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A Solar Storm Of Similar Magnitude To 1859 Carrington Event Could Cause Trillions Worth Of Damage

A Harvard professor warned that another solar storm similar to the Carrington event in 1859 is imminent. He said that when it happens, it will cause damages worth up to $3 trillion in infrastructure damage.

Space June 3, 2019

Greenland Ice Cores Reveal Massive Solar Storm Hit Earth 2,700 Years Ago

Analysis of ice cores from Greenland showed a massive solar storm known as solar proton event hit Earth in 660 BC. How strong was it and what could happen if it occurs today?

Space March 12, 2019

Massive Holes On The Sun Trigger Solar Storm, But There’s No Need To Worry

Even if you read sensationalist reports about the coronal holes on the sun, don’t panic. These are actually fairly common and pose no great risks, other than some slight disturbances and pretty magnificent auroras.

Space April 12, 2018

Earth Will Not Be Hit By A 'Massive Geomagnetic Storm' On March 18 Despite Sensationalist Reports

A small rise in geomagnetic activity caused news outlets to misreport the arrival of a massive geomagnetic storm on March 18. Current space weather updates show these reports are incorrect.

Space March 12, 2018

Solar Storm Headed Towards Earth Expected To Reach Planet Today, Feb. 16

The sun reportedly unleashed a solar flare on Sunday, Feb. 11, causing a solar storm. The Earth is expected to be affected by the storm today, Feb. 16.

Space February 16, 2018

NASA All Set To ‘Touch The Sun’: Here’s What The Bold Mission Is For

NASA is gearing up for the launch of the Parker Solar Probe summer of 2018. Learn the role of solar storms and space weather in this daring mission, the first flying into the sun's atmosphere.

Space June 6, 2017

NASA To Send A Probe To The Sun In 2018

NASA is set to launch the Solar Probe Plus mission in 2018. The spacecraft will get within 4 million miles from the sun to gather crucial data about solar activities that can impact life on Earth.

Space February 26, 2017

Carrington-Like Solar Storm That Could Hit Earth Within Next Decade May Cost US More Than $40 Billion Daily

A powerful solar storm that may hit Earth within the next decade may cost the United States $41.5 billion in daily economic losses. What are the industries that will be most affected by solar-induced blackouts?

Space January 22, 2017

Powerful Solar Storms Could Produce ‘Sparks’ Capable Of Vaporizing, Melting Soils At Moon’s Poles

The moon doesn’t have an atmosphere and this means it’s exposed to space’s harsh environment. According to researchers, solar storms are a particular threat because they could produce sparks capable of melting or evaporating soil on the lunar surface.

Space January 13, 2017

Colossal Solar Storm Nearly Caused Nuclear War In 1967

An unusually large solar storm detected in 1967 almost triggered a nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union, a new study suggests. Air Force veterans gathered together to share their stories.

Space August 9, 2016

Massive Solar Storm To Hit Earth Before New Year's Eve: What Happens When Solar Flare Hits Earth?

In the wake of a solar storm that blasted on Dec. 28, a coronal mass ejection may hit the Earth on or before New Year's Eve. The CME may cause the beautiful aurora borealis to appear in some parts of the night sky.

Space December 31, 2015

Carrington-Like Solar Storms That Could Disrupt Power Supply And Communication Evade Detection Systems

Astronomers in Spain compared previous solar storm incidents and found that solar storms can evade most detection systems. Researchers have thus suggested an efficient system to measure geomagnetic perturbations.

Space October 20, 2015

Solar Storm Warning Satellite Takes Up Its Final Position In Deep Space

A satellite meant to watch for solar activity that could threaten Earth takes up its position a million miles from us. The spacecraft will provide Improved forecasting of possible geomagnetic storms that could play havoc with Earth systems, officials say.

Space June 9, 2015

A Severe Solar Storm Just Occurred, And It May Affect Power

A solar storm could interfere with GPS and other systems, according to reports. How serious is this event?

Space March 17, 2015

How Artificial Intelligence Can Predict Solar Flare Threats

Machine learning techniques could yield advance warning of possible dangerous solar storms, researchers say. Such storms can damage satellites and power grids on the Earth.

Space January 15, 2015

Largest sunspot spotted in last 24 years wows astronomers: Solar storms may KO communications

The largest sunspot recorded in 24 years is now happening on the surface of the Sun, and could potentially wipe out modern communications.

Space October 25, 2014

Sun bitten by Halloween bug? NASA spies spooky jack-o'-lantern image of sun

The Sun appears like a Jack-O-Lantern in a new NASA image, just in time for Halloween.

Space October 11, 2014

Solar storms are headed for Earth this weekend

Two solar flares will be headed toward Earth this weekend. The flares are coming from a sunspot called AR2518, which is currently facing the planet.

Internet Culture September 13, 2014

One. Two. Sun hurls two solar flares: Earth put on geomagnetic storm alert

Two solar eruptions are sending charged material racing toward the Earth. What does that mean for people on the planet and satellites in space?

Space September 12, 2014

Solar super storm missed Earth in 2012: Another may strike in 10 years, causing damaging effects

Back in 2012, a deadly solar storm moved passed Earth. If it had hit the planet, we would still be feeling the effects up to this day due to damages and a $2 trillion loss.

Space July 29, 2014

Powerful CME solar storm in 2012 stopped short of wreaking havoc on Earth

Earth had narrow escape from a possibly catastrophic solar storm in 2012, researchers say. Space weather event could have disrupted global power grid, they say.

Space July 29, 2014

2012 solar storm nearly cooked Earth: NASA

NASA revealed that a solar storm two years ago barely missed the Earth. If it hit, Earth would have suffered from widespread power outages and trillions of dollars in damages.

Space July 26, 2014

NASA spots plasma dance on Sun's surface [Video]

NASA says latest solar flare was the best-observed event ever. Four spacecrafts and a ground telescope witnessed.

Space May 8, 2014

Plasma saves the Earth from solar storms - Here's how!

Magnetic storms or solar storms can cause problems with communications and electronics. Only plasma may stand between the Earth and the mighty disturbances.

Earth/Environment March 11, 2014

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