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Surgeons Find Fully Formed Teeth In Baby's Brain Tumor

When a baby's head began growing at a rapid rate, doctors scanned his brain and found a tumor with fully formed teeth inside. It's the first time teeth has been found in this type of tumor.

Medicine April 23, 2019

Researchers Develop Cancer Detection Wearable Device

A wearable device that can detect cancer cells shows promise during animal testing. The new technology screens for cancer cells in larger volumes of circulating blood, making liquid biopsies obsolete.

Public Health April 3, 2019

Florida Surgeon To Pay $3,000 Fine After Removing Patient's Healthy Kidney Mistakenly Thought As Tumor

Surgeon Ramon Vazquez removed a patient's kidney which he initially thought was a tumor. However, it turned out that the presumed cancerous mass was an intact pelvic kidney.

January 14, 2019

Inoperable Brain Tumor Of Texas Girl Roxli Doss Miraculously Disappears

Roxli Doss was diagnosed with a type of brain tumor called diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma. Doctors said that there is no cure for her condition, but MRI scan showed the tumor has disappeared.

Medicine December 17, 2018

California Man Hector Hernandez's Beer Belly Turns Out To Be A 77-Pound Cancerous Tumor

A doctor brushed off Hector Hernandez's concern over his 'beer belly' but after seeking a second opinion, the 47-year-old from Downey, California learned he had retroperitoneal liposarcoma, a cancerous tumor that grows in fat cells.

Healthy Living/Wellness November 28, 2018

Doctors Remove 61-Pound Uterine Tumor From Woman Already Struggling To Breathe

Doctors in Singapore successfully removed a woman's 'giant' uterine tumor. The tumor was so massive it was already causing the patient breathing and movement problems.

Medicine September 9, 2018

Study Finds Women With Denser Breasts Have Worse Cancer Outcomes

Possible cancer tumors are more difficult to detect in women with dense breast than those with non-dense tissues. A new study looking at breast density can now classify dense breasts more accurately.

Public Health June 27, 2018

World’s Tiniest Computer Is Much Smaller Than A Grain Of Rice

Scientists devised the world’s smallest computer with a minuscule size of 0.3 x 0.3. mm. The microdevice could potentially be used as an implant to help doctors detect tumors and develop new cancer treatments.

Computers June 25, 2018

Brain Cancer Vaccine Could Give Patients Extra Years Of Life

A brain cancer vaccine could give patients extra more years of life, according to preliminary results of an 11-year international study. The longest survivors who took part in the study managed to live for more than seven years.

Medicine May 31, 2018

Doctors Remove Rare 132-Pound Ovarian Tumor In Lifesaving Surgery

A woman's ovarian tumor grew to almost 100 centimeters in just two months, occupying her entire abdomen. Doctors at a Connecticut hospital worked together to perform a lifesaving surgery.

Medicine May 4, 2018

Wound Healing Process After Breast Cancer Surgery May Cause Growth Of More Dangerous Tumors

As the body's immune system is busy with the healing process after a breast cancer surgery, it stops to restrain the growth of stray cancer cells, which can lead to new tumors. How can this be prevented?

Public Health April 12, 2018

Man's Beer Belly Turns Out To Be 30-Pound Tumor

A man's large stomach was initially thought of a beer belly. CAT scan revealed it was a large mass the size of a beach ball that already enveloped one of his organs.

Public Health March 27, 2018

Glowing Dyes Can Reveal Hidden Cancers During Surgery

Dyes that can make cancer cells glow during operation may improve odds for successful treatment of cancer patients. The technology can also help with early detection of small tumors.

Medicine March 15, 2018

Doctors Discover In Man's CT Scan A 3-Inch Air Pocket Where Part Of His Brain Should Be

Doctors in Causeway Hospital in Northern Ireland found a large air pocket in the brain of an 84-year-old man. Despite some slight stumbles, the man is in otherwise good health and is refusing surgery.

Neuroscience March 13, 2018

Doctors Remove World's Largest Brain Tumor In 7-Hour Operation

A brain tumor weighing 1.8 kg had been removed from a 31-year old man in India. After checking medical texts, doctors said it was the largest tumor to be excised successfully.

