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Woman With Rare Double Uterus Condition Gives Birth Twice In 1 Month

A Bangladeshi woman who experienced abdominal pains a month after she had delivered her first child was discovered to be pregnant with twins. The new mom has a rare condition in which she has two functioning uteruses.

Public Health April 1, 2019

Miracle Baby In Brazil Born From Womb Belonging To Dead Donor

A woman who was born without uterus has given birth in a hospital in Brazil. Doctors revealed in a recently published paper that the woman received a transplanted uterus from a deceased donor.

December 5, 2018

Birth Of Baby From Transplanted Uterus Raises Ethics Question

The first successful pregnancy from a transplanted uterus in the United States gave a new hope to many women who are unable to give birth. But, it also sparked an intense debate about the ethics of the risky surgery.

Medicine December 6, 2017

Baby Born From Transplanted Uterus Gives Hope To Thousands Of Women: Here's How The Procedure Works

A baby born in Texas from a transplanted uterus gave hope to thousands of women who are unable to give birth. Here is how the uterus transplant surgery works, especially for those who are interested in participating in the study.

Healthy Living/Wellness December 3, 2017

Tissue Container Bag For Uterine Surgeries Gets FDA Approval

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the marketing of PneumoLiner, a tissue container bag for gynecological procedures. This could be used when removing uterine fibroids.

Life April 9, 2016

First US Uterus Transplant Fails: Patient Loses Organ Due To Complications

The first uterus transplant that was performed in the U.S. has failed. The 26-year-old recipient suffered from complications prompting the removal of the transplanted organ.

Life March 10, 2016

Woman With Three Adopted Children Is First In US To Receive Uterus Transplant

The woman who underwent the first uterus transplant in the U.S. already has three adopted children. Now, she is preparing to finally get pregnant and have her biological child.

Life March 8, 2016

26-Year-Old Woman Receives First Uterus Transplant In The US After Nine Hours Of Surgery

The first uterus transplant in the U.S. was performed on Wednesday after nine hours of surgery. Further details will be released next week in a news conference, but the doctors said that the patient is now in a stable condition.

Life February 26, 2016

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