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Key Ingredient For Universal Flu Vaccine May Be In Llama Antibodies

Are llamas the key to creating a universal flu vaccine? Researchers found that their antibodies can actually attack parts of the flu virus that it cannot change or mutate easily.

Medicine November 3, 2018

Bill Gates Pledges $12 Million For Universal Flu Vaccine: Here Are Other Ways Microsoft Founder Is Saving Lives

Microsoft founder Bill Gates is donating money for research on universal flu vaccine. The billionaire is known to embark on philanthropic efforts that are improving health and saving lives.

Public Health April 30, 2018

New Flu Vaccine May Soon Cover All Strains Of Influenza

Scientists successfully created a universal vaccine that targets more than one strain of influenza and found it to be effective on mice. The successful initial experiment sheds a positive light into creating a promising ‘influenza vaccine cocktail’ to bring down the number of cases and deaths in humans.

Life July 24, 2015

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