T. rex cousin discovered in Arctic, albeit much smaller

A 20-foot-long relative of Tyrannosaurus rex lived in Alaska. What does that tell us about the long-dead creature?

Animals March 16, 2014

Whale fossil holds clue to origin of echolocation

Researchers have discovered fossilized remains of an ancient whale in South Carolina. The discovery can help scientists solve the mystery of how marine animals developed the ability to use sonar.

Animals March 15, 2014

Thin spin ice films follow third law of thermodynamics in breakthrough nanotech research

Researchers have discovered a way to restore the third law of thermodynamics in spin ice. The team's findings may have applications in magnetricity and data storage.

Animals March 15, 2014

Mineral in rough diamond hints at oceans of water deep inside Earth

A seemingly worthless brown diamond found in Brazil and bought by scientists for $20 contained evidence that there is water deep inside earth.

Animals March 13, 2014

Europeans became fairer 5000 years ago because of diet and sexual preference

An international team of scientists have discovered that Europeans gradually became lighter over the last 5,000 years. The change was caused by natural selection and a combination of diet and sexual preference.

Animals March 13, 2014

Cosmos and Neil deGrasse Tyson may just help reignite our waning interest in science

Will Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey re-awaken interest in science among Americans?

Animals March 12, 2014

Pre-Bible era masks go on display in Jerusalem

Ancient stone masks, dating from 9,000 years ago, are now on display in Jerusalem. But what is so special about the way they are displayed?

Animals March 13, 2014

World's thinnest LED is thinner than human hair and yet strong and energy efficient

The thinnest LED ever designed may be the thinnest type ever possible. So, where does this take the electronics industry?

Animals March 11, 2014

Our ancestor was a sponge. No, really

Sponges are one of the most primitive animals on Earth. So, how did they lead to us? Once considered merely a dish washing tool, scientists now believe these animals helped oxygenate the planet.

Animals March 12, 2014

South Lake Mammoth needs a name - Here's how to help

A Columbian Mammoth was unearthed near Seatlle in February. Here's how to give it a name!

Animals March 11, 2014

Torvosaurus gurneyi: How Europe's biggest and fiercest dinosaur got its name

Europe's largest hunter of its day had a head larger than a human, with four-inch teeth. But what is the unusual origin of the name Torvosaurus gurneyi?

Animals March 11, 2014

Pine or sapwood water filtration system may save your life in the wild

Scientists from MIT have figured out a simple yet effective way of removing bacteria from fresh water. All that’s needed is a stick of wood.

Animals March 11, 2014

Forget New York. Cahokia was America's first multicultural hot pot

Cahokia was the first great city in North America. A thousand years ago, it was larger than New York or Philadelphia during the Revolution. Where did all those people come from?

Animals March 8, 2014

NASA could predict sinkholes with space radar

NASA is researching deformations on the Earth's surface to see how they relate to sinkhole formation.

Animals March 8, 2014

Multiferroic technology may one day make computer chips 1000 times more power efficient

Future computer processors may be 1,000 times more energy-efficient than today. That may also hold the secret to even smaller electronics.

Animals March 9, 2014

Stonehenge mystery solved: Prehistoric glockenspiels (maybe)

The mystery of Stonehenge may finally be revealed. Was the ancient structure a prehistoric percussion instrument?

Animals March 9, 2014

Europe's biggest and baddest dinosaur gets named after Dinotopia author

Scientists have named the biggest and baddest carnivorous dinosaur to have ever walked Europe after the author of Dinotopia. The 10 meter long predator stalked its prey over 150 million years ago.

Animals March 6, 2014

Snailfish goes where no man has gone before - deep, deep below

A catch of snailfish has revealed secrets about the greatest depths at which the animals may live. But, why do they smell so bad?

Animals March 6, 2014

New feathered dinosaurs found in Chinese Jurassic Park Jehol Biota

A new biota of dinosaurs has been discovered in a Chinese fossil bed. Remains include fossilized soft tissue, and the finding could change much of what we know about evolution.

Animals March 6, 2014

Merde! New Guinea flatworm develops taste for French escargot

Snail-loving gastronomes may have a cause for concern as scientists have discovered a New Guinea flatworm with a taste for escargot. The invasive flatworm has been found in Europe for the first time.

Animals March 6, 2014

Discovery of 30,000-year old giant virus in Siberian ice is no sci-fi horror movie plot. It's REAL

An ancient strain of giant virus has recently been freed from its icy prison in Siberia. After 30,000 years of dormancy, the virus suddenly came alive once it thawed in a research laboratory.

Animals March 6, 2014

Amazing dolphins stampede - caught on camera by drone (Video)

Thousands of dolphins were joined by a few whales in a massive stampede through the waters off California. The action was recorded by a drone flying overhead.

Animals March 5, 2014

Fish die from chilly reception in Missouri

Missouri residents are calling wildlife authorities, reporting large numbers of dead fish in waterways across the state. Some people think it's caused by pollution, but Missouri officials have another explanation.

Animals March 6, 2014

New optical imaging platform lets you peek at biomolecules inside live cells

Scientists have developed the capability to view tiny biomolecules inside live cells. Using a new optical imaging platform, it is now possible to look at biomolecules with minimum disturbance to living cells.

