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More Americans Choose To Stay Single And Live Healthier Lifestyles, Survey Shows

More American women today choose to stay single compared to men. However, this does not necessarily mean that unmarried people have given up on love.

Life & Style January 9, 2019

Retirees To Outnumber Children In The US By 2035: Census Bureau

Those who haven't secured their retirement should start acting now. With the number of seniors rapidly rising and the number of young adults declining in the next decades, it is best to prepare for potential pension and healthcare problems.

Public Health March 16, 2018

New Census Data Reveal Fastest-Growing Cities In America

Eleven of the fastest-growing U.S. cities are in Texas, led by Georgetown in the Austin-Round Rock metro area. Find out the most populous U.S. cities and those with the fastest-shrinking populations this year.

Earth/Environment May 20, 2016

Want High-Speed Internet? Live in These States

The U.S. Census Bureau released a new report on computer and Internet use among Americans in 2013. The report shows that when it comes to high-speed Internet access, not all states have it equally.

Internet Culture November 15, 2014

What your ZIP code (and big data) says about you

You can run but you can't hide; your ZIP code tells all. Census data and marketing info has you down cold.

Life October 17, 2014

Smoking-related illnesses in the US hit 14 million

Tobacco smoking, the leading cause of preventable diseases, has caused 14 million medical cases in the United States, according to the recent findings published in JAMA Internal Medicine.

Life October 15, 2014

Poverty in U.S. drops but millions still below poverty line

The Census Bureau report reveals that the poverty rate in U.S. has dropped for 2013. However, while this may seem like a silver lining, the harsh reality is that nearly 45.3 million people are at or below the poverty line.

Society September 17, 2014

Follow TSA's Instagram Account Now To See Crazy Security Items

The TSA gave its PR a boost with a hilarious Instagram that documents the crazy items people try to smuggle through security.

Internet Culture July 10, 2014

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