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Scientists Who Selfie On Instagram Gain More Public Trust

Scientists can win more hearts with Instagram selfies. A new study shows that people perceive seemingly serious scientists as warmer and more deserving of public trust when their social media accounts have their actual photos in it.

Life & Style May 11, 2019

Study Identifies 4 Basic Personality Types: Envious Most Common

Even friends with the same interests can have different personalities. And according to researchers, majority of the population can be segregated into four basic personality types.

Healthy Living/Wellness September 16, 2016

Media And Social Media Sectors Perceived As Least Trustworthy Industries For Privacy In Australia

Australians trust banking and finance, government and energy sectors with their private data, according to a recent survey released by Deloitte.

Business Tech May 10, 2016

Friendships Between Chimps Are Based On Trust: Study

A new study that experimented with a modified 'trust rope' game found that chimp pals also have trust as an integral element of their friendship. The researchers discovered that trust is not really unique in human friendships after all.

Animals January 16, 2016

Tufts University Develops Robots That Can Learn How To Trust

Researchers at Tufts University are developing robots that can defy orders, depending on the perceived level of authority of the person giving the command, or it it puts the robot in a dangerous situation — which, in a way, helps it to develop a sense of trust.

FUTURE TECH November 25, 2015

New study suggests that Americans don't trust scientists

A new study on the way certain occupations are perceived shows that Americans don't trust scientists because they lack warmth. Despite this, Americans still find scientists competent at their jobs.

Internet Culture September 30, 2014

Why do cartoons on cereal boxes go eye-to-eye with kids? Nope, not just to be creepy

Latest study says those cereal box characters are talking children and adults into buying them. Read what these researchers have to say.

Life April 7, 2014

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