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Havre Volcano: Details Of Largest Underwater Eruption Revealed By Scientists

In 2012, the Havre Volcano erupted underwater, creating a large pumice raft the size of the entire state of Philadelphia. Scientists studied its seafloor products and discovered information that challenged their previous beliefs.

Earth/Environment January 15, 2018

Alaska's Bogoslof Volcano Unexpectedly Erupts, Sparks Aviation Alert

The volcano on the tiny Bogoslof Island in Alaska suddenly erupted on Tuesday, the event being spotted by several pilots. The eruption has caused worries due to the fact that many planes fly across the area, thus being at risk of being disrupted by the smoke and ashes.

Earth/Environment December 23, 2016

This Is How Jupiter's Moon Io Formed Incredibly High Mountains

Researchers try to solve the mystery of how the high mountains on Jupiter's moon Io were formed. They believe that these elevations play an important role in helping the moon cool itself and not just mere products of volcanic activity.

Space May 18, 2016

Did Volcanoes On The Moon Shift The Lunar Axis?

Volcanoes on the ancient lunar surface may have been the driving force behind a shift in the axis of the moon. How could this happen?

Space March 23, 2016

Powerful Volcanic Activity Reshaped Planet Mars: Study

Powerful volcanic activity that happened billions of years ago may explain why Mars looks like what it is now. The Red Planet was said to have shifted a couple of degrees, explaining the location of the equator and the dry river beds now.

Space March 4, 2016

Momotombo Volcano In Nicaragua Spews Gas, Lava: How Scientists Predict Volcanic Eruptions

A month after showing signs of activity for the first time in years, a volcano in Nicaragua on Sunday blasted plumes of ash, gas and lava. Volcanic eruptions such as this are unpredictable, but scientists pay attention to several warning signs.

Animals January 4, 2016

Scientists Find Evidence Of Hot Lava Flowing On Venus

Astronomers have found lava flowing in hotspots on planet Venus, evidenced by images sent from the Venus Express.

Space June 20, 2015

Geysers Found To Have Useful Kinks In Their Plumbing

The periodic eruptions of geysers like Yellowstone's Old Faithful is down to "kinks" in their plumbing, volcanologists say. UC Berkeley scientists have built a glass geyser in their lab to demonstrate the effect.

Animals February 26, 2015

Why Mars' Two Hemispheres Are Drastically Different

Computer models recently uncovered the reason why Mars' two hemispheres greatly differ. Researchers suggest that a large object hit the planet's southern hemisphere, inducing volcanic activity and vastly altering the surface there.

Space January 31, 2015

Mysterious Circular Landform on Mars Stumps NASA Scientists

A bizarre looking land formation resembling the surface of human brain was spotted by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Spacecraft on the Red Planet. Scientists are baffled, but they have speculations on how it was created.

Space December 8, 2014

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