Animals March 6, 2014

Scientists use laser to mind-control flies and turn them into sex maniacs

Scientists were surprised to learn that a laser beam can be used to flip a fly’s mating switch. Getting hit by laser beams has caused a number of flies to attempt to mate with the nearest object.

Animals March 8, 2014

Giant virus discovered in Siberian ice: Is it alien lifeform?

Pithoviruses - the largest ever found, are unlike any organism ever seen by researchers. Although it cannot infect humans, what danger does it pose to humans?

Animals March 4, 2014

GoPro cam-fitted pelican shows us how to soar above all odds in awe-inspiring video

A GoPro Hero 3 camera was fitted to the beak of a Great White Pelican on its first flight, and it has captured breathtaking footage of the water and mountain of Mahale Mountain National Park. The big bird was washed ashore after it was abandoned by its flock during a storm, and was adopted, cared for, and taught to fly by the staff of the Greystoke Mahale resort.

Animals March 3, 2014

New exosuit lets you dive 1000 ft underwater to say hello to creatures of the deep

Marine biologists will be donning this cool exosuit to study bioluminescence off the coast of New England this summer. The suit has eighteen joints that allow for flexibility, is equipped with highly-sensitive cameras, and allows for two-way communications with its base on the surface.

Animals March 3, 2014

Science publishers scramble to remove over 100 computer-generated nonsense 'research' papers from archive

Science journal publishers have found more than a hundred research papers consisting of computer-generated gibberish on their archives. The nonsense papers were generated using an automatic CS paper generator.

Animals March 3, 2014

Atlantic oil drilling using seismic airgun may wipe out endangered right whales

The North Atlantic right whale could be pushed to extinction by a proposed exploration technique, championed by the oil industry. The Interior Department just recommended going forward with the plan.

Animals March 1, 2014

200 AD Roman gladiator school discovery in Austria sheds light on how ancient warriors lived and trained

The discovery of one of the world's largest schools for gladiators shows how these fierce warriors lived and trained. The researchers have even made a 3D model of the facility.

Animals March 3, 2014

'Shark's Eye' camera: Getting up, close and personal with the world's deadliest marine predator

A "shark's eye" view of the world was seen by researchers creating the world's first 3D map of shark activity.

Animals February 28, 2014

First native Americans camped out in Bering land bridge for 10,000 years before heading to the New World

Genetic evidence says native Americas split from Asian cultures 25,000 years ago, but the oldest archaeological remains only date to 15,000 years ago. New evidence suggests what people were doing for the missing 10,000 years.

Animals March 1, 2014

President Obama: "We're building Iron Man" and it's called TALOS

The Iron Man suit is real, and the U.S. president has just confirmed it.

Animals March 2, 2014

Male goat pheromone drives females crazy

Goats have a distinctive musky odor, and researchers have now found why this scent is so powerful for females of the species.

Animals February 28, 2014

Incan woman mummy murder mystery solved: She was bludgeoned to death and sacrificed

An Incan woman died hundreds of years ago, and her body was mummified in the desert. A new analysis now reveals more about her life, and her tragic death.

Animals February 27, 2014

Quantum droplet sends scientists in a tizzy...for 25 trillionth of a second

Physicists are getting excited about a quasiparticle called the Dropleton. The new quasiparticle has strangely exhibited behavior similar to a water drop.

Animals March 1, 2014

Cheese-loving mummies unearthed in China

Researchers working at an excavation site in China have found mummified remains of humans buried with clumps of cheese. For some people, their love of cheese may even transcend the barrier between life and death.

Animals February 27, 2014

Quelccaya Ice Cap glacier in Peru gives global warming a chilly reception

Quelccaya Ice Cap glacier in Peru is revealing centuries worth of secrets about the climate. But, what does it say about our present?

Animals February 26, 2014

Egyptian Desert Breath spotted on Google Earth: Alien crop circles or what?

The real story behind the mysterious 'extraterrestrial' formation in the middle of the Egyptian desert has finally been told. The enigmatic yet beautiful site known as the Desert Breath has been baffling tourists since it was first found.

Animals February 27, 2014

Love Sriracha? You may be a masochist, says study

People who love Sriracha may be triggering a natural human reaction to burning, according to a new study.

Animals February 26, 2014

Radioactive water from Fukushima nuclear leak reaches Canada, may hit U.S. coast by April

Radioactive cesium from the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant has been detected in northwest Canada. How much longer will it be before the substance shows up in the United States?

Animals February 27, 2014

Fatal instinct: New marsupial species in Australia engage in intense sex that kills them

Scientists have discovered a new marsupial that engages in suicidal sex - males of the species have been discovered to die right after an intense sexual intercourse during the mating season. These extreme sexual encounters are said to last as long as 14 hours at a time. To put in perspective, sexual intercourse among human beings last anything between 3 minutes to 10 minutes.

Animals February 27, 2014

'Microbial Pompeii' on 1000-year-old skeletons gives scientists a peek of ancient diet and oral hygiene

Researchers have studied the plaque buildup on the teeth of 1,000 year-old skeletons and have found that the same bacteria that cause periodontal disease in modern man has caused the same disease in ancient humans. The study has also given researchers evidence that ancient humans hardly cleaned their teeth, and that they also ate vegetables.

Animals February 26, 2014

Global warming powerless in slowing down excess winter deaths

Improvements in health and social services have reduced the number of wintertime fatalities in the United Kingdom. But, what does that have to do with global warming and influenza?

Animals February 25, 2014

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