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Astronomers Make First Direct Observation Of Planet Outside The Solar System

For the first time, astronomers were able to directly observe a planet outside the Milky Way. Experts used an innovative technique involving four telescopes to disentangle the blinding lights from the planet's parent star.

Space March 27, 2019

Scientists Probe Last Moments Of Dying Star In Astonishing Detail

A team of international researchers used data from Kepler and ground-based telescopes to observe the first stages of a dying star. Astronomers hope that SN 2018oh can be used to redefine the rate of the expansion of the universe.

Space December 1, 2018

Excavation For Giant Magellan Telescope Begins: How Big Will It Be, And What Will It Be Able To Do?

Excavation works have started for the Giant Magellan Telescope, which will be 24.5 meters in diameter. The telescope, located in the Atacama Desert of Chile, will take sharper images compared to the Hubble Space Telescope.

Space August 15, 2018

Very Large Telescope In Chile Captures Remarkably Sharp Images Of Neptune

ESO's ground-based Very Large Telescope in Chile captured a remarkably sharp and more detailed image of the planet Neptune. Scientists used laser tomography to correct distortions caused by the Earth's atmosphere.

Space July 19, 2018

Now You See Me: Scallops Have Over A Hundred Telescope-Like Eyes

Scallops have mirrors in their over a hundred eyes, which allow them to see better than their other bivalve relatives. Their luminous blue eyes could inspire the development of tiny underwater cameras.

Animals December 3, 2017

Earth-Sized Telescope Just Took The First-Ever Photo Of A Black Hole: How It Will Test Theory Of Relativity

Astronomers have successfully peered inside a black hole to take an image of its event horizon. What does this new development from the Event Horizon Telescope means in testing Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity?

Space April 15, 2017

Event Horizon Telescope Turns On To Take Picture Of Supermassive Black Hole

The Event Horizon Telescope teams started turning on their telescopes in a bid to capture the region of the Sagittarius A* black hole. This would be the first time that a picture of a black hole will be captured.

Space April 6, 2017

Citizen Astronomers Spot 4 Potential Planet Nine Candidates

In a citizen science project using images from the SkyMapper telescope, researchers from the Australian National University have identified four likely Planet Nine candidates. Will one of these objects end the elusive search?

Space April 4, 2017

Here’s A Cool Opportunity To Help Find The Elusive Planet Nine

Australian astronomers have released thousands of images for the public to help pinpoint the location of Planet Nine. The images were captured by the SkyMapper telescope and go by the thousands.

Space March 28, 2017

Asteroid’s Close Brush With Earth: Is The Planet Ready For Incoming Space Rocks?

An asteroid made its closest approach to Earth last Monday morning, and while it's no killer space rock, how prepared are we for these near-Earth objects?

Space January 11, 2017

Fast Radio Bursts Traced To A Distant Dwarf Galaxy: How Did Scientists Pinpoint These Mysterious Signals?

Astronomers have discovered where fast radio bursts come from. What's surprising about the discovery is how the FRB 121102 came from a dwarf galaxy, and not a large galaxy.

Space January 5, 2017

NASA Probes Black Holes And Cosmic X-rays In New Mission

NASA has chosen the Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer mission to launch a space telescope that will observe patterns in the X-ray radiation from black holes and neutron stars. The IXPE mission is one of three finalists in the space agency's Astrophysics Explorers Program.

Space January 5, 2017

Vera Rubin, Astronomer Who Confirmed Dark Matter Existence, Dies At 88

Vera Rubin, the famous astronomer who proved the existence of dark matter, died on Dec. 25 at the age of 88 in a Princeton hospital. Rubin’s pioneering contribution on “black matter” studies had been path breaking and made it one of the cardinal principles of the universe.

Space December 27, 2016

Thirty Meter Telescope Builders Choose Alternative Site To Mauna Kea In Hawaii

Oppositions in building the Thirty Meter Telescope in Mauna Kea in Hawaii prompted builders to consider an alternative site to construct the giant telescope. Canary Islands was chosen as primary alternative site to Hawaii.

Space October 31, 2016

Stephen Hawking's Alien-Hunting Mission Detects Mysterious Signals From 234 Stars: Are Alien Life Forms Trying To Contact Us?

