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Polar Unveils Vantage V And Vantage M Smartwatches: Here's What They Offer

Polar recently unveiled its new Vantage line of smartwatches that carries a new sleek look but with more features. The Vantage M is priced at $279 while the Vantage V is $499.

Wearable Tech September 14, 2018

Heart Rate Monitor In Fitness Trackers May Not Always Be Accurate: Study

Your favorite wristband fitness tracker may not have a completely reliable heart rate monitor, a new study finds. However, although the monitor's readings are altered while you exercise, you can still use the tracker to keep in shape.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 12, 2017

Meet Fitbit Alta HR: 'Slimmest Fitness Wristband' With Heart Rate Sensor

Fitbit has introduced its new Alta HR smartwatch. The company claims that it is the world’s slimmest fitness wristband with continuous heart rate sensor and sleep monitoring capabilities.

Wearable Tech March 7, 2017

Jabra Unveils Elite Sport Earbuds That Tracks Heart Rate And Features Audio Coaching

Jabra unveiled its latest Elite Sport wireless earbuds on Thursday, which comes equipped with an in-ear heart rate monitor and personal trainer and will be available this October.

Wearable Tech September 1, 2016

Tattoo-Like Electronic Skin Can Track Heart Rate, Blood Sugar

A tattoo-like electronic skin invented by Japanese researchers may monitor heart rate and blood sugar levels. The invention is said to have an array of applications, not only in the field of health and fitness, but also in the engineering and fashion world as well.

Life April 18, 2016

Fitbit Faces Lawsuit Over Faulty Heart Rate Data

Smartwatch company Fitbit faces a class-action lawsuit from users who claimed the products' heart rate data are faulty. Inaccurate heart rata data could be dangerous in certain cases. Fitbit denied the charges and plans a vigorous defense.

Wearable Tech January 9, 2016

Under Armour Launches A Suite Of Connected Fitness Products Aiming To Change The Way Athletes Live

Under Armour announced a partnership with HTC to create a suite of connected fitness products, as well as a partnership with Harman for two headphones at CES 2016 on Tuesday.

Wearable Tech January 5, 2016

Ingestible Electronic Sensor Measures Breathing, Heart Rate From Inside Your Gut

People may soon be freed from pesky cable wires and bulky medical monitors as researchers were able to discover a wearable vital signs monitor that works inside the gastrointestinal tract. The ingestible electronic sensor can accurately measure heart and breathing rates, signifying a breakthrough in medical innovation.

Life November 21, 2015

Garmin Introduces Vivosmart HR Fitness Tracker With Built-In Heart Rate Monitor And Touchscreen Display

Garmin unveiled a new fitness tracker with a built-in heart rate sensor for 24/7 health tracking. It features a touchscreen display with 5 days of battery life.

Wearable Tech October 27, 2015

Apple Watch Problems: Owners Complain Apple Watch Heart Rate Readings Completely Off The Mark

Apple calls its Apple Watch the most accurate wrist-based heart rate monitor to date. However, a growing number of Apple Watch owners report that claim is not completely true.

Wearable Tech October 24, 2015

Polar A360 Is A Good-Looking Fitness Tracker With In-House Developed Heart Rate Monitor And Smart Coaching

The A360 is a marked departure from Polar Electro's past, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. The smart-looking fitness tracker is up for a competitive price.

Wearable Tech October 21, 2015

Apple Watch Heart Rate Monitor Saves Massachusetts Teen’s Life

Apple technology is finally gearing away from fad and focusing more on health and utility, as a young football player was saved by his smartwatch heart rate monitor app.

Wearable Tech September 21, 2015

Sony SmartBand 2 Will Sport A Heart Rate Monitor

Sony announces a companion app for the unannounced SmartBand 2. The upcoming Sony wearable will include a heart rate monitor.

Wearable Tech June 5, 2015

Don't Panic! Apple Watch Irregular Heart Rate Tracking Is Intentional And Here's Why

Apple explains the rates at which the Apple Watch checks heart BPM. Even though the irregularity isn't caused by a bug, there may be just a little bit more to the story.

Wearable Tech June 1, 2015

Apple Watch Owners Complain Latest Update Messes Up Heart Rate Monitor

The first update for the Apple Watch is out and it has a few kinks to work out, like how it has affected the frequency of heart rate readings.

Wearable Tech May 23, 2015

Apple Watch Doesn't Like People With Tattoos And It's Making Its Feelings Clear

Apple has been experiencing a number of issues with the Apple Watch, most recently that those with tattoos will have difficulty with the heart rate monitor of the watch.

Wearable Tech May 2, 2015

Printable Fever Alarm Armband Alerts You When Your Temperature Increases

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed the wearable ‘fever alarm armband’ that makes the sound of an alarm when high body temperature is hinted. It can be worn either directly on the skin or on top of clothes.

Wearable Tech February 24, 2015

Who Should You Be Friends With? Let This App Help You Decide

We all have those people in our lives that probably shouldn't be there. Now there's an app to keep your friends close and your enemies very far away.

Internet Culture January 28, 2015

This Victoria's Secret Bra Has Built in Sensors for Heart Rate Monitor

Victoria's Secret has very discreetly put on the market, an Incredible Sports Bra, that will allow wearers to attach their favorite heart rate monitor.

Internet Culture December 1, 2014

Basis Peak is a smart watch cloaked in fitness tracking tech

Intel subsidiary Basis announces a new fitness watch that promises to get smarter in the future. The $200 watch tracks resting and active hours right now, but it plans to support smartphone notifications soon.

Wearable Tech September 30, 2014

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