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Star Clusters Can Unveil Nature Of Dark Matter At The Center Of Dwarf Galaxies

Researchers developed a new method to measure the amount of dark matter at the center of tiny dwarf galaxies using star clusters. Their work may eventually unveil the nature of dark matter.

Space April 9, 2018

Hubble Space Telescope Captures 12 Incredible Photos Of Messier Catalog Objects

Ten new galaxies and two globular clusters have been added into Charles Messier's catalog. Although the annual sky gazing marathon is already finished, these additions can be viewed until early April.

Space March 21, 2018

Odd Star Unveils Lonely Black Hole Hiding In Globular Cluster

Astronomers in Chile spotted a star that was behaving unusually. It seemed like it was orbiting an invisible object with a mass more massive than the Earth’s Sun.

Space January 18, 2018

Elusive Middleweight Black Hole Found At Center Of Giant Star Cluster

Middleweight black holes are elusive but scientists reported finding evidence of one in a globular star cluster. What hinted the presence of the intermediate-mass black hole at the center of 47 Tucanae?

Space February 9, 2017

Hubble Images NGC 1854 Star Cluster In Stunning Photo

The star cluster NGC 1854 has been imaged by the Hubble Space Telescope in a new photograph. What science can be gleaned from this dazzling image?

Space June 25, 2016

Astronomers Find Unusually Large Number Of Hot Jupiters In Dense Star Cluster

Excess number of hot Jupiters were discovered in Messier 67. What's behind the high concentration of these gas giants in the dense star cluster?

Space June 17, 2016

Sky Mapping Software Dates 2,500-Year Old Greek Poem

Using the software Starry Night, which simulates night skies in planetariums, researchers were able to date when Greek poet Sappho wrote 'Midnight Poem.' The poem was likely written in 570 BCE.

Space May 17, 2016

Stellar Drama: Globular Clusters 'Adopt' Baby Stars Rather Than Having 'Biological Children'

A new study conducted by researchers in China and the United States suggests that dense collections of stars known as globular clusters are capable of producing newer generations of stars. This is done by taking in star-forming dust and gas that the clusters encounter as they move about their respective host galaxies.

Space January 28, 2016

Astronomers capture stunning photo of bright red star clusters

Two star clusters in the Southern Hemisphere were captured by a telescope in a breathtaking mosaic image.

Internet Culture August 20, 2014

New Hubble image shows us sparkling stars and solves old mystery

A beautiful new image released by Hubble of a sparkling star-filled sky not only shows a group of stars 55,000 light years away from Earth, but also answers a question about the age of these stars.

Internet Culture August 15, 2014

Chandra Observatory zooms into star clusters. What it finds out challenges conventional belief.

NASA scientists observing two star clusters have uncovered new information about how stars are formed. The new findings were obtained from observations taken by the Chandra Observatory.

Space May 11, 2014

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