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Marijuana Use May Cause Sperm Count To Rise According To Harvard Research

Researchers investigated the effects of marijuana on fertility, particularly in a man's sperm count. They found that those who had smoked pot have a higher sperm concentration per ejaculate than those who never had the substance at all.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 7, 2019

THC In Marijuana Can Cause Genetic Changes In Sperm Cells

Researchers found that THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, can change how genes work in sperm cells. Do these changes get passed down to the pot smoker's children conceived during the time they were using cannabis?

Public Health December 20, 2018

Newly Discovered Part Of Sperm Gives Us A Better Understanding Of Infertility

A stunning new discovery claimed that the sperm has two centrioles from the get-go contrary to current belief that it’s simply duplicated during fertilization. The findings could provide new insights into male infertility and developmental defects.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 12, 2018

Synthetic Embryos Produced Without Egg Or Sperm May Shed Light On Failed Pregnancies

Researchers created synthetic embryos without using sperm and eggs. The procedure may offer insights on why many pregnancies fail during implantation, as well as help with human fertility.

Medicine May 3, 2018

Male Contraceptive Stops Sperm From Swimming, Doesn't Have Hormonal Side Effects

Research on a new form of male contraceptive shows that it can slow down the movement of sperm in men. The study also shows that it has no hormonal side effects in men taking the drug.

Medicine April 23, 2018

So NASA Just Sent Sperm To The International Space Station

Right now, in the International Space Station, astronauts are recording video of sperm cells — for science. NASA wants to study how human reproduction works in microgravity.

Space April 6, 2018

Low Sperm Count Indicates Other Health Issues Not Just Infertility

Low sperm count does not just cause fertility problems. Researchers of a study involving 5,100 men also found that it could be an indication of other health problems in men.

Public Health March 19, 2018

Experimental Male Oral Contraceptive Shows Promise In Clinical Trial

For 28 days, 100 men had been asked to take a daily dose of birth control pills. Only a few complained about minor side effects, suggesting the experimental drug is safe for everyday use.

Biotech March 19, 2018

Deadly Arrow Poison Could Be Used For Male Birth Control Pills

Oral contraceptives could soon be available for men. However, it would be made using a toxic substance that was used as an arrow poison by ancient Africans in hunting and war.

Public Health January 19, 2018

New Technique Using Artificially Produced Sperm Could Overcome Genetic Male Infertility: Study

Collaborative efforts of researchers from London and Japan led to the development of healthy sperm in infertile mice. Could this be the answer to genetic infertility among human males?

Biotech August 19, 2017

Sperm Count Using Your Smartphone? How About Trying These Weird Fertility Customs Around The World

Similar to home kits available to women to detect pregnancy, a smartphone app with 97 percent accuracy has been developed to test fertility in men. Technology apart, fertility rituals in many cultures are boosting fertility in their own way.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 24, 2017

What Makes Conception Successful? Study Says It's About Mathematics Of Sperm Rhythm

A new study uncovered sperm cells move in a specific rhythm, which helps propel them toward the egg. The math behind their trajectory could help improve male infertility treatments.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 21, 2017

Sperm Donations In Florida May Contain Zika: Here's What Affected Counties Should Do

The CDC has warned the potential presence of Zika virus in sperm donations in three Florida counties. Donated semen can be stored frozen for certain periods of time and does not necessarily inactivate the Zika virus.

Public Health March 14, 2017

Order A Daddy: Tinder-Style App Allows Women To Pick Sperm Donor

The new smartphone app 'order a daddy' allows women to browse for and choose sperm donors who could become father of their child. Women can also use the app to pay for sperm samples.

Biotech September 26, 2016

Scientists Breed Live Mice Without Using Fertilized Eggs: Here's How They Tricked Nature

Scientists were able to breed live mice without using fertilized egg cell, challenging long-held dogma on how live mammals are produced. What are the potential applications of this breakthrough?

Biotech September 15, 2016

Here's Why Fruit Flies Have Giant Sperm

Fruit flies have giant sperm, a new study found. Scientists also discovered the reason the species developed this as well as its implications in sexual selection.

Animals May 29, 2016

Condomless Male Birth Control Could Be Available By 2018: Here's What You Need To Know

Condomless birth control for men is on its way in 2018. The injectable gel blocks the passage of sperm through the vas deferens to prevent pregnancy.

Life April 2, 2016

On-Off Switch For Sperm Could Be Key To Unisex Birth Control Drug

A biological on-off switch involving enzyme ABHD2 and controlling sperm movement could be the key to effective unisex contraception. It is deemed promising today when nearly 80 percent of male infertility cases remain unsolved.

Life March 20, 2016

Sperm Flock Together When Swimming In Gloopy Fluid

Sperm may swim independently and race toward the waiting egg. However, when in a viscoelastic fluid, they form groups and clusters.

Life March 19, 2016

Mouse Sperm From Stem Cells May Pave Way For Infertility Treatment

Artificially-grown mouse sperm has been created and used to impregnate female mice, Chinese researchers report. Why do some scientists doubt the reports?

Life February 26, 2016

Can Keeping Mobile Phones In Pockets Make Men Infertile?

A team of fertility experts in Israel warns that exposure to mobile phones for even an hour could cause a significant decrease in the quality of sperm in some men. Research shows that those who kept their smartphones in their pockets during the day developed abnormal levels in their sperm concentration.

