1914 Antarctica expedition photos found intact in hut

An Antarctic Heritage Trust team has recovered 98-year-old negatives from block of ice in Antarctica. The images where carefully retrieved and processed to reveal scenes from almost a hundred years ago.

Animals January 3, 2014

Scientists decode honeybee sex determination system

Scientists from the Arizona State University finally cracked the mystery of how the sex determination mechanism of honeybees evolved.

Animals January 3, 2014

Was the mysterious Iowa fireball a meteor, space debris or alien spacecraft?

Residents of mid-western states reported fireball-like object sighting in the sky. Could it be meteor, space debris or an alien spacecraft in trouble?

Animals December 30, 2013

These jellyfish DNA-infused piglets can no longer hide in the dark

Chinese scientists have created piglets that can glow in the dark.

Animals December 30, 2013

No phone? No problem. Now send text messages using vodka

Scientists have successfully sent a text message using vodka. Cheers to that.

Animals December 23, 2013

5,300-year-old fossil found in China hints how humans domesticated cats

Ancient cat bones in China has brought to light new findings about the early domestication of cats.

Animals December 18, 2013

Neanderthals respected their elders, buried the dead: Archaeologists

Excavation site in France shows that Neanderthals revered and respected their elders even after death. The body of an elder Neanderthal was carefully buried in clay and limestone.

Animals December 18, 2013

And the winners of 2014 Breakthrough Prize are...

An event held last week in the Silicon Valley, was attended by billionaires and celebrities, but it wasn't the Oscar Awards.

Animals December 15, 2013

Researchers say 4.4-million-year-old horse fossil discovered in Ethiopia indicates new species

Researchers and scientists say 4.4 million year-old fossilized remains of a horse, unearthed in Ethiopia, suggest a new species.

Animals December 15, 2013

Is it a dinosaur? A rooster? A duck? Fossil leaves scientists stumped

Discovery of a well preserved fossil suggests some dinosaurs may have had fleshy combs on their head.

Animals December 13, 2013

Oldest human DNA found from fossilized legs in Spanish caves

Scientists have found the oldest human DNA in Spain.

Animals December 5, 2013

Prehistoric poo discovered in Argentina

A museum of poo is likely as scientists have excavated a field of dinosaur excrement in Argentina.

Animals December 3, 2013

Females' life may be shortened by mere presence of males (in case of roundworms)

A new study reveals that the mere presence of male roundworms can reduce the lifespan of female roundworms.

Animals December 1, 2013

Sex starved males live shorter (fruit flies, at least)

A new research suggests that sex-starved fruit flies have shorter life span.

Animals December 1, 2013

Scientists crack mystery behind Whirling Dervishes skirts

A group of scientists looked into the math involved in producing the shapes of the Whirling Dervishes skirts.

Animals November 29, 2013

Seahorses are cunning and deadly predators: Study

A recent study indicates that the docile seahorses are actually cunning and deadly predators.

Animals November 29, 2013

Scientists make cheese from human bacteria

Eating cheese derived from cows and goats have long been one of humanity's strange habits that have no end in sight. So, how about cheese from human bacteria?

Animals November 26, 2013

Seawater discovered in giant crater is over 100 million years old, say scientists

Scientists have discovered seawater, which is estimated to be over 100 million years old, in a giant crater in the Chesapeake Bay.

Animals November 26, 2013

Mount Etna reveals its fury again, raining ash on neighboring towns

Mount Etna erupted again on November 23, barely a month after its eruption on October 26 this year.

Animals November 24, 2013

Meet the dinosaur that made T-Rex quake in fear

Scientists discovered fossils of a monster dinosaur that probably made even the T-Rex quake in fear.

Animals November 24, 2013

No takers for dueling dinosaurs at Bonhams auction

The "Montana Dueling Dinosaurs" failed to sell during an auction in New York City.

Animals November 21, 2013

Egyptian mummies got to chow on meat mummies in afterlife

Experts look into how ancient Egyptians preserved meats that they buried with mummified humans and pets.

Animals November 21, 2013

Ancient Canaanite city in Israel was built on top of even older city: Archaeologists

Archaeologists exploring an ancient city in Israel have discovered another Biblical city lying beneath it.

Animals November 20, 2013

Battle of the noses: Why men's noses are bigger than women's?

For people wondering why males have bigger noses, researchers from the University of Iowa might have an answer.

Animals November 20, 2013

Massive volcano discovered under Antarctic ice sheet

A new study has discovered a massive active volcano under Antarctica's ice sheet.

Animals November 19, 2013

Scientists accidentally kill 507-year old Ming the Mollusc

Scientists accidentally killed the world's oldest living creature.

Animals November 19, 2013

Domesticated dog's ancestry traced to European wolves

Researchers have traced European ancestry for the domesticated dogs.

Animals November 18, 2013

Fossil of dinosaurs locked in combat to be auctioned in NYC

Fossils of dueling dinosaurs discovered in Montana will be put on auction. Scientists are hoping a good soul will buy them and donate it to a museum.

Animals November 17, 2013

NJ biologists remove arrow from injured deer's head

Biologists from New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife have successfully removed an arrow that had pierced both sides of a deer's head.

Animals November 13, 2013

New scorpion species spotted in Turkey, bite as deadly as mosquito's

A new species of scorpion was discovered in Turkey. It might look frightening but it might not be as dangerous as people might think.

Animals November 13, 2013

Peccaries lead scientists to ancient cave drawings in Brazil

Scientists chasing Peccaries in Brazil, stumbled upon ancient cave drawings.

Animals November 13, 2013

Starfish graveyard along California coastline found, mysterious disease blamed

Starfish along the California coastline are getting infected by a baffling disease that turns them into slime.

Animals November 6, 2013

Flesh-eating giant platypus fossil found in Australia

A modern-day platypus might be considered by a lot of people as cute, but a newly discovered extinct species of the animal might not fit the description.

Animals November 6, 2013

Grasshopper mouse gobbles stinging scorpion: How?

The grasshopper mouse can eat the bark scorpion, thanks to evolution without any signs of pain.

Animals October 28, 2013

Gold does grow on trees (at least on eucalyptus leaves)

Scientists in Australia have confirmed that there are gold particles on eucalyptus leaves. The trees tap into underground ore deposits as its roots search for water and nutrients.

Animals October 24, 2013

Get your own real dinosaur skeleton for £500k

Bones of a Diplodocus longus, a dinosaur from the Late Jurassic era, will be put on sale in Britain in November.

Animals October 20, 2013

Yeti mystery solved? British scientist claims it's real and cousin of polar bear

A British scientist has suggested that the legendary Yeti could be a hybrid of the polar and brown bears.

Animals October 18, 2013

Rare saber-tooth whale found dead in California shore

A rare saber-tooth whale washed ashore and was found dead at the Venice Beach in Southern California.

Animals October 17, 2013

Found: Fossil of 46-million-year-old mosquito with tummy full of blood

A fossilized mosquito with preserved blood components inside its belly has been discovered in northwest Montana.

Animals October 16, 2013

18-foot-long carcass of oarfish found off California coast

A staff member of the Catalina Island Maritime Institute has found a dead 18-foot oarfish in the waters off Toyon Bay.

Animals October 16, 2013

NASA ban on Chinese scientists heavily criticized

A ban by NASA on Chinese participants to attend the Kepler conference has been heavily criticized by Chinese, as well as U.S. scientists.

Animals October 14, 2013

Termites' powerful weapon against extermination? Their own poop

Scientists trying to understand why destructive wood-eating termites are so resistant to efforts to exterminate them have come up with an unusually repugnant explanation.

Animals October 3, 2013

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