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Microsoft Acquires Website Building Company GitHub For $7.5 Billion

Microsoft is acquiring software developer company GitHub for $7.5 billion in company stock. The technology company hopes that its software tools would enhance GitHub users’ coding development programs

Microsoft June 4, 2018

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella To iPad Users: ‘Get A Real Computer’

While on tour to promote his new book, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella took some time to make fun of Apple. After seeing a couple of people with iPads, he chuckled and told them to get a real computer.

Microsoft November 13, 2017

Microsoft Valued At Over $500 Billion: First Time This Has Happened Since 2000

After once again beating Wall Street analyst expectations on quarterly revenue and profit, Microsoft saw its market value breach the $500 billion mark. This is the first time that the company was able to achieve this feat since 2000.

Microsoft January 30, 2017

LinkedIn's SVP Of Infrastructure Kevin Scott Is Now Microsoft's New CTO

Kevin Scott, LinkedIn’s highest-ranking engineering executive was recently been named as Microsoft’s new Chief Technology Officer. Other corporate shake-ups have also been set in place in light of Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn.

Microsoft January 25, 2017

Donald Trump Tweet Does Not Threaten Microsoft CEO

Donald Trump had tweeted about Microsoft not doing enough to secure jobs for Americans in their backyard. The company's CEO Satya Nadella, however, is unperturbed by the accusation and stated that Microsoft would continue to create jobs for Americans.

Microsoft January 17, 2017

Microsoft Surface Phone May Be A Phablet, Set To Debut Soon

According to new reports, the Microsoft Surface Phone may get unveiled very soon. The upcoming Microsoft handset could possibly be a phablet that may resemble the Nokia Lumia XL.

Microsoft January 16, 2017

Donald Trump To Hold Tech Summit This Week: Attendees Include Tim Cook, Sheryl Sandberg, Larry Page, Satya Nadella, And More Top Execs

President-elect Donald Trump will be meeting with top tech executives this week in New York City. Among the attendees of the event are Apple CEO Tim Cook, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, Alphabet CEO Larry Page, and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

Business Tech December 12, 2016

Surface Phone Rumors: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Confirms Pursuit Of The 'Ultimate Mobile Device'

Satya Nadella, Microsoft's chief executive, has hinted at its next smartphone being the 'ultimate mobile device.' The possibly Surface-branded phone is a way for the company to reenter the smartphone business after abysmal results with past Windows Mobile phones.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech November 25, 2016

Shots Fired: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Pokes Fun At Apple's iPad Pro For Being Too Similar To Surface

Satya Nadella, Microsoft's chief executive, isn't letting Apple's chief executive Tim Cook slip with his infamous 'toaster and refrigerator' analogy for hybrids. In a recent interview, Nadella poked fun at Apple for essentially eating its own words.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech November 22, 2016

Microsoft Has Plans To Tie Executive Bonuses To Diversity Goals

Executives at Microsoft stand to lose their annual bonuses if the population of the organization's female workers does not improve. This is part of an aggressive workforce diversity and inclusion initiative being introduced by Satya Nadella.

Microsoft November 19, 2016

Office Team Leader Qi Lu To Leave Microsoft Due To Health Reasons

Microsoft executive Qi Lu will be leaving Microsoft due to health reasons. His involvement in the Office 365 program has made a mark judging from the integration of artificial intelligence into its system.

Microsoft September 29, 2016

Microsoft Has Bought LinkedIn For $26 Billion: Striking Gold Or Courting Disaster?

Microsoft announced the acquisition of LinkedIn for $26 billion on Monday, June 13, but did it just strike gold or will it be a disaster? Here are the pros and cons of the deal.

Business Tech June 14, 2016

Microsoft Drops Idea Of $8 Billion Bid To Acquire Slack Because Of Bill Gates And Satya Nadella

Acquiring Slack is no longer in Microsoft's plans, as the company's co-founder Bill Gates and CEO Satya Nadella do not seem to like the idea. About $8 billion was initially planned to make the deal.