A paper published on the periodic spectral modulation, recording bizarre activity, suggested that light signals from 234 stars could come from an alien civilization. The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence will analyze the claims.

Space October 20, 2016

15-Year Mystery Of Giant Green Space Blobs Solved

Astronomers resolved the mystery behind the light emitting phenomenon of space globs after an advanced research. According to the study, big galaxies are responsible for the glow as they start forming.

Space September 22, 2016

Dark Milky Way Twin: New Massive Galaxy Dragonfly 44 Is 99.99 Percent Dark Matter

The dark galaxy Dragonfly 44 that lies in the nearby Coma constellation is so faint astronomers only discovered it recently. The Milky Way twin is almost entirely dark matter.

Space August 26, 2016

6,000-Year-Old Stone Tombs Served As Prehistoric Telescopes To View Stars

Ancient stone tombs may have been more than just a final resting place for the dead, a new study suggests. These structures may have also served as prehistoric 'telescopes,' albeit without the lens.

Ancient July 1, 2016

New Computer Algorithm May Help Astronomers Capture First Black Hole Images

A telescope nearly the size of planet Earth is needed to capture the image of a black hole. How do the Event Horizon Telescope project and the new Chirp algorithm attempt to solve this problem?

Space June 7, 2016

Australian, Chinese Scientists Work Together To Develop Largest Single-Dish Telescope In The World

CSIRO engineers and Chinese scientists work together to build the world's largest single-dish telescope. The Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope or FAST aims to explore faint and hidden galaxies of the universe.

Space May 5, 2016

South African Large Telescope Lives Up To Expectations: Scientist

SALT, one of the biggest telescopes in the world now found in South Africa, is proving its worth. So far, scientists have discovered the first white dwarf pulsar and an unusual black hole.

Space May 1, 2016

NASA's Next-Generation Planet Finder NEID To Help Hunt For Earth-Like Worlds

Scientists are determined to hunt for planets that resemble Earth in the hopes of finding a future home. NASA granted researchers the chance to build a sophisticated instrument that can help detect exoplanets.

Space March 31, 2016

NASA Forms Team To Build $10 Million Instrument For Exoplanet Search

In a bid to detect exoplanets outside our solar system, NASA has selected a research team from the Penn State University to build a $10 million highly precise instrument within a span of three years for this space project.

Space March 30, 2016

World's Largest Radio Telescope Will Relocate 9000 People In China

China plans to relocate more than 9,000 residents to give way to the construction of the Five-Hundred-Meter Aperture Spherical Telescope. Upon completion, FAST will become the world's largest telescope, and will be used to explore deep space.

Space February 17, 2016

NASA Wants To Build A Telescope That Can Potentially Find Signs Of Life In Other Planets

NASA will construct a new telescope that can detect alien life on other planets outside the solar system. This mission aims to assess the prevalence of habitable planets, and determine the atmospheric and surface conditions of exoplanets.

Space February 2, 2016

China Joins Search For Life In Space With World's Largest Radio Telescope

China is constructing the world's largest radio telescope designed to detect alien life in space. Five-Hundred-Meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST) is equivalent to the size of 30 football pitches and can detect extra-terrestrial life from a distance of around tens of billions of light years.

Space December 2, 2015

Construction Of World’s Largest Telescope Begins: Giant Magellan Telescope In Chile To open As Early As 2022

The world's largest telescope is set to begin construction in Chile in 2016. Called the Giant Magellan Telescope, the enormous optical device is expected to produce sharper images than Hubble and reveal moments after the Big Bang.

Space November 12, 2015

World's Most Advanced Digital Camera Will Be Eye Of New Sky-Surveying Telescope

A giant 3.2 gigapixel camera to photograph billions of stars and galaxies gets a financial green light. The camera will scan the southern heavens from a mountaintop in Chile.

Space September 1, 2015

Oldest Telescope In Mauna Kea To Be Decommissioned By University Of Hawaii

The University of Hawaii announced that the oldest telescope in Mauna Kea will be shut down beginning in the early part of 2016. The move is said to pave the way for the 2024 operations of the controversial Thirty Meter Telescope.

