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Common Food Additive May Have Contributed To Deadly Superbug Outbreak

Trehalose is a common food additive considered as 'safe' by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Is it linked to the increase in severity of a superbug epidemic?

Public Health January 6, 2018

LOOK: This Self Healing Artificial Muscle Is Flexible, Strong, And Cheap

A team of researchers created an artificial muscle that is strong, versatile, and cheap to make. It could help create soft robots in the future but also has practical implications in the food and medical industry.

Robotics January 5, 2018

Weird Dimming Of 'Alien Megastructure' Star Likely Caused By Dust

Researchers of a new study debunked the popular 'alien megastructure' theory surrounding Tabby's star. As it turns out, dust and not an alien structure may be responsible for the sporadic dimming events.

Space January 4, 2018

Food Safety Experts Advise Consumers To Stop Eating Romaine Lettuce Amid E.coli Outbreak

There have been two deaths and over 50 cases of E.coli reported in the United States and in Canada since the beginning of the outbreak. No official recall has been made but romaine lettuce is seen as the likely culprit.

Public Health January 4, 2018

NASA's Asteroid-Bound Aircraft Captures Stunning Image Of Earth And Moon

Asteroid Bennu-bound OSIRIS-REx took an amazing photo of the Earth and the Moon from 5 million kilometers away. It is just one of the many stunning photos of our planet from space.

Space January 4, 2018

Young Star RZ Piscium Eats Its Own Planets

Is the young star RZ Piscium getting ready to turn into a red giant, or is it a young planet eater? A new study finds that it could be devouring its surrounding planets.

December 25, 2017

Doctors Remove Basketball-Sized Tumor Initially Thought To Be A Pimple

Two years ago, Emanuel's parents noticed what was believed to be a pimple on his face. In January, he will undergo surgery to remove the now-basketball-sized tumor on his face.

Medicine December 25, 2017

Teen Blasted With Air Horn For Using Phone Stuck With Constant 'Knife-Stabbing' Pain In Ear

Cindy Redford experienced auditory trauma after being blasted by an air horn to her ears. She has since been suffering from hyperacusis or noise-induced pain.

December 25, 2017

Eating Leafy Greens May Keep Your Brain Younger: Other Ways To Prevent Cognitive Decline

A new research found that eating a serving of leafy greens a day helps keep your brain a decade younger. Are there other things recent research has found to prevent cognitive decline?

Healthy Living/Wellness December 24, 2017

Man Shares Heartbreaking Story Of Wife's Cancer Death, Urges Women To Take Smear Test

Elliot Lowe shared the heartbreaking story of his wife's death from cervical cancer to urge women to undergo cervical cancer screening. What is a smear test and how does it help early cancer detection?

Public Health December 24, 2017

Russian Man Dies From Blood Loss In Virtual Reality-Related Accident

A 44-year-old man in Russia died from blood loss because of a VR-related accident. Is his death an example of the dangers of VR technology?

Wearable Tech December 24, 2017

Deadly Fungal Disease Threatens Snake Populations Across The Globe

A deadly fungal disease is threatening the population of snakes worldwide. The disease has already affected 23 snake species in the United States and three snake species in Europe.

Animals December 22, 2017

Rub-On Contraceptive Gel For Men Set For 2018 Clinical Trial

The male contraceptive to be tested in 2018 is a rub-on gel that's expected to reduce sperm production. The gel is made to be rubbed on the upper arm and shoulder, not on genitals.

Medicine December 22, 2017

'Pill Mill': Doctor Indicted For Distributing 2.7 Million Opioids, Causing Five Overdose Deaths

A doctor has been indicted by the federal government for operating a "pill mill." He allegedly distributed millions of opioids, which led to five overdose deaths.

Public Health December 22, 2017

Italian Family Can't Feel Pain Because Of Rare Gene Mutation

Members of a family in Italy can get injured without feeling any pain because their nerves don't work the way they should. Their genetic mutation could lead to new pain management treatments.

Medicine December 17, 2017

Need For Sleep: Fruit Flies May Help Reveal Why Some Need More Sleep Than Others

How long do we really need to sleep to remain healthy? With the help of fruit flies, researchers saw the genetic differences between long and short sleepers and found little differences in their life spans.

Healthy Living/Wellness December 17, 2017

Japanese Monkeys' Sexual Interaction With Deer Could Be For Practice Or Culture: Study

Researchers found that Japanese macaques at Minoo in Japan engage in sexual behaviors toward deer. It's possible that they do it for sex practice or as a cultural practice.

Animals December 16, 2017

Obsessed With Taking Selfies? A New Test May Check If You Have 'Selfitis'

Is "selfitis" a hoax, or is it a real mental disorder? What started as a news article in 2014 could very well be an actual mental disorder marked by obsessive selfie-taking.

Healthy Living/Wellness December 16, 2017

1 In 6 UK Parents Let Teens Drink Alcohol

New research finds that 17 percent of UK parents let their early adolescent children to consume alcohol. Experts see the need to re-educate parents on the potential dangers of drinking.

Public Health December 16, 2017

'Youthquake' Named Word Of The Year 2017: It's Confusing But It Makes Sense

'Youthquake' is 2017's Word of the Year, beating words like 'white fragility' and 'unicorn.' Not a lot of people are familiar with youthquake, but it's something that could hopefully continue into 2018.

Life & Style December 16, 2017

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