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E-Sail Technology To Use Solar Wind For Interstellar Space Travel

NASA began testing an advanced solar sail propulsion system called HERTS E-sail on March 11. The system could help halve the time it takes to travel through interstellar space.

Space April 14, 2016

LightSail Deploys Solar Sail But Fails To Return Useful Images To The Planetary Society

The LightSail spacecraft has unfurled its solar sail for the first time, and returned its first images. Unfortunately, they are not what the Planetary Society was hoping for.

Space June 8, 2015

LightSail Spacecraft Loses Contact With Earth - Now Planetary Society May Need To Turn It Off And Back On Again

The Planetary Society launched LightSail into space, and now communication with that craft has been lost. How are ground controllers dealing with the problem?

Space May 29, 2015

Lightsail Launches Successfully On Mission To Ride Sunlight For The Planetary Society

The world's first solar sail spacecraft is in orbit around the Earth, testing out futuristic technologies. What is next for the Lightsail program?

Space May 23, 2015

Bill Nye Starts Kickstarter Campaign To Launch LightSail Solar-Powered Spacecraft

The LightSail spacecraft, designed to ride on light, is being prepared for flight, Now, Bill Nye and The Planetary Society want your help to fund the program.

Space May 13, 2015

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