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Why Sunday's Total Lunar Eclipse Is Called 'Super Blood Wolf Moon'

Why is the upcoming total lunar eclipse called the super blood wolf moon? The name sounds a little ominous, but there's actually a very simple explantion for it.

Feature | Science January 19, 2019

Rare Super Blood Wolf Moon To Coincide With Total Lunar Eclipse This January

The total lunar eclipse will be witnessed on the evening of Jan. 20 to 21 wherein the rare Super Blood Wolf Moon is going to pass through the northern half of Earth's shadow. This phenomenon is the first and last to occur across the winter skies within the next three years.

Space December 27, 2018

The Best Times And Places To Watch The Longest Total Lunar Eclipse Of The 21st Century Next Week

The longest total lunar eclipse of the century is about to happen next week. Here are the best times and places to view this once-in-a-lifetime event from Earth.

Space July 18, 2018

What’s The Blood Moon? Everything You Need To Know About 2018’s Biggest Eclipse Event

People alive today will witness the blood moon total lunar eclipse on July 27 to 28, the only thing of its kind in their lifetime. Here's when and how to see the lunar eclipse and what makes the blood moon so special.

June 29, 2018

Astronomer Says That The 'Blood Moon' Total Lunar Eclipse On July 27-28 Will Be The Longest This Century

A 'blood moon' total lunar eclipse in July 2018 is projected to be the longest this century. It will be long because there is both a full moon and a moon apogee happening simultaneously.

Space June 23, 2018

Sunday Supermoon: Rare Super Blood Moon Event Won't Happen Again Until 2033

A supermoon total lunar eclipse is set to take place on Sunday evening, offering those in the Western hemisphere a spectacular view of the enormous blood-red moon. Here's how you can see it for yourself.

Space September 27, 2015

Skygazers watch Oct. 8 Blood Moon with awe and wonder

The total lunar eclipse on Wednesday was witnessed by skygazers from all over the world. Clouds, however, prevented some from seeing the blood moon.

Space October 9, 2014

Blood moon: Where you can watch it and why it’s so special

Just in time for Halloween, tomorrow's lunar eclipse brings a rare blood moon with it. Almost everyone in North America will have a prime viewing spot for the early morning event.

Geek October 7, 2014

Blood moon: Why the brouhaha and which lunar eclipse in the tetrad will be most magnificent?

The first of four lunar eclipses occurred on 15 April is causing some pastors to claim great changes are coming. What's next?

Space April 20, 2014

Blood moon set for Monday night: How and when to watch this celestial wonder

Almost all of North America will get opportunity to watch spectacular total lunar eclipse. Set your clocks so you can live stream, chat or gasp - go outside!

Space April 13, 2014

'Blood Moon' watching? Stay up late for the lunar eclipse on April 15

The first of four total lunar eclipses will occur this coming April. The lunar eclipse is expected to be a "blood moon" and will bathe the sky with a blood red hue.

Animals March 31, 2014

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