Public Health February 22, 2018

Cancer Vaccine: Stem Cells Prevented Development Of Tumors In Mice Study

Induced pluripotent stem cells can train the body's immune system to attack or prevent the development of tumors. Researchers found that tumors in vaccinated mice shrank and completely rejected cancer cells.

Medicine February 22, 2018

Nintendo Switch Helps In Early Detection Of Gamer's Hand Tumor: Here's How It Happened

Chris, a 28-year-old gamer from Australia, attributed the early detection of his hand tumor to the Nintendo Switch. He felt severe pain on his right hand whenever he played 'Mario Kart 8 Deluxe' on the hybrid console.

Video Games February 16, 2018

DNA Nanorobots Programmed To Kill Tumors: The Latest Weapon Against Cancer

DNA nanorobots are the latest weapon against the scourge of cancer, as researchers were able to program them to kill human breast cancer tumors in mice. What's next for the breakthrough technology?

Biotech February 13, 2018

Experimental Cancer Vaccine Wiped Out All Tumors In Mice: Human Trials Up Next

A 'cancer vaccine' developed by researchers from Stanford University eliminated tumors in mice during experiments. The treatment, made up of a combination of molecules, will now undergo human trials to confirm if they are safe.

Medicine February 1, 2018

Dying Teenager Diagnosed With Rare Cancer Marries High School Sweetheart

With only weeks to live, a Florida teenager wished to marry his longtime girlfriend. With the help of family, friends, and strangers, they were able to turn his dream into reality.

Feature | Health January 29, 2018

Successful Surgery Fails To Save Life Of Boy With Giant Tumor On Face

Emanuel Zayas, a 14-year-old boy from Cuba with a giant tumor on his face, successfully underwent surgery to remove the benign growth. However, it was not enough to save his life, as he passed away due to kidney and lung failure.

Medicine January 22, 2018

Doctors Remove Basketball-Sized Tumor Initially Thought To Be A Pimple

Two years ago, Emanuel's parents noticed what was believed to be a pimple on his face. In January, he will undergo surgery to remove the now-basketball-sized tumor on his face.

Medicine December 25, 2017

A Cancer Tumor Turned Out To Be A Tiny Traffic Plastic Cone: Why Was The Toy Inside A Man's Lungs?

A British man underwent a bronchoscopy as he was suspected to have lung cancer. The tumor, however, turned out to be a tiny plastic cone, a toy that the patient inhaled during his childhood.

Medicine September 28, 2017

Cancer Pen Could Detect Tumors In Just 10 Seconds

The MasSpec Pen can detect cancerous tissues in just seconds. The device is accurate 96 percent of the time and may pave way for less invasive and more precise cancer surgery.

Medicine September 7, 2017

Electricity-Based Therapy Extends Survival Of Brain Tumor Patients

Brain tumor patients who use the cap-like device Optune plus chemotherapy survived longer than patients who received only chemo. How does this therapy called tumor treating field work?

Medicine April 3, 2017

Blood Test Offers Non-Invasive Method Of Detecting Early Stage Cancer

CancerLocator is a blood test that offers a non-invasive way to detect lung, breast and liver cancer in the early stage and has a success rate of 80 percent. How does it work?

Medicine March 24, 2017

Unlucky DNA Mutations Explain Why People With Healthy Lifestyle Still Get Cancer

Random bad luck DNA mutations can be blamed for some cases of cancer. Does this mean that a healthy lifestyle no longer matters when it comes to preventing cancer?

Public Health March 24, 2017

Colon Cancer Cases On The Rise In US: All You Need To Know

Colon cancer has become a threat for Americans as it is the second leading cause for cancer-related deaths in the United States. However, the good news is that there are plenty of ways to reduce and counter the risks posed by colon cancer.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 17, 2017

Some Women Diagnosed With Breast Cancer Via Mammogram Are Treated Unnecessarily, Study Warns

Sparking controversy around the breast cancer screening anew, a Danish study has found that one in three women with breast cancer detected through mammograms is given unnecessary treatment.

Public Health January 10, 2017

Skull, Brain And Clumps Of Hair Found Inside Ovarian Tumor Of 16-Year-Old

An emergency operation led to the discovery of a strange tumor in the ovary of a 16-year-old. See what happens when a single egg cell tries to create another body on its own.

