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Battery Problem Delays Atlas 5 Launch Till Next Month

The next Atlas 5 mission, which was originally scheduled to launch on Thursday, has been moved to a later date. The rocket is now set to deploy a communication satellite into low orbit on or after July 9.

Space June 25, 2019

Scientists Concerned Musk's Starlink Satellites Might Ruin View Of Night Sky

After photos and videos of the Starlink satellite constellations had been shared on social media, astronomers expressed concerns that the bright string of lights might interfere with scientific observations. SpaceX will send thousands of satellites into orbit.

Space June 4, 2019

TESS Mission Finally Discovers Its First Earth-Sized Exoplanet

The TESS mission is now considered a "bridge to the future," according to astronomers. After its first discovery, it will continue to search for more exoplanets outside the solar system.

Space April 23, 2019

Asteroid Defense Telescope Spots 'Empty Trash Bag' Orbiting Earth

Observatories tracking near-Earth objects spotted a space junk that looks like a plastic bag. While the object does not pose a threat to the planet, astronomers said its orbit is quite odd.

Space January 31, 2019

Astronauts Plug Leak In International Space Station With Epoxy And Duct Tape

The International Space Station was hit by an unknown object and left it with a 2mm hole. If the problem was left unfixed, the crew would have run out of air in just 18 days.

Space September 2, 2018

Atlas V Launches Latest Early-Warning Infrared Surveillance Satellite For US Air Force

The United Launch Alliance Atlas V deployed another early-warning missile satellite for the U.S. military. The Atlas V rocket successfully launched SBIRS GEO Flight 4 into orbit.

Space January 22, 2018

SpaceX Rocket Launches Taiwan's Earth-Observation Satellite From California

SpaceX successfully launches FORMOSAT-5 satellite aboard its Falcon9 rocket on Aug. 24. Taiwan’s satellite will observe the Earth’s terrain and atmosphere for natural disaster management.

Space August 26, 2017

ESA Pushes For Satellite-Based 5G Internet, Inks Deal With 16 Space Companies To Make It A Reality

The European Space Agency (ESA) champions satellite-based 5G internet and has signed a deal with European space companies to make it happen. Find out the potential gains and challenges with this technology for internet connectivity.

Internet June 23, 2017

Meet KalamSat: World's Smallest Satellite Designed By A Teen

An 18-year old teen from India created the smallest and lightest satellite ever dubbed KalamSat. The science genius used 3D-printed reinforced carbon fiber to create the satellite, which will be launched by NASA in June.

Space May 18, 2017

Delta IV Successfully Launches WGS-9 Satellite Into Orbit: Why This Is Crucial To US Military Defense

The successful launching of the WGS-9 satellite into orbit was crucial to U.S. military defense. The addition of WGS-9 to the constellation makes it the only military communications systems capable of X-band and Ka-band communications.

Space March 20, 2017

How Will A Backup Lightning Imaging Instrument Work In Space?

The backup Lightning Imaging Sensor is bound to space. It is on its way to the International Space Station for a two-year mission following the shutdown of the original LIS launched in 1997.

Space February 21, 2017

NOAA GOES-16 Satellite Sends Back First Images Of Earth And They Are Stunning

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has released high-resolution images of the Earth taken by its advanced weather-tracking satellite, GOES-16, from outer space - and they're like heaven in high definition.

Space January 25, 2017

China Confirms EmDrive Research, Plans To Use The Technology On Chinese Satellites As Soon As Possible

China has announced that it is giving a push for research on the controversial space propulsion technology EmDrive which was deemed unworkable by NASA. The China Academy of Space Technology (CAST) announced that EmDrive adoption in satellites has been made a priority.

Space December 26, 2016

Scientists Map Poverty Using Satellite Data, Machine Learning

Researchers often go door-to-door to gather information about people living in impoverished areas, but this can be quite challenging. Now, scientists from Stanford University have developed a novel method that could make gathering data much easier.

