InWith has confirmed the world's first soft smart contact lens. For those who have no idea what InWith Corporation is, this tech firm specializes in Ophthalmic and MEMS (Microelectronic Mechanical Systems) technologies.  

First Soft Smart Contact Lens to Arrive! InWith Claims it Helps Farsighted People
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Before CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2022 ended, InWith Corp. announced its new soft contact lenses. The company also said that it would be released to the public. 

However, the exact date has not been confirmed yet. Right now, various smart technologies are being created to make people's lives easier. Smart contact lenses are among them, allowing people to have real-time information. 

This innovation is unlike virtual headsets or glasses since a smart contact lens is lighter and less bulky.

InWith's Soft Smart Contact Lens

According to CNET's latest report, the new soft smart contact lens of InWith can provide details of various things. These include the speed of a car, the correct direction to your destination, and other information that requires a gadget to be viewed. 

First Soft Smart Contact Lens to Arrive! InWith Claims it Helps Farsighted People
(Photo : Photo by Randy Montoya/Sandia National Laboratories/Getty Images)
A prototype of the microelectromechanical systems-based (MEMS) array that eventually may be inserted onto the retina of a blind patient is shown. The idea, funded by a $9 million, three-year grant from the Department of Energy's Office of Biological and Environmental Research, is to create 1,000 points of light through 1,000 tiny MEMs electrodes.

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"You'll be able to see things such as, What is the speed limit on this road? What direction am I heading? Where is the next exit and how many miles away?" said Michael Hayes, InWith Corporation's CEO. 

Aside from providing essential information, he also said it could help people suffering from Presbyopia (farsighted people).

As of the moment, the company hasn't released a demonstration yet since InWith is still waiting for approval from the Food and Drug Administration. 

The tech firm expects the approval to happen this 2022. However, this would still depend on the decision of the FDA.  

Mojo Vision Also Unveils Own Smart Contact Lens

InWith is not the only company working on smart contact lenses. TechCrunch reported that Mojo Vision partnered with Adidas to make a new smart contact lens. 

This new wearable device is specifically designed for people who want to be fit. Mojo Vision's smart contact lens can do this by displaying the information related to physical activities. 

In other news, CES 2022 confirmed new AR and VR advancements from Qualcomm, Microsoft, and other tech firms. Meanwhile, Meta decided t cancel its upcoming AR hardware. 

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