Google Wifi To Be Unveiled On Oct. 4: $129 Routers That Can Form Large Wireless Networks To Cover All Parts Of Your Home


At its upcoming Oct. 4 event, where the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones are set to be announced, Google is also said to be unveiling a Wi-Fi router named Google Wifi.

The router, which will come with a price tag of $129, will be advertised as having "smart" features, according to a source of Android Police.

Android Police said that Google Wifi will probably be similar in certain aspects to Google's OnHub, and that it will come with the usual promise of enhanced range compared to other Wi-Fi routers.

The main selling point of Google Wifi is that multiple access points of several units of the router can be connected to form a larger wireless network that will ensure that all corners of the user's home will have a strong Wi-Fi signal.

The report of Android Police was confirmed by Droid Life, which claims that it has known about the upcoming Wi-Fi router for some time.

According to Droid Life, Google Wifi is a dual band device with two ports, AC1200 speeds, Bluetooth support and 802.15.4 radios.

The upcoming router will function similar to two other products out in the market right now, Eero and Luma. These Wi-Fi routers offer the same function of expanding a home's network so that there will be no weak Wi-Fi spots anywhere.

Google will be pushing the functionality as a "mesh technology" that will be made possible through "modular" bases on which users can add parts. Like Eero and Luma, the network established by Google Wifi is started by connecting the device to a modem, and then the network is further expanded by adding new routers or modules.

For users who are concerned about the security of their network, especially if the number of Google Wifi routers that they would need would be too many to constantly monitor, new routers or modules being added to the network will need to have a "trusted" status signed by Google.

Droid Life is not sure if the Google Wifi device will come under the same branding as the OnHub, but upon launch, the OnHub app will be the Wi-Fi router's controller. It has not heard of any news that Google is creating another app for the device, as that could be viewed as unnecessary work.

With OnHub as its controller, users can expect Google Wifi to be compatible with IFTTT, feature controls over content, have a device connection manager, and support automatic security updates.

Google Wifi, which can be set up by users in minutes, was confirmed by Droid Life to have a starting price of $129. It is not known yet how much it would cost to expand the network with the additional modules, but it is likely that Google will be selling the Wi-Fi router and additional parts in bundles.

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