Earth/Environment August 18, 2016

Earth's 'Quasi' Moon: Small Asteroid Orbits Earth For Half A Century

Considered as Earth's 'quasi-moon,' a small asteroid has been circling around our planet for half a century now. The asteroid's qualities make it an interesting object for study.

Space June 16, 2016

World's Space Agencies Agree To Use Satellites To Monitor Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Space agencies in the world have agreed to share their satellite findings to help monitor greenhouse gas emissions. Through this, there will be richer data that experts can compare and get information from.

Space June 6, 2016

SpaceX's Falcon 9 Rocket Launch To Carry JCSAT-14 Into Orbit

On its fourth launch this year, SpaceX is expected to bring a Japanese satellite to geostationary orbit. After that, all eyes will be on whether the first-leg booster can land on SpaceX’s drone ship.

Space May 4, 2016

SpaceX Secures $82 Million Military Contract To Launch GPS Navigation Satellite

SpaceX has won $82.7 million military contract to bring a national security satellite to space. The winning, however, may mean it’s finally broken contract monopoly held by Lockheed Martin and Boeing in the department.

Space April 29, 2016

What Happened To Japan's Hitomi Satellite? Space Experts Have Some Ideas

JAXA confirmed on March 26 that it has lost contact with its ASTRO-H or Hitomi satellite. Although the agency has yet to find out the satellite's current state, space experts have 'sleuthed' their way to finding out what happened.

Space March 30, 2016

North Korea's Newest Satellite Passes Over Levi's Stadium About An Hour After Super Bowl 50

A North Korean satellite was detected flying over Levi's Stadium about an hour after Super Bowl 50 ended on Sunday. Reports said the orbital probe was the newest of the Kwangmyongsong, or Shining Star, satellites that Pyongyang launched for use in weather forecasting and land mapping.

Space February 8, 2016

US, China Set Up Space Hotline To Avoid Satellite Warfare

The United States and China have established a space hotline. It is hoped the move will help prevent potential misunderstandings and conflicts that could result in a space war.

Space November 24, 2015

Facebook Will Connect The Most Remote Parts Of Africa To The Internet Next Year

Facebook confirmed its team up with Eutelsat in a move to leverage satellite technologies that will allow more people from Africa to gain access to the Internet. The companies plan to launch the service in the second half of 2016.

Internet October 6, 2015

ESA Marks First Aniversary Of Gaia Satellite Survey Mission

Happy first year anniversary, Gaia! ESA celebrated the spacecraft’s first year in main survey mode, optimistic that the star surveyor will successfully continue its mission.

Space August 26, 2015

NASA Satellite Maps Reveal Flood And Drought Stricken Areas In The US

With the help of satellites that orbit the Earth to specifically measure cloud cover, ground water and precipitation, scientists are able to assess current weather situations and predict future drought and rainfall activity not just in the U.S. but all over the world.

Earth/Environment August 18, 2015

EPFL's 'Pac-Man' Clean-Up Satellite Gets Closer To Orbit

A satellite set to launch in 2018 promises to help clean up space debris.

FUTURE TECH July 6, 2015

ESA Sentinel-2A Beams Back Brightly Colored Photos Of Earth

The Sentinel-2A satellite mission of the ESA delivered a set of brightly colored photographs of Earth. The high-resolution images initially obtained from the project is said to exceed expectations.

Space July 1, 2015

NASA Successfully Tests A New Glider for Satellite Launches

NASA has successfully tested a new glider used for launching satellites that will significantly cut down on the costs and complexities involved with launching satellites using first stage booster rockets.

Space June 14, 2015

Air Force Successfully Launches New GPS Satellite From Cape Canaveral

A new satellite joins the series already in space as part of the GPS, improving navigational capabilities for the system for military and civilian use.

Space March 26, 2015

Can Ditching Cable For Streaming TV Really Save You Money? We Examine If Cord Cutting Is Worth It

It's the question on everyone's minds: When can I ditch my cable subscription and go with Internet streaming full-time? We have the answers.