Business March 5, 2016

Microsoft Philanthropies Launches To Empower Every Person To Achieve More Through Technology

The dedicated organization will work with nonprofits to empower disconnected communities with technology.

Business December 16, 2015

Windows 10 Universal Apps Won't Work, Says Former Microsoft CEO: Windows Phones Should Run Android Apps

Steve Ballmer openly criticized Microsoft’s way of handling financial reports and the number of featured apps for mobile devices. According to the former Microsoft CEO, Windows 10 Mobile should be compatible with Android apps to increase its appeal.

Apps/Software December 3, 2015

Microsoft Chief Satya Nadella Talks About Adopting Operational Security Posture

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that the increasing reliance of businesses on cloud and mobile technology is forcing them to have a constant 'operational security posture' as enterprises are under constant attack.

Business November 19, 2015

Microsoft Shares Soar As Profits Climb Thanks To Cloud, But Surface And Lumia Revenue Still Down

Microsoft posted its quarterly earnings report for the first fiscal quarter of 2016. Investors were pleased to know Microsoft’s cloud business continues to grow enough to forgive the declining revenues in the Surface and Lumia divisions.

Money October 23, 2015

Microsoft Exec Says Controversial Windows 10 Cumulative Updates Are Better: Why?

Microsoft decided to use cumulative updates for Windows 10, a move that has been controversial since the configuration prohibits users from choosing which updates to install in their computers. Why does the company think that this is a good idea?

Apps/Software October 20, 2015

Google Is Bringing Its Play Store Apps To Windows 10: Rumor

A new rumor that surfaced on Reddit points to the possibility of a major collaboration between Google and Microsoft to bring Google’s popular apps to Windows 10.

Apps/Software October 5, 2015

Microsoft Promises To Bring Low-Cost Wi-Fi To Half A Million Indian Villages

Microsoft announced its plan to bring cheap broadband to 500,000 Indian villages in a bid to help millions of people across India connect to the Internet.

Internet September 29, 2015

Microsoft's HoloLens To Be Available In Five Years, Hints CEO Satya Nadella

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talked about the evolution of HoloLens, the augmented reality glasses that aim to reshape reality as we know it. Whether the device is used for business or leisure, it provides a truly immersive experience.

September 19, 2015

Microsoft Plans To Invest $75 Million In Computer Science Education Across America

The program looks to target under-represented and minority students.

Society September 17, 2015

Microsoft's HoloLens Augmented Reality Headset Will Be Available To Developers In 2016

Microsoft's HoloLens will be released in 2016 first to developers then to enterprise owners and consumers.

Wearable Tech August 3, 2015

Windows Phone Is Not Dead, Satya Nadella Himself Says So: Here's What Microsoft Plans To Do

Satya Nadella states that Windows Phone is not dead and that Microsoft is set to launch a new build of Windows devices. These phones will come in three segments, namely enterprise, budget phones and flagships.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech July 16, 2015

Microsoft To Cut 7,800 Jobs, Most In Windows Phone Business

Microsoft plans to cut 7,800 jobs from employees working mostly in its phone hardware business as part of the 18,000 expected layoffs announced last year.

Business July 8, 2015

Microsoft Set To Lay Off 7,800 Employees

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is making some “tough choices” to cut the parts of the business that are not making money.

Business July 8, 2015

Satya Nadella Wants Microsoft To Empower People And Organizations To Achieve More

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella sent out a company-wide email that set the direction and tone for Microsoft's upcoming year.

Business June 26, 2015

Microsoft Big Management Revamp: What's Satya Nadella's Plan?

Microsoft is instituting a change in leadership. And with Stephen Elop out, it’s Terry Myerson in.

Business June 18, 2015

Reason Why Microsoft Bought Minecraft: HoloLens

Microsoft's intentions regarding its $2.5 billion acquisition of 'Minecraft' are coming into clear focus. So is its rapid development of HoloLens, a virtual augmented reality headset it's hoping puts competitors in its 3D dust.

Business May 2, 2015

Microsoft Build 2015: Windows 10, Edge Browser, HoloLens, And More

Here is what Microsoft plans to do to regain its lost footing in the technology industry as PC sales drop and Apple and Google get more and more of the mobile pie.

