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Rare Carbonaceous Dust Common In Milky Way Found 11 Billion Light-Years Away

Scientists found a distant galaxy that contains the same type of rare interstellar dust as the Milky Way. The galaxy was found after experts detected a gamma-ray burst emitted by an exploding star.

Space July 4, 2018

Scientists Collect Ancient Interstellar Dust Remnants From Prehistoric Solar System Formation

Scientists were able to analyze ancient interstellar dust that could have existed before the formation of the solar system. The team collected them from Earth’s upper atmosphere, probably brought along each time comets pass near the sun.

Space June 12, 2018

NASA Wants To Predict Weather On Mars: Study Shows Seasonal Dust Storm Pattern On The Red Planet

NASA rolled out a study that shows predictable patterns in the storm behavior of Mars. The space agency explained that there is a long way to go before it fully understands the phenomena, but the first step is promising.

Space June 13, 2016

Ancient Space Dust Contain Hints Of Oxygen In Earth's Early Atmosphere

Ancient space dust revealed new twists in the chemical makeup of our planet's early upper atmosphere. The analysis suggested that it contained about the same amount of oxygen then as it does at present, about 20 percent.

Earth/Environment May 12, 2016

Saturn Spacecraft Cassini Samples Dust From Beyond Solar System

The Cassini spacecraft sampled interstellar dust coming from outside of our solar system. What it found was stardust that is quite different from ones previously observed.

Space April 15, 2016

The Curious Case Of The Missing Electrons: Have Scientists Finally Found Them?

Scientists have discovered a possible explanation as to why electron concentrations in the Earth's atmosphere have dropped in the past 50 years. They believe it is caused by a dust particle layer in the ionosphere called the D-region ledge.

January 2, 2016

Oh No! Gravitational Waves 'Discovered' in 2014 is Probably Space Dust

What astronomers initially thought was evidence of primordial gravitational waves turned out to be obscuring interstellar dust in the Milky Way, ESA revealed on Friday.

Space January 31, 2015

Milky Way map may help solve century-long stardust mystery

The makeup of stardust is partially unknown, but that mystery may be solved by the creation of a new map of the Milky Way galaxy.

Space August 17, 2014

Cosmic dust origin may be finally explained by supernova SN2010jl

Cosmic dust is essential for the creation of planets, moons and stars, but until now, astronomers did not know its origin. An ancient supernova may provide the answer to that astronomical mystery.

Space July 12, 2014

Enjoy 360-degree panoramic view of Milky Way (thank you, NASA)

GLIMPSE360 is like Google Maps for the Milky Way galaxy. Here's how the interactive composite photo was created and how to use it.

Space March 22, 2014

NASA uses nanoflow liquid chromatography to test space dust for signs of life

NASA has applied a new technique, using nanoflow liquid chromatography instrument, to examine extraterrestrial materials that are small in scale, such as interplanetary dust particles, micrometeorites, and cometary particles in its effort to find the building blocks of life.

Space February 5, 2014

Can interplanetary dust be the origin of all life in the universe?

Life on Earth may not have come from asteroids from outer space. It may have come from interplanetary dust particles.

Space January 27, 2014

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