Scientists discover new Amazon dolphin species after nearly a century

The discovery of Inia araguaiaensis is the first of its kind after almost 100 years when the now extinct river dolphin, Lipotes vexillifer, was discovered in 1918.

Animals January 24, 2014

Archaeologists stumped by discovery of 3,600 year old pharaoh Woseribre-Senebkay tomb

Discovery of the 3,600 year old tomb of Woseribre-Senebkay, a previously unknown pharaoh, in an archaeological dig site in Egypt, has stumped archaeologists from the University of Pennsylvania, because this pharaoh appears to be one of the first rulers from the little-known Abydos dynasty.

Animals January 23, 2014

Ancient fish had necessary genes to transform fins to limbs

A new research indicates that the ancient fish already had the genes needed to develop limbs.

Animals January 23, 2014

At least 1 in 4 sharks and rays facing extinction in near future

Researchers have found that more than 30 percent of the 1,041 known species of sharks, rays and chimaera are at risk of extinction.

Animals January 23, 2014

Transparent HUD now possible, thanks to MIT researchers

Scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have come up with a transparent display crafted from nanoparticles integrated into a thin plastic material that can be attached to almost any glass. The proof-of-concept study indicates that in the future, heads-up displays will be affordable, easy to manufacture, and with wide viewing angles.

Animals January 22, 2014

Mysterious bee killer identified as mutating virus

The researchers have finally found the cause behind the mass death of honeybees in the past couple few years - a mutating virus that transferred from plants to bees.

Animals January 22, 2014

Scientist track down great white shark Katherine off Florida coast

Researchers said tracking Katherine allowed them to learn many things about great white sharks.

Animals January 21, 2014

Rough surface helps reduce drag, UCLA researchers say

New research from the UCLA suggests that rough surfaces can reduce drag in the water, contrary to popular belief.

Animals January 20, 2014

Male black widow spiders can teach a thing or two to Miley Cyrus about twerking (and not getting eaten)

In the world of black widow spiders, where sexual cannibalism is common, twerking can make the difference between life and death.

Animals January 20, 2014

Chimps use gestures to communicate and achieve common goals

A team of scientists at Georgia State University had a eureka moment after observing how a pair of chimps used gestures to coordinate their actions and find hidden food during an experiment.

Animals January 18, 2014

Blame these 7 countries for all global warming problems

Ever wondered which countries are the biggest culprits behind all the global warming problems?

Animals January 18, 2014

T. rex skeleton heading for Smithsonian museum but you may not see it for 5 years

While one of the most complete T. rex skeletons ever found heads off to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, the museum's fossil wing is also scheduled to undergo a 5 year renovation project.

Animals January 18, 2014

Older trees grow faster and are better at storing carbon than younger ones

A new study shows that older trees are still better at accumulating carbon and growing faster than their younger counterparts.

Animals January 18, 2014

Antarctica robot discovers new species of upside-down sea anemone underwater

Scientists exploring the currents underneath the Rose Ice Shelf in Antarctica have stumbled onto a new species of sea anemone that had tentacles, burrowed upside down in the ice, and glowed orange.

Animals January 17, 2014

Cam-fitted alligators give us a sneak peek of their eating habits

A team of researchers from the University of Florida strapped cameras to alligators to study the animal's feeding and social habits. What they saw was shocking.

Animals January 20, 2014

Dogs and wolves not as closely related as previously thought

New study indicates that dogs and wolves may have had a common ancestor, debunking commonly held beliefs that dogs are descended from wolves.

Animals January 17, 2014

Secret behind V formation of birds flying revealed

Researchers have uncovered new evidence supporting the theory that birds fly in a V formation to conserve energy.

Animals January 16, 2014

Supermassive trench, far bigger than Grand Canyon, discovered in Antarctica

Researchers have discovered a massive valley under the Antarctic ice, so large that it can be seen from space.

Animals January 16, 2014

Ancient fish Tiktaalik roseae with hips and limbs could be missing evolutionary link

Scientists have made a surprising discovery of fossils of a fish known as Tiktaalik roseae in northern Canada that might reveal more closely how some vertebrates evolved from being water-based to land-based.

Animals January 15, 2014

Humans and apes burn 50 percent less calories than other mammals to live longer

A new study has suggested that slow metabolism among humans and other primates explains why they grow up so slowly and live longer than other animals.

Animals January 15, 2014

Darwin was right: Island animals are tamer than mainland cousins

Charles Darwin's Galapagos theory that living on islands makes animals tamer than their mainland counterparts, has been proved scientifically in a new study.

Animals January 14, 2014

Cats think you're just another big, fat cat

Anthrozoologist John Bradshaw says your cat just sees you as one big, non-hostile version of themselves.

