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Alphabet Teams Up With Chipotle For Project Wing Test: Drones Will Deliver Burritos To Virginia Tech

Alphabet's Project Wing is teaming up with Chipotle Mexican Grill for the delivery of burritos to Virginia Tech staff and students. The testing, which is set to begin this month, will see the drones fly on an automated route.

Google September 10, 2016

Microsoft Announces Carnegie Mellon University And Darmouth College Are Among The HoloLens Grant Winners Receiving $100K

Microsoft announced the winners of the research grant program that kicked off this summer, which awards schools with $100,000 and two HoloLens developer kits.

Apps/Software November 12, 2015

Virginia Tech Scientist Uses A Microchip To Watch Cancer At Work

Virginia Tech announces a breakthrough in breast cancer monitoring.

September 29, 2015

Researchers Identify Color Of Extinct Animals Using Fossil Pigments

A new study conducted by University of Bristol and Virginia Tech researchers suggests that the color of extinct mammals can be determined by analyzing the traces of melanin found on fossils.

September 29, 2015

Geologists Discover The Color Of Prehistoric Bats

Scientists use fossilized melanin to discover the color of ancient animals.

Animals September 28, 2015

New fossil discovery contradicts long-believed evolutionary timeline

Discovery of multicellular life from 60 million years before the Cambrian Explosion is pushing back the known history of complex life on Earth.

Animals September 26, 2014

Arapaima, biggest fish in Amazon, is in danger of extinction

Amazon’s largest fish, arapaima, has gone extinct. But researchers said it’s not yet too late to save this species. Here’s how.

Earth/Environment August 16, 2014

Concussion risks dependent on football helmet designs: Study

Football helmet design can reduce concussion risk, per a new study.

Life February 3, 2014

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