January 8, 2017

Nanohyperthermia Uses Heat To Soften, Make Tumors More Receptive To Cancer Treatment

Treating cancer can get tricky because targeting tumor cells leads to the destruction as well of healthy cells. Now, researchers have discovered how to soften tumors with heat, making them more receptive to treatment.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 5, 2017

Compound Odontoma Tumor Found In 255-Million-Year-Old Fossil Of Mammal Predecessor

Showing the ancient links with mammals, a benign tumor, Compound Odontoma, has been discovered in a 255 million-year-old lower jaw fossil of a gorgonopsid, a mammal predecessor, and a reptile. The tumor manifesting as tiny structures in the gums causes pain.

Ancient December 9, 2016

Baby 'Born Twice' Doing Well After Lifesaving Surgery

A woman gave birth to her daughter 'twice,' after complications occurred during the pregnancy. Sacrococcygeal teratoma is the most common of tumors that afflict babies.

Healthy Living/Wellness October 22, 2016

Tumor Response To Estrogen Deprivation May Guide Breast Cancer Treatment

How breast cancer tumors respond to estrogen-deprivation therapy may provide clues on which treatment options will be effective. According to researchers, their findings may aid in improving prognosis and preventing relapses.

Healthy Living/Wellness August 10, 2016

Oldest Cancer Found In 1.7-Million-Year-Old Human Ancestor Bone Excavated In South Africa

A fossilized bone of a hominin child has evidence of the oldest malignant tumor. The mass, which was found in the metatarsal, is believed to be a form of an aggressive bone cancer called osteosarcoma.

Feature | Health July 31, 2016

Genes That Cause Red Hair And Freckles Increase Skin Cancer Risk

People who have red hair as well as freckled and pale skin have increased risk for skin cancer. A study that examined tumor DNA sequences revealed why redheads should be extra cautious of the sun.

Public Health July 12, 2016

Duck-Billed Dinosaur Suffered From Facial Tumor

A facial tumor found in the skull of a dinosaur fossil is the first of its kind ever discovered. What do we know about this ancient animal?

Animals July 5, 2016

Unexpected Findings Reveal How Cancer Spreads, Insights Could Lead To New Tumor-Blocking Treatments

A breakthrough research reveals how cancer spreads and how to stop it. The unexpected findings could lead to new medications and treatments that could prevent the growth of secondary tumors.

Biotech June 24, 2016

Patient Position During Breast MRI May Influence Success Of Tumor Removal During Lumpectomy

Breast cancer patients often lie face down during MRI scans but lie face up during lumpectomy. How does the patient's position during presurgical MRI affect success of tumor removal?

Medicine June 23, 2016

Statins May Prevent Return Of Breast Cancer Tumors

Statins may actually go beyond their function as cholesterol drugs and help stop ER-positive breast cancer from returning, according to the findings of an early-stage study in the UK.

Medicine June 1, 2016

Tumor Location May Affect Survival Chances Of Colon Cancer Patients

Why do some colon cancer patients survive longer than the others? A new study found a link between the location of tumor and survival odds.

Medicine May 19, 2016

Subtype Of Thyroid Tumor No Longer Considered As Cancer

A type of tumor characterized by a lump in the thyroid encapsulated by fibrous tissue is no longer considered as cancer. How would the reclassification of this thyroid tumor impact patients?

Healthy Living/Wellness April 19, 2016

Vet In Melbourne Performs Surgery To Remove Tumor Of Bubbles, A Goldfish

Veterinarian Tristan Rich of the Lort Smith Animal Hospital saved the life of a goldfish by performing a delicate operation to remove a tumor. Bubbles, the goldfish, returned to his normal swimming activities after the surgery.

Animals April 4, 2016

Oral Pill Helps Detect Cancer By Lighting Up Tumors

Scientists created an oral pill that can light up cancerous tumors. The technique can help improve breast cancer imaging techniques, rule out false positives and revolutionize breast cancer detection.

Life March 18, 2016

Drug Trastuzumab Found To Significantly Reduce Breast Cancer Tumors

A study found that a single dose of trastuzumab drug can significantly reduce HER2-positive breast cancer tumors. When trastuzumab is taken with pertuzumab or other HER2-targetting treatments, about 60 percent of the participants will have a complete response.

Life March 1, 2016

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