Today, Hisense announced that the company is bringing Amazon’s digital assistance, Alexa, to some of its 2018 4K Smart TVs. This will be the first time Hisense has offered Alexa on any of its TVs. This step also shows Amazon’s continued dominance in the voice assistant market.

Hisense has currently been using its own TV platform on its smart TVs, with some running the Roku operating system.

The Hisense TVs already have quite a few features using the company’s TV platform, which allows users to access popular apps like Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube, TikiLIVE and much more. But now with Alexa support included, users will be able to control not only the content on the TV but the hardware on the device.

How Will Alexa Work On Hisense Smart TVs?

As users would use other Alexa devices, the Hisense Smart TVs will enable the user to perform various actions using only their voice. This will include things such as opening and closing apps, open various content, play music, smart home controls and much more.

The company further revealed that the Smart TVs with Alexa will be able to directly control the TVs hardware. This means users will be able to utilize Alexa to do things like control volume and change inputs with different voice controls.

Aside from TV controls, users will be able to access as they would an Alexa enabled smart speaker. Some of the highlights will be shopping, using smart home devices and much more. There are currently 10,000 skills available for Alexa and the list continues to grow.

Prices and availability aren’t stated at this time.

What TV Models Will Incorporate Amazon Alexa?

As of now, we don’t know which TVs will work with Alexa and Hisense is expected to reveal its 2018 lineup in Las Vegas at CES 2018 next week. The company has been tight-lipped regarding which TVs will gain support but we do know the 100-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Laser TV will support Amazon Alexa.

The 100-inch Laser TV was unveiled last year and has been quite the popular product for Hisense.

This isn’t the first time Hisense has added the digital voice assistant to their products, but it will be the first smart TV from the company.

Hisense will undoubtedly give more details about Amazon Alexa on their smart TVs at its press conference at CES 2018 next week. Plus users will be able to try it themselves as the company will also demo Alexa support at its booth in Las Vegas.

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