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River-dwelling Shrimp Laced With Cocaine And Other Illicit Drugs Discovered In UK

A biomonitoring study showed that shrimps in rural UK rivers are contaminated with cocaine, ketamine, fenuron, and other chemicals. The presence of these contaminants highlights the impact of invisible pollution in bodies of water.

Animals May 3, 2019

New Shrimp Species With Hairy Feet Named After ‘The Hobbit’ Bilbo Baggins

Two new shrimp species were discovered living inside tunicates or sea squirts in Indonesia. One of them has hairy feet comparable to Bilbo Baggins, a Hobbit character in one of JRR Tolkien’s novels.

Animals June 13, 2018

Great Ape, Hunchbacked Shrimp Headline 10 New Species List

The SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry’s International Institute for Species Exploration released its annual list of newly discovered species. The species were from around the world.

Animals May 23, 2018

Tiny Shrimp And Krill Could Play A Mighty Role In Mixing Oceans

A Stanford University research team released a new study that might showcase a big role that the ocean’s tiniest creatures play in influencing the ocean. They believe that shrimp and krill can influence the ocean’s currents.

Earth/Environment April 18, 2018

Scientists Identify Two New Species Of Whale-Eating Shrimp

Marine biologists discovered two new amphipod species and saw that the scavenger crustaceans feed off dead animal carcasses. The two new species were named after the renowned taxonomist Roger Bamber, who passed away in February this year.

Earth/Environment August 7, 2015

How Can Parasites Turn Animals Cannibalistic?

Shrimp become more cannibalistic than normal after being infected with a parasite. What can this tell us about the phenomenon?

March 19, 2015

Extreme Shrimp Thriving Near Hydrothermal Vents May Hold Clues to Alien Life [Video]

A shrimp species called Rimicaris hybisae can survive the extreme environments of the hydrothermal vents of the Caribbean Sea. NASA scientists suggest that the shrimp may also survive in other planetary bodies.

Space November 25, 2014

Newly Discovered 'Stargazing' Shrimp Always Looks to the Heavens

Stargazing shrimp have been discovered, looking like aliens underwater - how could they be looking everywhere at once?

Animals November 21, 2014

Red Lobster now has a whole lot more lobster on the menu

Red Lobster is getting an all-new menu, and it will feature more lobster than ever before.

Internet Culture November 4, 2014

The shrimp you eat might not be what you think it is

According to a new study by Oceana, 30 percent of shrimp sold is mislabeled, which can have harmful effects on our health, environment and economy.

Internet Culture October 30, 2014

World's oldest fossilized sperm is huge, shocks scientists

Ancient sperm has been found in shrimp, and it may be larger than the animal in which it was found.

Animals May 16, 2014

Mantis shrimp pincers inspire new airplane material design

A tiny shrimp with a powerful punch is the inspiration of a new material design stronger than that used in aircraft standards.

Space April 24, 2014

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