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Vegan YouTuber Yovana Mendoza Caught Eating Fish, Explains Health Issue

YouTuber Yovana Mendoza is now explaining herself after a video of her eating fish surfaced. She explains that she had to add meat to her diet due to a health condition.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 22, 2019

YouTube Warns Creators Their Subscriber Count May Fall As It Purges Spam Accounts

Some YouTube creators will see their subscriber count dip down going forward, YouTube says. The company is performing a routine purge to keep the service as clean as possible, and part of that is eliminating spam accounts.

Internet December 14, 2018

Expanded YouTube Partner Program Holds Off On Revenue-Making Ads Until 10,000 Views

YouTube is holding off money-making advertisements on videos until the 10,000 views mark is reached. The company is continuously working on ways to protect creators and advertisers.

Internet April 7, 2017

YouTube’s Mobile App Now Has Live Streaming For Its Top Creators

YouTube announced the launch of live streaming for its app for its top creators, as well as a new way to make money on the platform.

Apps/Software February 7, 2017

YouTube Creators Get New Tools To Control Comments, Engage With Viewers Better

YouTube's comments section has always been prone to hate-filled and harsh dialogue, but YouTube's new tools for creators attempt to fix that. Starting now, creators can opt for a trial run of a new review system to flag inappropriate comments.

Internet November 3, 2016

Google FameBit Acquisition To Make Brands More Prominent On YouTube, Connecting Creators With Marketers

Google has officially announced its fresh acquisition of FameBit, a social media marketing company that connects creators with marketers. Here's what this means for YouTubers, brands and existing FameBit users.

Business Tech October 11, 2016

YouTube Revamps Content ID, Lets Creators Still Earn Money With Videos Under Copyright Dispute

YouTube's improved Content ID process aims to protect creators and rightsholders alike. In the new system, YouTube will continue to run ads on the disputed video, hold resulting revenue in separate purses, and pay appropriate parties upon resolution of dispute.

Internet May 1, 2016

YouTube Rolls Out New Donation Cards Feature That Allows Creators To Raise Money For Charity

YouTube is now allowing creators to insert a card below their videos that allows viewers to directly donate to nonprofits they support.

Internet January 27, 2016

Netflix Orders Scripted Comedy Series 'Haters Back Off' By Popular YouTube Star

Netflix will debut its its first scripted comedy series from a YouTube personality, titled 'Haters Back Off' starring the character Miranda Sings.

Internet Culture January 14, 2016

YouTube Says Buh-Bye To Frozen 301+ View Counter: What To Expect

YouTube is now ‘confident’ it can tell between real people and spam bots, which is why it is getting rid of the 301+ placeholder that irritated many YouTube creators.

Apps/Software August 7, 2015

YouTube Announces 10 New Upcoming Features For Creators

YouTube is 10 years old this year, so it makes sense that the video sharing network is rolling out 10 new features for its creators.

Internet July 1, 2015

YouTube whips out the cash to keep popular video stars from jumping ship

YouTube is spending millions in an effort to keep popular YouTube stars from moving to other websites. The company will reportedly spend money on helping YouTube stars develop new ideas and create new videos for their fans.

Internet September 19, 2014

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