Amazon's popular AI assistant, Alexa, is broadening its horizons and is now landing on a sci-fi network.

SyFy proudly announced that it's now the very first entertainment channel to tap into Alexa's powers for a better, more engaging experience.

For a good while, Amazon has been encouraging third parties to plug into Alexa and develop products that use the voice-controlled AI software. At the same time, Amazon has also prompted others to customize Alexa's skills for convenient ways of interacting with the software.

That's what the SyFy network did: the entertainment channel tapped into Alexa's skills to deliver a new and exciting experience to its users.

"SyFy is the first entertainment network to launch an Alexa skill, which allows you to interact with Alexa for immediate and exclusive news about SyFy's shows simply by requesting it," says SyFy. "For example, you can ask Alexa 'What happened on the last 12 Monkeys?' or 'What happens in the next episode of Hunters?' and Alexa will answer with the information you've requested."

The new SyFy experience with Alexa skills on board is the result of a collaboration between the company's SyFy Labs innovation labs and NBCUniversal Media Labs. According to the announcement, the new SyFy skill will also allow users to enjoy neat behind-the-scenes previews as well as schedules and episode information. The new experience will also include a number of "Easter Eggs" to further sweeten the deal.

With this new integration, users will be able to ask SyFy questions on any device equipped with Alexa. In terms of schedules, Alexa will be able to give information on upcoming SyFy programs for the next 14 days.

Amazon's AI assistant shows amazing potential and has already stirred great interest operating as the brains behind the Amazon Echo family of devices, so it's no big surprise to see it reach other devices as well.

Just recently, Invoxia launched a portable speaker called Triby, rocking Alexa chops for some neat functionality.

SyFy now joins the party with Alexa by its side, and things are looking up. Of course, you'll need an Alexa-powered device to take advantage of the functionality.

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