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Now Is The Best Time To Find A Job: US Employment Opportunities Hit Record High

The Labor Department revealed on Tuesday that there was about one job opening for every unemployed American in March. What industries posted the highest number of job vacancies?

Life & Style May 8, 2018

Obama Administration Extends Overtime Pay Eligibility To Millions Of Workers

The Obama administration has announced new rules to extend overtime pay eligibility to millions of workers. The new rules aim to strengthen the status of middle class families and improve quality of life.

Business Tech May 18, 2016

National Equal Pay Day: US Men Still Earn More Than Women

Despite calls for equal pay, male employees in the U.S. still earn more than female employees. The gender wage gap exists even among professional soccer players and Hollywood actors.

Society April 14, 2016

California Lawmakers Approve Highest Minimum Wage

Lawmakers in California approved the deal to raise the minimum wage from $10 per hour to $10.50 per hour, the highest in the United States. This will gradually increase until 2022 when the minimum hourly wage is at $15.

Legal April 1, 2016

This App Will Make Sure Men Pay More When Splitting The Bill

EquiTable is the iOS app that will help friends settle who owes more on their restaurant bill based on their gender and race.

Apps/Software March 2, 2016

Poor Students Gain Less From College Degree Than The Wealthy

A new analysis highlights the wage disparity between college graduates from low-income and high-income families. Poor students appeared to benefit less from their degree than wealthy ones in terms of income, and the gap tends to widen over time.

Society February 24, 2016

Thousands Of Workers At Major Airports Across US To Go On Strike

Around 2,000 members of the Service Employees International Union, including baggage handlers, plane cleaners and other airport workers, will conduct a strike on Wednesday at seven major airports in the United States. The workers are pushing to have their daily wages raised to $15.

Business November 19, 2015

Silicon Valley Shuttle Bus Drivers Vote To Join Teamsters For Better Pay And Benefits

More shuttle bus drivers join teamsters to push for higher pay and better working conditions. The latest group to join are drivers who operate employee shuttles for a company that services Amtrak, Apple, eBay, Genetech, Yahoo and Zynga.

Money March 1, 2015

Walmart Raises Wages To At Least $9 Per Hour For All Employees

After years of criticism about low wages and inadequate benefits for employees, retail giant Walmart announced today that as of April, all employees will earn at least $9 per hour.

Internet Culture February 19, 2015

Obama pushes for higher minimum wage

President Barack Obama renewed his call on Congress to raise the federal minimum wage. The call is Obama’s way of reaffirming his commitment to enable Americans to realize their dreams.

Society September 2, 2014

LinkedIn paying $6M for violating national wage law

The business social network site is paying employees owed overtime and damages following a federal labor investigation. The settlement also requires the company to conduct training regarding employee hours and required payment for nonexempt employees.

Business August 5, 2014

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