A dolphin was found washed ashore with a 24-inch plastic hose in its stomach. This is the second time in a month's period that a dolphin was found washed ashore in the same area and also with plastic contents in the stomach.

Dolphin Washed Ashore

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), a 7-foot male dolphin was recovered from Fort Myers Beach, in the same area that another dolphin recently washed ashore.

Necropsy of the dolphin’s body revealed that it had plastic in its stomach, particularly a 24-inch plastic shower hose that was discovered in its esophagus and forestomach. That said, the FWC states that many other factors must be considered before they can truly pinpoint the animal’s cause of stranding and eventual death.

Plastic Ingested By Animals

The dolphin with the hose in its stomach is already the second dolphin that was found in the same area within a period of one month. In April, a female dolphin was discovered in the same area with two plastic bags and a balloon inside its stomach.

The FWC states that this is a reminder of how we should be more careful of our actions and habits, particularly when it comes to our trash. This can be done by properly securing and disposing our garbage, perhaps participating in coastal clean-ups, and even helping disseminate information by sharing helpful tips about reducing marine debris with others.

Marine Mammals Stranding

Along with reminders about our garbage habits, the FWC also reminds the public that marine mammals get stranded for different reasons, such as if they are injured or sick. As such, people are instructed not to try and push the animal back into the water on their own as it can just cause re-stranding and delay proper treatment for the animal.

Should anyone discover stranded animals, it is best to call authorities and trained experts to take care of the situation instead.

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