Business April 30, 2015

Microsoft Q3 Results Soar As Sales Of Cloud Services Offset Weak PC Software Demand

While profits dipped, the overall consensus regarding Microsoft's strategy and financials is positive, claim reports. CEO Satya Nadella appears extremely pleased with how his push-to-the-cloud strategy is working.

Money April 24, 2015

Windows May Go Open Source: What It Really Means For Developers And Consumers

Microsoft is reportedly entertaining the possibility of making Windows an open-source operating system — something that could mean significant changes for the OS and the developer community.

Apps/Software April 5, 2015

Microsoft Turns 40: 'What Matters Most Now Is What We Do Next,' Says Bill Gates

The software giant hits the Big 40, and founder Bill Gates says the goal ahead is to make technology accessible on a global front. It's a bold idea, he says, but then again, so was the creation of Microsoft.

Business April 4, 2015

Microsoft Seals Deal With Samsung, Dell, Other OEMs To Preinstall Apps In Android Tablets

With Windows Phone owning an almost non-existent part of the mobile market, Microsoft looks to other platforms to sell its software.

Business March 24, 2015

Satya Nadella's Biggest Achievement As Microsoft CEO: Tech World is Starting to Love Microsoft Again

One of Microsoft's competitors applaud CEO Satya Nadella for his successful efforts to revamp the aging laggard. The software maker is a 'case study in reinvention.'

Business February 5, 2015

Rev. Jesse Jackson Urges Silicon Valley for Greater Workforce Diversity

Civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson meets with Silicon Valley in a tech diversity summit, urging leaders of the industry’s biggest companies to make a move to include minorities.

Business December 11, 2014

Microsoft Annual Meeting: Workforce Diversity, Satya Nadella Pay Package, and Missing Bill Gates

At the annual meeting of Microsoft shareholders, the main topic was workforce diversity. In the same meeting, shareholders approved the pay package for CEO Satya Nadella. However, Bill Gates was not present.

Business December 4, 2014

Microsoft Planning to Launch 3 Lumia Devices as Windows Phone 8.1 Takes 51 Percent Market Share

Microsoft has been on a roll recently, and it appears it will continue well into 2015. New reports claim the company is aiming to launch a trio of Windows Phones in the coming months.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech December 1, 2014

Rivals Microsoft and Dropbox shake hands: Cloud Office apps will never be the same again

Microsoft and Dropbox collaborate in the most unholy of partnerships by integrating Office apps with Dropbox cloud storage. Now, users can edit their Word, Excel and PowerPoint files right from Dropbox.

Deals November 5, 2014

Microsoft Q1 sales beats Street but earnings slip

Microsoft announces strong first-quarter figures well beyond analyst expectations, but massive restructuring causes profits to take a dip.

Money October 24, 2014

CEO Satya Nadella claims equal pay for men and women is a thing at Microsoft: Talked a lot about Azure

After his big blunder when it came down to his comments on why women should not ask for a pay hike, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella can't seem to shake what comes with saying things like that.

Money October 24, 2014

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella bags pay package of $84.3 million in 2014

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is earning a pay package worth $84.3 million for the financial year 2014. Most of the amount is in the form of stock awards, which will be paid out over several years.

Business October 23, 2014

Satya Nadella bets big on cloud: Here's what Microsoft is doing

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is hell-bent about doing business on the cloud, believes that the only true competition to contend with are Google and Amazon.

Business October 22, 2014

Microsoft betting big on the cloud and putting money on its strategy

While small when compared with its total operations, Microsoft's cloud services make up a $4.5 billion sector of the company. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says there should be no doubt that Microsoft is fully behind its cloud business.

Internet October 20, 2014

Karma talk haunts Microsoft CEO: Nadella says sorry in employee email, pushes for company-wide diversity

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has once again apologized for his controversial comments on the gender pay gap. To mitigate the damage from his statements, his company is instituting new initiatives to provide equal pay to men and women.

Business October 18, 2014

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