Earth/Environment July 8, 2015

Hawaii Board To Vote On Proposed Rules For Mauna Kea While TMT Team Decides To Resume Construction

Hawaii proposed amendments to the use of its restricted, sacred Mauna Kea, after protesters challenged a telescope construction permit of a project done in the area. The proposed amendments will be decided on by Friday. In the meantime, the construction is set by its project group to resume on Wednesday.

Earth/Environment July 7, 2015

Telescope Protesters Gather At Kamehameha Statue To Demand Reopening Of Mauna Kea Summit Road

The University of Hawaii decided to close the Mauna Kea Summit Road following the damage it sustained from the people's installation of boulders and rock walls as part of their protests against the construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope.

Earth/Environment July 3, 2015

Construction On Controversial Mauna Kea Telescope To Continue Despite Protests

Native Hawaiians took their stand to stop the giant telescope construction in Mauna Kea, which is a sacred place. The authorities, however, said that the project has to continue.

Animals June 25, 2015

‘Gravitational Lens’ Magnifies Images Of Stars Being Born To Reveal Unprecedented Details

The ALMA telescope has captured the most detailed images yet of star formation. A phenomenon known as gravitational lensing made the images possible.

Space June 9, 2015

Mauna Kea Telescope Protesters Submit Petition To Hawaii Governor

Protestors of telescope construction on Mauna Kea submit a petition to the Hawaii governor. More than 31 protesters have been arrested since the protest started in late March.

Animals April 21, 2015

Overwhelming Majority Of Local Attendees In Special UH Regent Meeting Oppose Telescope

Sixty-one people testified against the construction of a 30-foot telescope on Mauna Kea as the UH Board of Regents begun their hearings on the matter Thursday. Only one person testified in support of the proposed project.

Space April 17, 2015

Protests Against Giant Telescope On Mauna Kea Escalate

The Thirty Meter Telescope could bring jobs, education and scientific discoveries to the Big Island of Hawaii, but cultural activists say the construction would desecrate Mauna Kea Sacred Mountain.

Space April 16, 2015

Corning Museum Curator Documenting Oldest Telescopes In The World

The curator of Corning museum is cataloging details about the oldest telescopes known to man. All the information about the old telescopes will be available on an online public database soon.

Space March 20, 2015

Exoplanet Twice Size of Earth Discovered by Ground-Based Telescope

Finding a planet outside our solar system is often the work of space telescopes. The exoplanet 55 Cancri e, however, was seen through the Nordic Optical Telescope located in La Palma, an island off Spain.

Space December 18, 2014

Look At This Stunning Photo Of The 'Wishing Well' Star Cluster

A telescope at the La Silla Observatory in Chile recently captured a gorgeous full-color photo of a star cluster in the Milky Way's Carina constellation, just 1,300 light-years from Earth.

Geek November 30, 2014

Don't want Google Glass? This tiny telescope called Loupe might be good alternative

Researchers created a prototype of a tiny telescope with a near-eye virtual display. Dubbed as Loupe, the prototype makes a refreshing alternative to the intrusiveness brought by wearable devices.

Gadgets October 15, 2014

Stargazers, mark your calendar: Venus and Jupiter to smooch on Aug 18

Jupiter and Venus will be seen in one of the most dazzling conjunctions seen in years.

Space August 17, 2014

Giant telescope for galaxy-gazing to be built on Hawaiian island

Despite opposition from native Hawaiians, giant telescope gets go-ahead for construction atop Mauna Kea volcano. Giant instrument will peer into the farthest reaches of the Universe.

Space July 29, 2014

Yale astronomers discover 7 dwarf galaxies. Snow White still missing

A new type of galaxy may have been discovered, using a new type of telescope.

Space July 14, 2014

Hawaiian land use board gives tentative approval for controversial telescope, intended as world's largest

World's largest telescope planned for summit of Hawaiian volcano is at center of debate. Opponents cite property issues, feelings of Native Hawaiians.

Space July 1, 2014

E-ELT telescope project starts with a great big bang on a mountaintop

The construction of the new E-ELT telescope started out with a bang on top of Cerro Armazones, a mountain in Chile.

Space June 20, 2014

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