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Loss Of Water In California Drought Caused Sierra Nevada To Rise An Inch

NASA scientists have found that the Sierra Nevada gained an inch in height due to the five-year drought in California. Once rainfall and snow came back to the mountain range, it shrank back.

Earth/Environment December 14, 2017

Rivers In The Sky: Atmospheric Rivers Can Wreak Widespread Calamities

Atmospheric rivers can wreak widespread calamities that will prove to be costly because of the hazards it can bring to lives and properties. More than 10 rivers are expected this winter, according to the National Weather Service.

Earth/Environment February 23, 2017

UN Space Mission To Send Sierra Nevada's Dream Chaser To Low Earth Orbit In 2021

The United Nations will send Sierra Nevada's Dream Chaser spacecraft to low earth orbit five years from now. What is the objective of UN's first space mission?

Space September 29, 2016

NASA Announces New Round Of Commercial ISS Resupply Mission Contracts

NASA has announced a new round of contracts with companies slated to conduct missions for International Space Station resupply. Orbital ATK, Sierra Nevada, and SpaceX were all awarded contracts for a minimum of six missions each.

FUTURE TECH January 14, 2016

NASA Cuts Boeing From Competition To Deliver International Space Station Cargo

Boeing's CST-100 Starliner is out of the NASA's Commercial Resupply Services competition. NASA pushed back award date to January 2016 with Sierra Nevada Corporation, SpaceX and Orbital ATK left in the running.

Space November 7, 2015

Historic Drought In California Affecting Giant Sequoias

The historic drought in California has caused giant redwoods to show symptoms of stress, scientists say. The trees started showing signs of decay during the drought's fourth year, when the hottest temperatures were recorded.

Earth/Environment October 1, 2015

Sierra Nevada Snowpack Lowest In Five Centuries: How This Could Affect California

Snowpack in California's Sierra Nevada is at its lowest in 500 years. Experts said that much reduced snow could be the new normal, which could have crucial implications on the state's water supply.

Animals September 15, 2015

GAO Rejects Sierra Nevada Protest Over NASA $6.8 Billion Space Taxi Contracts

Sierra Nevada, a private space developer, has filed a protest over a NASA contract award, and those objections have been rejected by the Government Accountability Office. What is all the fighting about, and what could it mean for the future of space exploration?

Space January 7, 2015

Sierra Nevada Corp. challenges NASA-Boeing/SpaceX $6.8 billion space taxi deal: Source selection process smack of 'inconsistencies'

Sierra Nevada claims the selection process that awarded Boeing and SpaceX the multibillion dollar space taxi deal has inconsistencies; claims its Dream Chaser could have saved the government $900 million.

Space September 29, 2014

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