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Man Took Too Much Viagra That He Started Seeing Red... Permanently

A 31-year-old man started seeing red through his eyes, with flashes of light, after drinking too much of the liquid version of Viagra. The flashes went away, but the red tint to his vision has remained for over a year.

Medicine October 4, 2018

AI Tool Can Predict Side Effects From Prescription Drug Combinations

The AI-powered system Decagon from Stanford researchers seeks to accurately predict the likely side effects from drug combinations. The tool is hoped to prevent life-threatening problems in prescription as well as help research create better drug pairings.

July 11, 2018

Nauseating Marijuana Side-Effect Suffered By Heavy Users Is Relieved By Taking A Hot Shower

A syndrome caused by marijuana usage could be relieved if the user takes a hot shower. This nauseating side effect affects heavy marijuana users but has a simple fix.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 9, 2018

Family Blames Tamiflu For 16-year-Old Teen's Suicide

A day after starting his flu treatment, Charlie Harp took his own life. This tragedy happened so suddenly and his family could only think of one culprit behind his strange death.

Public Health February 2, 2018

AstraZeneca Resumes Patient Enrollment For Head And Neck Cancer Trials After FDA Lifts Hold

AstraZeneca will resume patient enrollment in two of its trial programs for neck and head cancers. The FDA lifted the partial hold, which occurred after a series of patients suffered from bleeding as a side effect of the treatment.

Medicine November 24, 2016

Qsymia Dominates Among Weight Loss Drugs In Slashing 5 Percent Of Body Weight

Qsymia emerged as the top-performing among FDA-approved and over-the-counter weight loss drugs in a new meta-analysis. The drug proved to be the best in slashing 5 percent of body weight among overweight or obese individuals.

Medicine June 15, 2016

Yoga May Help Reduce Side Effects Of Prostate Cancer Treatment

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania have discovered that yoga can help improve the health of men undergoing radiation therapy for prostate cancer. Patients who participated in Eischens yoga classes experienced a reduction in side effects typically associated with the treatment.

Life November 20, 2015

Apple Watch User Guide Warns Of Possible Skin Reaction Or Irritation: What To Know

As Apple Watch owners strap on the brand-new wearable, they may want to take some time to read the user guide, which is more a potential health and injury warning document than an instructional phamplet on feature use.

Wearable Tech April 27, 2015

Common Pain Reliever Ingredient Saves You From Headaches But Dampens Emotions

Say goodbye to pain with acetaminophen — and the ability to feel positive emotions as powerfully. A recent study has shed light on the previously unknown side effect of the popular over-the-counter drug ingredient.

Life April 15, 2015

New Study Indicates Roche-Made Tamiflu Beneficial Against Influenza

Tamiflu made by Roche is effective against influenza and reduces symptoms of the infection by about a day. The side effects related to the drug still remain hotly debated.

Life January 30, 2015

Ebola Vaccine Passes Trial Stage: No Serious Side Effects So Far

The experimental Ebola vaccine dubbed cAd3-EBO triggered positive immune response in its first clinical trial involving 20 adults. Two of the volunteers had fever after vaccination, but no serious side effects were reported.

Life December 1, 2014

Allergic to penicillin? 94 percent who think they're allergic are actually not

Unless you got yourself tested, your adverse reaction to penicillin may just be a side effect and not an official allergy, according to studies.

Life November 8, 2014

New leukemia drug Gazyva kills 90 percent of cancer

Gazyva, a new leukemia drug kills about 90 percent of cancer cells in just the first dose. The drug comes with severe side effects and its treatment involves a hefty $42,000 bill.

Life October 28, 2014

FDA acne alert cites potentially deadly reactions, side effects

The Food and Drug Administration has issued an alert to consumers regarding side effects and potentially deadly adverse reactions to certain over-the-counter acne drugs. The agency urges users to do spot product tests before full application use.

Life June 26, 2014

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