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Extraterrestrial Stone Found In Egypt Contains Compounds Not Found Elsewhere In The Solar System

The Hypatia stone found in Egypt contains compounds not found elsewhere on Earth and even the Solar System. Analysis revealed it also contains minerals that appear to be older than the Sun.

Space January 10, 2018

Evidence Points To Jupiter Being The Oldest Planet In The Solar System

What is the oldest planet in the solar system? New evidence suggests Jupiter is older than previously thought and predates other planets.

Space June 14, 2017

Rare Element Curium Was Present During Formation Of Solar System

Curium is an elusive element that is not common in nature and must be created through a complicated process. A team of cosmochemists, however, found evidence of curium in a ceramic inclusion they call 'Curious Marie.'

Space March 7, 2016

Life On Earth Wouldn’t Be The Same If It Wasn't For Our Friendly Neighborhood Giant Jupiter

Astronomers are showing just how big an influence Jupiter is on the formation and continued existence of the solar system, especially of Earth. Check out some of the research and simulations that have been done recently.

Space January 3, 2016

Mystery Of How Planets Form Around Young Stars May Have Been Solved

A study describes the gravitational tug-of-war between a young star and its surrounding disk of material out of which planets form. Planets can begin to form when they survive that confrontation, a scientist says.

Space June 26, 2015

Swarm of Pluto-Sized Objects Swarm Young Star

Astronomers studying "adolescent" version of our own sun say it may be surrounded with Pluto-like dwarf planets. Observations provide insights into how solar systems form, from birth to maturity, researchers say.

Space December 12, 2014

Comet Dust Found on Earth for First Time, Locked in Ice and Snow

Comet dust found in Antarctica could open up new worlds to researchers, but what can it tell us about life on Earth?

Space December 10, 2014

Age of Earth's water 135 million years

Water on Earth may be older than once believed, a fact revealed by analysis of material from the asteroid 4-Vesta.

Animals October 31, 2014

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