Feature March 20, 2015

Jupiter's Moon Ganymede Is Hiding A Vast Saltwater Ocean Under Its Crust

The Hubble Space Telescope may have found the best evidence yet for a vast underground ocean on Ganymede.

Space March 13, 2015

Third Time Lucky: SpaceX Succeeds In Launching DSCOVR Space Weather Satellite But No Barge Landing

SpaceX successfully launched the Falcon 9 rocket carrying the space weather satellite DSCOVR on its third attempt. Plan to land and recover the rocket in an ocean platform, however, was a miss.

Space February 12, 2015

NASA SMAP Satellite Launched: Mission to Study Soil Moisture and Track Climate Change

The SMAP observatory lifted off on Jan. 31 on a mission to map moisture around the world. What good could this spacecraft do for the human race?

Space February 1, 2015

Elon Musk Wants to Dream About Mars Mission from Seattle Office

Elon Musk’s vision of a human colony on Mars is a step closer to reality with a commercial satellite business. The Seattle-based engineering office in charge of building this will hire as many as 1,000 employees.

Space January 14, 2015

Sun Throws M-Level Solar Flare: NASA Releases Images of Sun's First Tantrum in 2015

NASA captures the images of 2015's first solar flare classified at M-level. The latest solar flare is not intense enough to disrupt communication signals and satellites.

Space January 14, 2015

New NASA Satellite May Help Scientists Predict Natural Disasters. Great News for Farmers [Video]

NASA will launch a new satellite called the SMAP, which will assist scientists in predicting natural disasters on Earth. The satellite will also measure the moisture level of global soil to help farmers become better prepared for droughts.

Animals January 7, 2015

Christmas Lights Can Be Seen from Space

NASA has released satellite images and video footage of Christmas lights seen from space. Night time light is 50 percent brighter in major U.S. cities from Black Friday to New Year's Day.

Space December 22, 2014

CBERS-4 Satellite Hitches a Ride into Space on China's 200th Rocket Launch

With 200 launches under its belt, China is steadily gaining the experience it needs to create better spacecrafts. CBERS-4 is the result of working together with Brazil to achieve common space goals.

Space December 9, 2014

NASA Opens Cube Quest Challenge, Winner Gets $5 Million

NASA puts $5 million into prize purse for mini-satellite design competition. Winning team will see its satellite launched to the moon and beyond, space agency says.

Space November 26, 2014

This Is The Most Beautiful HD Video Of Earth Ever Made

This video using imagery from Russia's Elektro-L weather satellite, is not only the most high-resolution video ever made of Earth, but also one of the most beautiful timelapse videos ever made.

Geek November 21, 2014

Is Russia's New Orbiter a Satellite-Killer?

Object 2014-28E could be a new space weapon, capable of destroying satellites high above Earth, and anyone can track the object in real time.

November 18, 2014

Solar tantrum: Sun produces X-class solar flare. Is Earth safe?

Sun produces intense X-class solar flares. The Earth's surface is safe but these flares can disrupt satellite and communication signals, suggests NASA.

Space October 29, 2014

NASA Swift spots red dwarf star belch superflare: 10,000 times more powerful than largest solar flare ever recorded

A stellar flare over 10,000 times more powerful than the biggest solar flare on record was spotted by NASA's Swift satellite, coming from a binary star system 60 light-years away.

Space October 2, 2014

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket successfully launches AsiaSat 6 satellite into space

After its Aug. 27 flight postponement, SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket lifted off from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida on Sunday to launch the AsiaSat 6 commercial satellite into orbit.

Space September 8, 2014

The world's sharpest commercial satellite releases first images

The WorldView-3 satellite, the sharpest commercial satellite ever, launched into space on August 13. Now, we can see its first images, featuring details clearer than anything we've seen before from satellite imagery.

Internet Culture September 2, 2014

WorldView-3 satellite can grab shots of license plates, identify tree species

A new satellite launched by DigitalGlobe has many new features and enhancements. This should give citizens a better view of the planet and make Google map users happy.

FUTURE TECH August 13, 2014

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