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Sony Files Patent For Smart Contact Lenses That Can Record Videos, Take Pictures With Blink Of An Eye

Sony has filed a patent for a smart contact lens that features an ability to capture photos and videos. What makes it different from Samsung's smart lens with camera?

Wearable Tech May 1, 2016

Samsung Files Patent For Augmented Reality Smart Contact Lenses

Samsung filed a patent in South Korea for a smart contact lens that would provide an augmented reality experience.

Wearable Tech April 6, 2016

Google Smart Contact Lens To Hit The Market Soon?

Glass may have gone to ground, but Google isn't giving up on eyewear. A newly published application for a patent suggests that Google's smart contact lens could hit the market soon.

Wearable Tech June 28, 2015

Smart contact lens closer to reality, Novartis' Alcon unit signs agreement with Google

The smart contact lens technology of Google entered a licensing agreement with Novartis. The technology will be used by the Swiss drugmaker’s Alcon unit for ocular medical purposes.

Wearable Tech July 18, 2014

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