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Palaeontologists Discover Fossils Of First Giant Dinosaur In Argentina

Ingentia prima, which lived 210 million years ago during the Triassic Period, was an early member of the dinosaur group, sauropods. How was it different from its later relatives?

Animals November 5, 2018

'Amazing Dragon' Fossils Found In China Rewrite History Of Long-Necked Dinosaurs

Paleontologists found the bones of at least eight individual Lingwulong after a farmer had discovered several fragmented fossils. What does the amazing dragon of Lingwu tell about long-necked dinosaurs and Pangea?

Animals July 25, 2018

Bigfoot: Largest Dinosaur Foot To Date Belonged To A Titanosaur

Bigfoot measures 3.2 feet wide. It likely belonged to a dinosaur very closely related to the brachiosaurus. The prehistoric animal’s size suggests it is a titanosaur, the largest group of sauropods.

Animals July 25, 2018

Fossil In Argentina Suggests Giant Dinosaurs Evolved Earlier Than Previously Thought

Fossils of the creature called Ingentia prima, a species of sauropodomorph, suggest that dinosaurs grew in size 30 million years earlier than previously thought. What are the features of this prehistoric creature?

Animals July 10, 2018

Large Dinosaur Tracks In Scotland Offer Clues How The Prehistoric Animals Lived During Middle Jurassic

Large dinosaur footprints that were found in the Isle of Skye belonged to sauropods and theropods. What do these tracks reveal about the Middle Jurassic and the prehistoric reptiles?

Animals April 4, 2018

Biggest Known Dinosaur To Walk Earth Just Got Named

Researchers just officially described and named the largest dinosaur on Earth to have ever lived: the Patagotitan mayorum. Learn more about the biggest member of the sauropod dinosaur family.

Animals August 9, 2017

New Species Of Long-Necked Sauropod Dinosaur Spans About Half The Length Of A Basketball Court

The newly described species of titanosaur dubbed Savannasaurus elliottorum weighed the equivalent of three African elephants when it lived in the late Cretaceous. The dinosaur measured 40 feet long, or about half the length of a basketball court.

Animals October 21, 2016

Sauropod Footprint Found In Mongolian Desert Is Largest Dinosaur Footprint Ever Found

A giant footprint left by a sauropod 70 to 90 million years ago was found in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. At over 42 inches long, it is the largest dinosaur footprint scientists have found.

Animals October 3, 2016

Sarmientosaurus Was Droopy-Headed Dinosaur That Looked Like Eeyore

Sarmientosaurus musacchioi may have looked sad, drooping its head to the ground. However, this dinosaur may have possessed sensory skills that would put other Titanosaurs to shame.

Animals April 26, 2016

3D Modeling Reveals Evolution Of Large Dinosaurs

Scientists have created 3D models of how the size, body shape and weight distribution of large dinosaurs evolved through time. The study involved the sauropods, which was the most dominant group of massive herbivores during the Mesozoic era.

Animals April 1, 2016

Dinosaur Footprints Found In Scotland Reveal Habitat, Behavior Of Jurassic Giants

Scientists were able to discover the largest dinosaur fossil site in Scotland and it contains footprints that reveal new information about sauropods' habitats and behaviors. Sauropods were found to have spent some time in shallow water due to reasons that are yet to be identified.

Animals December 2, 2015

100-Million-Year-Old Fossil Suggests Dinosaurs Feasted On Fungus To Get High

An amber fossil found in Myanmar provides proof that psychedelic compounds were existent 100 million years ago and that dinosaurs during the period likely ate them.

Animals February 11, 2015

Qijianglong guokr: 50-Foot Long Dinosaur Fossil Found in China With 25-Foot Long Neck

Compared with the sauropods, whose necks make up a third of their body length, the neck of the Qijianglong, a member of the mamenchisaurid dinosaur group, spans half of the length of its body. Its bones also resemble those of the Chinese mythical dragons.

Animals January 31, 2015

How did dinosaurs share food at the Jurassic dinner table?

A group of scientists from Bristol University and the Natural History Museum in London discover that although dinosaurs ate a lot, the species peacefully coexisted by having different diets from each other.

Geek October 9, 2014

Wonder how dinosaurs co-existed during difficult times 150 millions years ago? Here's the answer

Dinosaurs needed to eat -- and eat a lot they did. How did they co-exist? Researchers find the answer by recreating how they ate.

October 9, 2014

New titanosaur species found in Tanzania and it's called Rukwati-oh-it's-twisting-my-tongue

Dinosaur fossils were spotted in a cliffwall in Tanzania, East Africa, which later turned out to be a new species of dinosaur that belongs to a group of large sauropods that thrived in the Cretaceous Period.

Animals September 10, 2014

Discovery of long-neck sauropod dinosaur in Argentina proves that they survived beyond Jurassic

Diplodocid, a type of Sauropod dinosaur, may have lived millions of years after the rest of their family went extinct.

Animals May 17, 2014

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