Animals January 13, 2014

Bird-eating monster tigerfish caught on camera by horrified scientists (Video)

Rumors about the elusive African tigerfish eating birds have now been confirmed. Scientists were able to film a stunning footage that shows the tigerfish jumping out of water to capture low-flying birds at an African lake.

Animals January 13, 2014

Harry Potter's invisibility cloak can do analog computing, claim researchers

Experts are looking into advancing the use of metamaterials that make invisibility cloaks possible by stepping backward to analog computing.

Animals January 18, 2014

2000-year old Native American woman's skeleton unearthed at Florida dig site

In Davie, Florida, experts have unearthed an intact set of human bones at a construction site. The bones are believed to have belonged to a native American woman who lived 2,000 years ago.

Animals January 13, 2014

Paleolithic cavemen were mainly vegans and lived on tiger nuts

Scientists have discovered that one of man's ancestors, nicknamed 'Nutcracker Man,' existed on a diet of tiger nuts and fruits.

Animals January 13, 2014

Deadly predator great white shark can terrorize the ocean up to 70 years

A recent study using new techniques shows that Great White Sharks can live up to 70 years.

Animals January 13, 2014

Lions in West Africa could become extinct soon, warn researchers

Alarming data gathered by researchers in a new study shows that West African lions are a beleaguered species, and intensive conservation efforts must be implemented to prevent the species from becoming completely extinct.

Animals January 13, 2014

World's fastest thin-film organic transistor heralds arrival of inexpensive, see-through displays

Researchers from Stanford University and the University of Nebraska have created a thin-film organic transistor using an improved method that could help in improving the performance of electronics.

Animals January 12, 2014

Big carnivores are dying and humans could be next, warn scientists

More than half of the world's big carnivores including lions, wolves and bears are disappearing at an alarming rate and the loss of such species could be extremely damaging for our ecosystems through out the world, a new study has found.

Animals January 10, 2014

Biofluorescent fish put on underwater show of light

Some species of fish that appear normal to humans under regular light, actually emit brilliant neon colors deep underwater, scientists have discovered.

Animals January 10, 2014

Prehistoric shark nursery discovered in Illinois sheds light on breeding habits of early predators

A new paper has shed light on a prehistoric shark nursery. According to recent findings, fossils found in Mazon Creek all belonged to a single species that used the site as a nursery for laying eggs.

Animals January 9, 2014

Ancient sea monsters had black skin for a reason, discover scientists

Ancient sea monsters had black skin or scales that allowed them to live and survive in extreme environments, a new research has revealed.

Animals January 9, 2014

Modern day carnivorous mammals' early ancestor was a tree dwelling, squirrel-like creature

New findings in Belgium suggest that the early ancestor of modern day carnivorous mammals was a small, arboreal creature that lived during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, within the Eocene era.

Animals January 11, 2014

Fossil of T. Rex cousin discovered in Saudi Arabia

A Swedish team of researchers has unearthed fossils for the first time in Saudi Arabia. Bones and teeth from both carnivorous and herbivorous dinosaurs were found in the North Western part of the county.

Animals January 9, 2014

Pompeii's rich feasted on exotic meat

The well-heeled residents of the ancient Roman city of Pompeii feasted on exotic food, including giraffe's meat.

Animals January 6, 2014

Amber fossil catches ancient flowers in act of sexual reproduction

Experts from Oregon State University have found an amber that have immortalized extinct tiny flowers from the Cretaceous era, in the act of sexual reproduction.

Animals January 6, 2014

Researchers fail in search of real Doctor Who

Scientists try to look for time jumpers using social media and Google. They found no traces but the search for time travelers continues.

Animals January 6, 2014

Human body can feel emotions, says new study

Contrary to popular beliefs, the human body is indeed capable of feeling emotions.

Animals January 6, 2014

Whales cause traffic jam in Southern California, baffling scientists

Usually this is a good time for spotting gray whales off the coast of Southern California, but recently viewers, have been sighting more of fin whales, orcas, sperm whales, humpback whales and blue whales. And, no one can explain this sudden traffic of whales.

Animals January 4, 2014

Ancient Earth's crust melted and dripped down into mantle

Around four billion years ago, the temperature of the Earth's mantle was so high that Archean crust formed then would simply have melted back into the mantle, a new research has found.

Animals January 4, 2014

Scientists study how dogs poop and they discovered something amazing

A new study indicates that dogs align themselves to the Earth's magnetic field whenever they relieve themselves.

Animals January 3, 2014

Mystery behind eerie earthquake lights finally solved

Scientists have studied 65 documented cases of earthquake lights and have found a striking pattern.

Animals January 4, 2014

This caterpillar puffs out nicotine to ward away predators

New study shows that caterpillars are capable of warding off predators with nicotine.

Animals January 2, 2014

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