Life February 23, 2016

Carpenter Invents Male Birth Control That Can Turn Off Flow Of Semen

A German carpenter invented a new male contraceptive method that acts like a switch for semen flow. Will this new device be an alternative to irreversible vasectomy?

Life January 8, 2016

High-Fat, Low Protein Diet Affects RNA Level Of Sperm

Two new mice studies demonstrated the different ways a man’s diet could affect his child's future health. Both high-fat and low-protein diets caused certain changes to RNAs in the sperm that may affect gene regulation in offspring.

Life January 3, 2016

Science Images Of The Week: Songbirds, Stars, Storms And Sperm

This week's images go from macro to micro in a major way. From dead galaxies to mouse gametes, we've got it all.

Space November 20, 2015

Fruit Fly Has Sperm 20 Times Longer Than Its Own Body

What's the 'big' difference between a male human and fruit fly? Researchers found that a tiny fruit fly's sperm is 1,000 times longer than a male human's swimmer.

Animals November 19, 2015

'Smart But Shy' Types Are What Women Look For In Sperm Donors

Got a type? Women may have different reasons for needing a sperm donor but a study has found that most opt for the ‘smart but shy’ types in the online market.

Life November 13, 2015

Snake-Like Movement Of Sperm May Help Improve Fertility Treatments

Engineers from the University of Toronto found human sperm can slither like a snake. Findings can help improve sperm selection methods for infertility treatments.

Life November 12, 2015

Eating A Handful Of Walnuts Can Help Improve Sperm Quality In Healthy Men: Study

Researchers at UCLA have discovered that regular consumption of walnuts can help improve fertility in men. Their study suggests that the nuts contain omega-3 fatty acids that boost the morphology, motility and vitality of sperm.

Life November 11, 2015

Sperm Cells Use Tiny 'Harpoons' To Facilitate Fertilization

A protein known as sperm lysozyme-like protein 1 (SLLP1) works like a harpoon allowing the sperm cell to latch onto and fertilize the egg.

August 29, 2015

Scientists Discover Oldest Sperm Inside Fossilized Cocoon Of Mysterious Worm

Ancient sperm could reveal more than the tale of a 50-million-year-old worm. It could open a new world of discoveries in paleontology.

July 17, 2015

Fossilized Sperm Sample Found In Antarctica Is Oldest Animal Sperm Ever Found

A fossilized worm cocoon brought back from the Antarctic Peninsula has been found to contain the world’s oldest sperm cells at 50 million years old.

July 15, 2015

Experts Urge Men To Freeze Sperm When They Turn 18

A new study suggests that men should think of freezing their sperm when they turn 18 to avoid the possibility of their offspring having genetic disorders.

Life June 26, 2015

Egg Or Sperm? How The Genetic Switch foxl3 Determines What Germ Cells Will Be

Researchers have discovered that the genetic switch foxl3 influences the molecular mechanism that determines whether germ cells turn out as egg or sperm cells.

June 13, 2015

Genetic Switch Decides Whether Germ Cells Become Sperm Or Egg

Germ cells can turn into sperm or eggs in the reproductive systems of animals. Now, researchers know how that decision is made.

June 12, 2015

Sperm Could Help Predict Autism

Sperm cells could predict autism risk. Why is this such a big deal?

Life April 15, 2015

Introverts Are Better In Bed... In The World Of Hermit Crabs

Hermit crabs with shy personalities have better sperm quality compared with bolder ones. Researchers say that by staying in their shell when threatened, the timid decapod crustaceans can conserve their energy, which can be used to build better sperm reserves.

Earth/Environment March 10, 2015

Use of Embryonic Stem Cells to Create Primordial Germ Cells May Help Age-Related and Fertility Treatments

Researchers successfully made primordial germ cells that could develop into mature sperm and eggs using adult skin tissue, a breakthrough that could make it possible for individuals who are unable to produce their own sex cells to have their own biological child.

Life December 26, 2014

Zinc Sparks Fly When Sperm and Egg Meet

Scientists capture images of zinc sparks when sperm hits egg. The latest information observed in the study can be very helpful in the improvement of fertility treatments.

December 26, 2014

Men With Poor Semen Production May Be Suffering from Bigger Health Problems: Study

Low semen quality in men may indicate presence of other significant health problems, study finds. Semen production a good indicator of general health, researchers discover.

Life December 13, 2014

Infertility, Poor Semen Quality Hints of Other Serious Health Problems

Researchers from Stanford University discovered that there is a link between infertility and poor semen production with other more serious health problems.

Life December 11, 2014

Condom-free world by 2017? Yes, if it's Vasalgel

Vasalgel could soon be the birth control method of choice for men, after a successful test on baboons.

Life September 11, 2014

Deer mouse sperm engage in 'group swim' to up fertility: Harvard study

There's safety -- or at least mating success -- in numbers for some species whose sperm can cooperate, study finds. Groups of sperm found to swim faster than solo sperm.

July 30, 2014

Killer sperm stops nematode worms from cross-breeding

Female worms can be torn apart by killer sperm when they try to mate with members of another species.

Animals July 30, 2014

Freezing testicle could provide hope for cancer survivors - it works in mice!

Young male cancer patients often become sterile, but a new discovery could give them the hope of - one day - having children of their own.

Life July 4, 2014

Marijuana may stem fertility in men so stop toking if you're trying for a baby

If you're toking and trying to have a baby, you might want to stop smoking pot, says a new study. Research indicates marijuana may negatively impact sperm.

Life June 5, 2014

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