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Paleolithic Cold Case Solved? Ancient Skull Reveals 33,000-Year-Old Murder

Did the researchers of a new study solve the oldest known cold case? A new analysis using modern forensic techniques revealed the violent death of a paleolithic man 33,000 years ago.

Ancient July 16, 2019

Low-Dose Aspirin Linked To Elevated Risk Of Bleeding In The Skull

Aspirin can do more harm than good in patients who do not have a history of heart disease. New research has found that this common medication could actually lead to bleeding in the skull.

Medicine May 14, 2019

Ancient Coelacanth Fish Study Reveals Insights On Skull Evolution

A new study has revealed marvelous insights on the skull of the ancient coelacanth fish, which is known as the 'oldest living fossil.' The findings offer a deeper understanding on skull evolution of vertebrates and other animals.

Ancient April 19, 2019

New Avian Study Could Rewrite What We Know About Bird Evolution

New research argued that ancestry and behavior, not diet, are the primary drivers of the evolutionary changes in avian skulls. In the biggest study of its kind, researchers analyzed a total of 352 bird skulls.

Animals February 20, 2019

CT Scan Reveals Ancient Sea Monster Skull Discovered 60 Years Ago Have Fake 'Bones'

Digital reconstruction of a 200-million-year old skull of an ichthyosaur found in 1955 revealed more fake materials than expected. One of the fake bones was so expertly modeled researchers only realized it was a fake because of the scans.

Animals January 8, 2019

Inherited Neanderthal Genes Influence Shape Of Human Skull And Brain

Researchers found two Neanderthal gene variants with a subtle effect on the skull shape of modern humans. Does having more Neanderthal DNA make people more likely to have an elongated head?

Feature | Science December 14, 2018

Over 800 Ancient Skulls Proved That Inca Doctors In Peru Were Better Than Civil War Doctors

A new study revealed that doctors in the ancient Inca civilization performed skull surgeries better than Civil War doctors. Researchers studied hundreds of ancient skulls to find this conclusion.

Ancient June 9, 2018

Doctors Remove World's Largest Brain Tumor In 7-Hour Operation

A brain tumor weighing 1.8 kg had been removed from a 31-year old man in India. After checking medical texts, doctors said it was the largest tumor to be excised successfully.

Public Health February 22, 2018

Shrews Shrink Their Skull To Survive Winter: Study

Scientists have found that shrews shrink the size of their bodies and skulls during winter. A study implies that shrews go through this shrinkage as a way of survival during winter.

Animals October 25, 2017

Ancient Ape Skull Sheds Light On Common Ancestors Of Humans And Apes

A lemon-sized skull discovered in Kenya belonged to Nyanzapithecus alesi, an extinct sister group of apes and humans. The fossil revealed that the group was close to the origins of living apes and humans.

Ancient August 10, 2017

Here’s How 9-Year-Old Boy Finds Million-Year-Old Fossil In New Mexico

During a family hike, then 9-year-old Jude Sparks stumbled on an Ice Age fossil by accident: a stegomastodon skull. Learn about how the family helped identify the ancient remains, now excavated and being studied.

Ancient July 20, 2017

Surgeon Plans Human Head Transplant, Eyes Chinese National As First Patient

In a new development, Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero said his proposed head transplant operation will be on a Chinese national and not on a Russian patient. According to the surgeon, China offers many favorable factors for the operation.

Neuroscience May 2, 2017

Giant Polar Bear Skull Found In Alaska Could Be Ancestor Of 'King Bear'

A skull of a giant bear that walked in the ancient lands of Alaska 1,300 years ago was discovered in 2014. What does the cranium tell about the creature?

Animals March 26, 2017

Ancient Skull Found In Portugal Cave May Shed Light On Ancestry Of Neanderthals

A 400,000-year-old skull belonging to an archaic member of the genus Homo was found in the Aroeira cave in Portugal. It has some features of Neanderthals and may hold clue to the ancestry of modern humans's closest extinct relative.

Ancient March 16, 2017

Doctors Pull Live Cockroach From Woman’s Skull After She Complains Of ‘Crawling Sensation’

In Chennai in India, doctors have successfully removed a live cockroach from a woman’s skull. The patient says she felt a weird, itchy sensation around her nose and eyes, prompting her to seek medical help.

Medicine February 7, 2017

Ornamented Skulls Tied To Rapid Growth, Big Bodies Of Theropod Dinosaurs

The large body and rapid growth of theropods may have something to do with their ornamented heads. Researchers found that dinosaurs with horns, knobs and crests in their head tend to grow faster.

Animals September 28, 2016

Well-Preserved Mammoth Skull Excavated At Channel Islands National Park Puzzles Scientists

Well-preserved fossil remains of a 13,000-year-old mammoth found at Channel Islands National Park are leaving scientists puzzled. The size of the skull neither fits a pygmy nor a Columbian mammoth.

Animals September 18, 2016

Texan Doctors Pull Off Landmark Skull And Scalp Transplant

A software developer from Texas received the first skull and scalp transplant before receiving life-saving pancreas and kidney transplants. The patient has a rare form of cancer that affected the muscles under his scalp.

Life June 5, 2015

Skull Saved From Auction Turns Out To Be 700 Year Old Southwest Native American, Not Gettysburg Soldier

A skull thought to be from the battle of Gettysburg is from a Native American who lived around 700 years old, according to analysis. What happened?

February 6, 2015

Computer Simulation Shows Whales Can Also Hear Using Their Bones

Whales literally use their head to process sounds, using the bones in their skull to amplify vibrations. With a better understanding of how they can hear, researchers can gain insight on how whales communicate with each other.

January 31, 2015

55000-Year-Old Skull Suggests Human and Neanderthal Interbreeding Began in Israel

The 55,000 year-old Manot skull that was discovered in a cave in western Galilee in Israel is giving hints as to when and where the interbreeding between humans and the Neanderthals occurred.

Animals January 29, 2015

Terminal baby carried through bucket list during pregnancy dies after birth

Shane Haley died just hours after being born with a fatal condition. Before his birth, his parents brought him on several journeys, in order to live life before it began - and ended.

Society October 9, 2014

Discovery of ancient human skull with strange Neanderthal-like inner ear raises questions about early interbreeding

A human ancestor from 100,000 years ago possessed an inner ear structure thought to be exclusive to Neanderthals. What does that tell us about early human migrations?

Animals July 9, 2014

Man's skull reconstructed thanks to 3D printing

Stephen Power suffered a serious motorcycle accident, leaving him with broken cheekbones, a broken nose, and broken jaw, as well as fractures throughout his skull. Thanks to pioneering 3D printing technology, however, his face and skull have now been rebuilt.

Life March 13, 2014

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