up router at IFA.

Computers September 2, 2015

Google Launches OnHub Wi-Fi Router That Allows Users To Prioritize Devices And Suggests How To Fix Lost Connection

Google’s new Wi-Fi and smart-home hub OnHub, which allows users to prioritize devices for the fastest Internet speeds when needed, is now available for preorder.

Gadgets August 18, 2015

Weak Wi-Fi Signal At Home? Here's How To Fix It

There are many ways to fix weak Wi-Fi signals at home. There is always the option of buying a fancy replacement, but even cheap routers can perform well if used properly.

Internet April 26, 2015

Belkin router outage fixed: This is what happened

Belkin experienced a meltdown on Oct. 7. Customers with older routers were disconnected from the Internet.

Internet October 8, 2014

Where is the best place to put your router? This physicist has figured it out

A physicist decided to determine where in the home is the best place to keep your wireless router. This is going to make watching Netflix so much easier.

Internet Culture September 5, 2014

CE Week Spotlight: Netgear debuts multi-antenna, multi-frequency router for IoT

The new Netgear Nighthawk X6 Tri-Band router is designed to supply multiple wireless devices across three frequencies with up to 3.2 Gbps combined speed. It features multiple antennas and the ability to balance network loads.

Computers June 27, 2014

CE Week event in NYC showcases new technology

The seventh edition of this consumer electronics trade show helps bridge the gap between its big brother CES Las Vegas. It's a good thing, too, since the pace of industry innovation can't wait a whole year to shine brightly.

Gadgets June 26, 2014

Amped Wireless to show off monster Wi-Fi router and extender at 2014 International CES

Amped Wireless will display its latest Wi-Fi router and extender at the upcoming 2014 International CES.

Gadgets January 4, 2014

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