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New iOS 13 FaceTime Feature Will Fake Eye Contact For You

During video calls, participants stare at the screen instead of the camera, causing a slightly uncomfortable sense of disconnect. That’s what this new FaceTime Attention Correction feature intends to fix.

Apple July 4, 2019

Google Duo Group Video Calls Roll Out, Plus Doodles, Emoji In Video Voicemails

Google brings group video calling to all Duo users in the app’s latest update. That plus Data Saving mode for video calls, and the ability to put emojis and other doodles in video voicemails.

Apps/Software May 24, 2019

Google Duo Group Calling Rolls Out To Select Countries

Group calls are now available on Google Duo, particularly in Indonesia, where it’s being advertised in time for the Ramadan period. No word on when it might come to the United States yet.

Apps/Software April 25, 2019

You Can Now Make Google Duo Video Calls On The Web

Google Duo is finally wherever users might need it to be. A web client for Google’s official video chat platform is live now in addition to being on Android, iOS, and Chrome OS.

Apps/Software February 27, 2019

Google Duo Video Calling App Promises Easy And Reliable Video Calls With End-To-End Encryption, WebRTC And More

Google Duo officially launched for Android and iOS, promising to make video calling simple and reliable. The one-to-one video calling app leverages WebRTC, end-to-end encryption and other cool tricks, shaping up as a strong competitior to FaceTime and similar apps.

Apps/Software August 16, 2016

WhatsApp Removes Video Calling Feature From Android Beta

WhatsApp removed the 'Video Call' icon from the beta version of its app for Android after users reported seeing the option in their messages.

Apps/Software May 16, 2016

WhatsApp Video Calling Could Be Coming Soon As Screenshots Leak

According to recently surfaced leaks, WhatsApp is going to get support for multiple chat tabs and a video calling feature in the next update for iOS.

Apps/Software December 24, 2015

You Can Now Use Skype For Web (Beta) If You're In The U.S. Or UK

Skype for Web is now available in open beta for all U.S. and UK users, bringing some neat features and functionality. The web-based client will roll out globally 'in the next few weeks.'

Internet June 6, 2015

Kim Dotcom Launches #MegaChat: Video Calling Available Now. Text Chat and Video Conferencing to Follow

Kim Dotcom has just released MegaChat, a browser-based video calling service. Currently in beta, the service will also have text chat and video conferencing features, which can make it a strong competition to Skype.

Legal January 22, 2015

Snapchat introduces live video chat, instant messaging. Hello, WhatsApp, Kik, and the gang.

Snapchat has added new features--text and video calling--that make the platform an eye-candy for users and potential investors and buyers. So, will these new features be at par with rivals such as WhatsApp, FaceTime and Kik, among others?

Apps/Software May 3, 2014

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